27 Sweet Baby Poems To Celebrate Your Little Bundle Of Joy

No matter how many books you’ve read, or how much advice you’ve received from friends and family, no one can really tell you what it’s like to hold your baby in your hands for the first time.

Having a baby is the most emotionally significant event in a parent’s life.

Whether it is struggling with late-night feedings or basking in the reflected glow of an adored newborn, parenthood encompasses a lot of emotions all at once. Luckily, when emotions overpower us, we can always turn to poetry to express the things we feel but cannot quite say.

This article collects a wide range of baby poems, including funny poems and light-hearted ways to announce your baby’s arrival.

Baby Poems

How Much Like Heaven

This poem is a short, sweet reflection on the unexpected and unexplainable joy of new parenthood. It can be used as an expression of love and happiness for a new baby.

They said it would be long and painful.
They said it would be worth it.
They all said a lot of things,
And most of the time I heard it.

But of all the things they said,
They never could have prepared me
For how much like heaven it actually felt
To finally hold my baby.

Short Baby Poems

The Laundry Keeps Piling Up

This simple, beautiful free verse baby poem reflects on finding moments of joy and love in the midst of new baby stress. It is especially relevant for new parents looking for a moment of peace and solace in a crazy time.

There is more dirty laundry in this house than there ever has been before
But still, this has been a week to almost weep with gratitude and awe
To sleep when we can and smile at one another when we cannot
Because even in the middle of the night
When everything smells vaguely of something unpleasant
And we have not had a real meal in two days
And half of the laundry is not done
Because half of the laundry is never done
We can still smile at each other
Through the exhaustion and the fear
And marvel at this little baby,
The most beautiful thing the world has ever seen
And the source of all this laundry.

White Knuckles

This gentle free verse poem captures a parent’s unexpected impulse to protect their child from the world. It can be used to express a parent’s endless love and care for their baby.

I always knew babies were small
But no one ever tells you how small
How fragile and breakable and so utterly without protection they are
How easy it would be, without intending it at all,
To hurt this tiny precious unhurtable baby
That can do nothing but stare with wonder-filled eyes
At all the things we take for granted
That she has never known before
Like mobiles
And birds
And the way her mother scrunches her nose when she laughs
All she has is these wide-staring eyes
And us
And you never really think about how powerful that is
Until the first night that you are driving her home
Knuckles white on the steering wheel
Praying for the first time in years.


This short poem uses vivid imagery to describe the love new parents feel, a kind they have never experienced before. It can be used as an expression of affection and joy.

How gently they wrapped you in your white blanket
How carefully they handed you to me
How softly I cooed as you slept
How lovely you seemed then to be

And as the days pass, I am learning
How utterly right I was
When I thought you were lovely and angelic and perfect
That is the wonder of what parenthood does.

Baby Boy Poems

Baby Boy

This short, silly poem is a perfect introduction for a new baby boy. It is perfect for baby announcements or gender reveals.

Footballs and hockey sticks scattered on the floor
Bikes, bats, and BB guns left by the door
A brand new little blue-wrapped bundle of joy
Congratulations – it’s a boy!

In Spite of All This

This is a jokey, silly poem about how fiercely and unshakably parents love their kids.

He might not be very handsome,
Or at least, he is not just yet,
And we have to admit, he is not too tall,
And his eyes are a little close-set.

But after all that, we still love him,
And we would love him just the same
If he grew taller or shorter or skinnier or fatter
Or thought about changing his name.

I suspect we will love him forever,
No matter what he says or does;
No matter what happens in the world all around,
We will love him for all time – just because.

Baby Boy Poems

An Overactive Imagination

This lovely, introspective poem is a reflection on all the ways parents envision their children’s futures and the never-ending love a parent has for their kid. It can be written in your baby boy’s scrapbook, for him to feel the love when he is grown-up.

As parents, we spend all our time dreaming
Of all of the things that our kids might be
We love nothing more than looking ahead
At their lives, to their jobs and family

For each, a million imagined futures
Each one as bright as the sun
And a new one traced out each time that you smile
Find something challenging or engaging or fun

I think of this as I watch my baby boy
Sleeping and peaceful and free
Of all of the wonderful things he could become
Which one does not matter to me

I will love an engineer
Just as I will love a waiter
I will love you always, my boy,
As a doctor or a figure skater

And I guess what brought this all to mind
The world will never know
But whatever road you choose, my son,
My love will be with you wherever you go.

Looking Up

This thoughtful free-verse baby poem reflects on parenting a son with traditional “boy” interests, even when you do not share them. It acts as a reassurance to worried parents when they are unsure of their parenting methods.

I will be the first to admit that I do not understand the finer points of American football
And I cannot teach you how to toss a baseball.
If you want to identify the frogs in the pond in the backyard,
Your aunt will have to help you, because I will not even touch them.
In general, when you look down into the dirt
You will find things I cannot help you understand;
I have never understood dirt, or getting dirty,
Any more than I understand the appeal of cooking meat outside
Or video games or shark movies or any of a million “boy” things
You are supposed to grow up to love.
But if you look up, my son,
I can name you the stars, show you which ones can be trusted
To always point you true north
Towards home
Where I will be waiting for you.

Baby Girl Poems

Little Girl

This is a short, simple poem to introduce a beloved new baby girl into the world.

She is the prettiest thing you have ever laid eyes on
With a future as bright as the endless horizon
A bundle of pink who has become your whole world
Congratulations – it’s a girl!

Baby Girl

This heartfelt acrostic poem celebrates the beauty and promise of a newborn baby girl. It may be used at a gender reveal party, to introduce your soon-to-be newborn daughter.

Blushing baby bouncing into our lives
Alive with possibilities, full of potential
Blooming with the promise of a million brilliant futures
You will never want for affection and care

Gorgeous girl, the most beautiful thing in the world
Iridescent, radiant, glowing with promise
Running headfirst, clear-eyed into the future
Love you for the rest of my life.

For My Daughter as She Grows Older

This poem contemplates the future potential of a baby girl and celebrates all the ways she can grow and thrive. It can be used as a message to your daughter, to remind her of the love of family.

Whether you like playing with makeup
Or scraping your knees in the mud
If you like the rain or the snow or the sun
If you ever faint at the mere thought of blood

If you grow your hair long like Rapunzel
Or keep it always in a short pixie cut
If you like coding or writing or to dance just to dance
Or all of those things, at least somewhat

If you turn out to be any one of the millions
Of brilliant things you could be,
Just know you will always be the perfect girl
For yourself, for your family, and me.

Haiku for a Daughter

This short, sweet poem celebrates a baby girl who is happy to be alive. It can be used by parents to caption a beautiful image of the new baby girl in their life.

All pretty in pink
Always smiling all the time
Happy baby girl

Sunshine and Rainbows

This longer free verse poem examines the balance of wanting to protect a daughter and wanting to let her experience the world, sorrows and sunburns included.

If I had known ahead of time
That it would be like this
I doubt I would have agreed to it.
If I had known how beautiful she would be,
How powerless it would feel to hold her in my arms
And know I cannot protect her from everything
From pain and heartbreak and sunburns
I never would have signed up for this.
Holding her, yes.
I could hold her forever
Suspended like one of the crystal balls
She is one day going to want to hang in her bedroom, by the east window
Which gets the best sun
So, she can spin it and watch the rainbows chase each other across her ceiling.
She will want to do this
And I will let her
Because the sunlight and its rainbows are beautiful
But do not ask me to tell her the cost of her rainbows
The price of it in sunburned shoulders and broken hearts
I cannot bring myself to do it.

Baby Announcement Poems

Some Interesting News to Share

This silly acrostic poem is a humorous way to announce a pregnancy to family and friends.

We are so
Excited to share with you this
Really thrilling and
Electrifying news.

Hopefully, you are well
As are we
Very well, actually –
I suppose you want to know
Now what is
Going on.

Ah – you might want to sit down for this.

Bright tidings ahead!
A baby will be joining our family!
Because we love you, we thought
You should be one of the first to know

We are Having A Baby


This is an excellent announcement poem for first-time parents that celebrates the anticipation and excitement of preparing for a new arrival.

We have been shopping for new furnishings
Buying blankets and onesies and other soft pretty things
Painting the room at the end of the hall
Waiting anxiously for doctors and midwives to call
Maybe it was magic, or maybe the stork
But bring out the champagne, and pop out the cork
What used to be two will soon become three
In a few months from now, we are having a baby!

Three Riddles

This silly little poem is perfect for parents of a soon-to-be-born baby girl. It may be used on the invitation to a baby shower.

We have some news we want to share from our family,
But first you must solve our tricky riddles three.
What is soft and so cuddly it makes you want to die?
What makes people stay up all night when it cries?
What is the best thing ever in the world?
We hope you will agree; it is our new baby girl!

A Short Introduction

This is a simple and short announcement poem for new parents celebrating the arrival of their son.

Everything in our house has suddenly turned blue
We wanted to introduce you to someone brand new
A bundle of joy
Our new baby boy
We cannot wait for him to meet you!

Something to Talk About

This is a lighthearted, fun baby poem to announce the birth of a baby girl.

In the hope that this will be gossip fodder,
Move the rumor mill like the wind moves the water,
There is someone new at our house
Beloved by me and my spouse
Here she is! Our new baby daughter!

What Happened

This lighthearted poem plays on the sometimes-over-the-top excitement new parents feel – and expect everyone to feel – at the birth of their child. It can be used as a silly and funny birth announcement.

You might have noticed last week that the world all stopped spinning;
The cows all stopped mooing and the gamblers stopped winning.
It seemed like the stars might fall out of the heavens;
Everything everywhere was at sixes and sevens.
You well might wonder what caused this earth-shaking event;
Was it the pope or the US president?
No, it was someone much smaller, but even more wondrous,
At least, that is, according to us.
For at the moment last week where everything all went crazy
They were stopping and staring at our perfect new baby!

Baby Announcement Poems

Short Baby Poems

Haiku for an Infant

This is a sweet portrait of a few of the moments that stand out in the hectic rush of parenting a newborn baby.

Crying in the night
Smiling all the morning long
Our beloved child

The First Smile

This baby poem is a love letter to a newborn child, from his lovestruck parents.

From the first time I saw you smile,
I knew everything would be different;
Our brand new and beloved child
Who I would not trade for a mint.
I love every sound I hear –
Each burble, each giggle, each cry.
I will love you every day, my dear,
Until the day I die.

What Remains Clear

This lovely little limerick expresses affection for a child in the midst of the chaos of parenting a newborn.

Right now, everything is so crazy
I have had no sleep; my mind is hazy
But one thing that is clear
Every moment, my dear,
Is how much I love you, my baby.


This is a short reflection on the perfection of a child in their parents’ eyes. It can be used to jokingly celebrate a newborn.

Some folks think babies are ugly
With their scrunched little faces and odd-looking hair
I know that is just because they never met you
My perfect cherub who is beyond compare
With your eyes and your toes and your little baby smile
I never knew beauty until I saw you, my child.

Funny Baby Poems for New Parents

A Glimpse of What Lies Ahead

This is a sweet, lighthearted poem for new parents, about both the joys and challenges of taking care of a baby. It can be used to congratulate new parents on their little bundle of joy.

Life is about to get a whole lot more messy
And scary and sleepy and smelly and stressy
A newborn is a nightmare, but also a dream
That gives your whole life a soft rainbow sheen
What an exhilarating trip it is all sure to be
Good luck and love to your growing family!

Little Things to Know

This is a sweet little poem about the things that make the stresses of parenting all worth it. It can be written on a congratulations card for the new parents.

Whether you name them Dakota or Luke
Just know that soon you will be covered in puke
And do not forget all the sleep deprivation
The days when you just want to cry in frustration
Then the little smile that comes just in time to recall
Maybe parenting is not so bad after all.

Funny Poems for New Parents

Unborn Baby Poems


This free verse poem ruminates on the image of an ultrasound and the enormity of what it means to bring a life into the world. It can be used to congratulate soon-to-be parents.

A little shape moving on the screen
Barely visible, but there
Definitely there
Asserting your existence
Defying all the odds simply in your determination to Be
To live
To come to us from whatever mystical corner of the universe
Where such wonders are created every day

Your magic must be commonplace there
For it to be gifted to us with so little fanfare
So little warning
No angels singing from the mountaintops
No gold-dipped raindrops streaming from the heavens
Just a little shape
Moving unsteadily on that tiny, grainy screen
Announcing your arrival from the dimension of perfect things
Into this strange backwards world
A tiny traveler come exploring
To see what the world has to offer

Love Letter to my Unborn Child

This poem expresses the awe felt by parents contemplating the existence of their child and looking forward with joy and wonder to their birth. It can be used by expecting mothers still in awe of a new pregnancy.

From the first time I felt your feet kicking
To the first time I heard your heart ticking
You never cease to blow me away
I will be so glad on that magical day
When you finally come screaming into our lives
With the help of the doctors, nurses, and midwives
I love you already; I will love you forever,
And someday soon when your umbilical cord is severed,
I will finally hold you close to my heart,
And know that our souls will never be apart.

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