23 Birthday Love Poems For The Love of Your Life

For all the love songs and sonnets that have been written over the centuries, many people still find it difficult to express in words their love and appreciation for their significant other.

Moments like birthdays call for a partner to rise to the occasion.

Poetry remains a tried-and-true romantic gesture for any occasion, or an easy way to keep a toast short and entertaining.

This article has birthday love poems to fit the bill for anyone looking to celebrate their significant other’s birthday in verse, whether they have been together for two months or two decades.

23 Birthday Love Poems

Birthday Cake

This is a fun birthday poem for any couple to share. It is a lighthearted take on all the work that goes into a traditional birthday party.

I tried to make you a birthday cake
With frosting, candles and flowers.
But when I went to have a taste –
I have no baking prowess.

The frosting looked like curdled milk,
But you are oh so smooth and charming.
You are beautiful as flowing silk,
But the melting flowers looked alarming.

The cake may have been bland and gross,
But you are always sweet.
So, to the one I love the most,
Accept this poem as your birthday treat.

Birthday Cake

Wrapping Paper

This is a great birthday love poem to express your love and gratitude for a romantic partner.

I want to cover you in wrapping paper,
Your own birthday surprise,
And I will make sure to put a bow on top,
One that sparkles like your eyes.

You are the most beautiful gift I have ever received,
And I desperately want you to know
What it is like to unwrap a present
That makes your whole world glow.

You light up my world in a million ways
I will never match with paper and ribbon.
All of the glitter that ever existed
Could never match the shine you have given.

I want to cover you in wrapping paper
And ribbons and tags and bows
And anything it takes to show you
How much, every day, my love for you grows.

wrapping paper birthday poem


This is a sweet birthday love poem any couple can use to share their joy and affection.

Close your eyes, and blow out your candles, and silently wish a birthday wish.
When you open them, I will be standing by, waiting to give you a birthday kiss.
We are never supposed to share our wishes, but I am going to tell you mine:
That we spend the rest of our lives sharing little kisses,
Until the end and the end and the end of our time.

blow out your candles

500 More

For anyone celebrating their boyfriend or husband’s birthday after five years together, this birthday love poem highlights a relationship that has thrived despite enduring hardship together.

This is our fifth birthday together,
Five years with the man I adore.
Five years of you being too clever,
Five years of leaving your clothes on the floor.
Five years of laughs and of sorrows,
Five years of joys and of pains.
There were days where I thought we would see no tomorrows,
Days when I thought we would drown in the rains.
There were many more days where I could not stop smiling,
Days when my face hurt from laughing so hard.
And after all of the hedging and “after a while-ing,”
I still love you with all of my heart.

This is our fifth birthday together,
Five years with the man I adore.
And I wish we could go on forever,
For one hundred, two hundred, five hundred more.

Fifth Birthday Love poems

A List

This beautiful poem celebrates all those little moments between partners, that build up into a loving relationship.

I thought for your birthday, I might list all of the things I love about you.
But that would be entirely too many.
I would not know where even to begin.
Your charming smile?
The way you laugh when you think I cannot hear you,
Louder and freer and totally unconscious
Of how much I love you in that moment?
I would have listed the look in your eye
Before you say a particularly funny joke,
And the feel of your heartbeat,
Steady and loving and mine.
I could have listed ten million things,
And still not have been close to capturing
Exactly what it is about you
That makes me want to get up in the morning
And crawl back into bed beside you at night
And never stop standing silently in the kitchen
Waiting to hear you laugh out loud in the moments before you know I am there.

all the things I love about you

Wishing a Happy Birthday

This is a sweet, birthday love poem for a husband to share with their wife. It celebrates the love and support she provides throughout the relationship.

Wishing a happy birthday to the love of my life;
Wishing a happy birthday to my beautiful wife.
Wishing a happy birthday to the woman of my dreams,
Who somehow picked up my battered life and fixed all the fraying the seams.
Wishing a happy birthday to the one person I could not live without,
Wishing a happy birthday to the person who saves me when I am full of doubt.
Wishing a happy birthday to someone who is all of this and more,
And is most importantly, and forever, the woman I will always adore.

happy birthday love wish


This is a tongue-in-cheek, birthday poem that acknowledges the love between a couple, even when they drive each other up the wall.

I know I sometimes forget our anniversary.
I know I sometimes leave the dishes in the sink.
I know I scare you when I climb up on the ladder;
I know I make the house too loud for you to think.

I am not always a picnic to live with,
And maybe I will never learn to fold my own socks.
But I love you more than words can say,
And I think that should count for a hell of a lot.


Bathroom Counter

This birthday love poem for a wife or live-in girlfriend, celebrates the little reminders couples have of each other throughout the day, and how even little annoyances can become sweet rituals.

No matter how many times I ask you not to,
Ask you to be careful, to watch what you are doing, to clean up after yourself
You always seem to spill some of your makeup on the bathroom counter.
So, every morning, it falls to me to wipe up the foundation
Or mascara, or whatever it is,
With a sigh and a few squares of toilet paper.
But can I tell you a secret, darling?
I really do not mind the spills,
Not at all,
And I almost regret, every morning,
Having to wipe up this one little reminder
Of the beautiful woman with whom I share my life,
My house,
And this messy, messy bathroom counter.

bathroom counter

When I Fell in Love with You

This is a poem for anyone to share with their romantic partner. It highlights the beautiful feeling of falling in love at first sight, and over and over again as the relationship grows.

I think I fell in love the first time I saw you smile, even from across the room.
I think I fell in love again the first time I heard you speak.
I fell a third time when you put your arm around me;
I fell a million times more when we finally kissed.
The first time you said you loved me, I went into a free fall,
Falling in love like falling out of an eternal sky.
I promise I will tell you if I ever hit the ground,
But as of now, I do not think I will ever stop falling.

when I Fell in Love with You

In Spite of All This

This is a love poem for any couple to share. It ticks all the boxes for a birthday love poem and celebrates the love, even in a sometimes flawed relationship.

Last week you lost your car keys;
Last night you spilled your wine.
Sometimes you talk a bit too loud,
And we both know you are never on time.

Sometimes I know you get angry,
And I know that I get angry too;
I know there are nights when we both drink too much –
Do not laugh; we both know that it is true.

But in spite of all this, I still love you.
And your love, I am honored to be.
A happy birthday, then, to the love of my life,
Who, in spite of all this, still loves me.

Love of my life

Balloons and Candles

This light-hearted poem describes the significance of all the little things that go into a loved one’s birthday celebration.

There are a lot of traditions for birthdays,
Things like balloons and candles and cake.
Bright and colorful, happy things,
Sparkling joy just for joy’s own sake.

When I was younger, I never understood
What all the fuss was about,
But each time your birthday rolls around,
I realize I know without a doubt.

Balloons and candles will have to stand in
To say all the things words cannot,
About how much joy you bring into my life
And the love, all the love – it is a lot.

balloons and candles

A Little Boat

This birthday poem imagines a world of time together unbothered by outside influences.

I wish I had a little boat, just big enough for us,
Away we would sail, upon the next tide – no leaving parties, no fuss.
We could sail across the oceans forever, you and I in our tight little craft.
I could work the sail; you would man the tiller – two sailors, sat fore and aft.
All alone we would be on the ocean, all alone in the endless, restless sea.
I am selfish, you know, and want you all to myself – just the ocean, the stars, you and me.
And if we sailed for a thousand years, maybe then I would find the words to say
Just how much that it is that I love you – especially on this, your special day.

a little boat

Blowing Up Balloons

This is the perfect birthday love poem for a shy or quiet person to share with their significant other. It celebrates the romantic gestures that do not require words.

You know how I hate public speaking,
How the words all turn to dust on my tongue,
But this year I thought of a solution,
So, I could speak love privately, but still with my lungs.

I filled your balloons all with words of praise,
With the things I am too shy to speak.
I whispered love into latex, then shouted it out,
Filled each one until they almost started to leak.

So, pop each balloon in this room, my dear,
With a pin when the party is done.
Listen carefully, though, as the air rushes out,
For the fast-fleeing echoes of my love.

blowing up balloons

Rain on Your Birthday

This is a sweet birthday love poem that uses a whimsical set of scenarios to highlight how much people will do for the one they love.

If it rains on your birthday, dear, do not cry;
I will scare the clouds out of the sky.
If it snows on your birthday, love, do not fret;
I will melt the flakes before they have even begun to set.

Just know that today, whatever goes wrong,
I will be there to fix it with a smile and a song.
Mother Nature herself cannot stop me today
From making sure everything goes just your way.

So, ask me, my darling, and I will fight the clouds,
Or do anything at all, not to see you frown.
I love you; I love you, and prove it I will,
If I have to flatten a mountain, or raise up a hill.

Rain on your birthday

Birthday Love Song

This humorous poem pokes fun at the difficulty of executing a grand romantic gesture.

I tried to write a song for you,
Something sweet in a major key.
I know “Happy Birthday” is old, tried and true,
But I thought you deserved something fancy.

So, if I wrote this song, you might wonder,
Why is this poem not to music?
Well, I tried to write a song for you,
But your gift is that I will not try to sing it.

Birthday Love Song

Decades Together

This is a lovely birthday love poem for a long-term couple. It celebrates the ways that love continues, even as the rituals of a relationship start to feel tired.

To say we have spent decades together,
Is true, but it feels weird to say.
When did you and I become the old timers?
The elder statesmen, with hair turning grey.

Decades together, and decades of birthdays,
And of holidays, trips, and the like,
Decades of milestones, decades of parties,
Of presents to open and candles to lights.

It is hard to feel, after our decades,
That there is anything left for me to say,
Except to remind you I love you,
More and more, by the hour, by the day.

Birthday love poems elderly couple

When We First Met

This lighthearted poem conveys how the passage of time may change people and their relationship, but not their love.

When we first met, we were younger;
I was thinner, and you were more spry.
When we first met, you were beautiful –
And grew only more so, by and by.

When we first met, how could I know
I would spend the rest of my life in your arms?
When we first met, how could you have guessed
You would fall prey to my limited charms?

When we first met, all those long years ago,
It may not have been love at first sight.
But love it is now, and love it will be,
For a million more beautiful nights.

romantic birthday poetry

The First Time You Looked at Me

This love poem highlights the heady rush of a couple first falling in love, and the desire to use special occasions like birthdays to recreate that feeling.

I remember the first time you looked at me;
It was like the whole room filled with stars.
I remember the first time we even held hands
Was the rush of ten thousand fast cars.

I think of those feelings, every now again,
Well, whenever I look in your eyes,
And I wish I could make you feel that way,
With some sort of birthday surprise.

If you feel a tenth as wonderful today
As I do when you kiss me good night,
I will have succeeded in doing the impossible,
The greatest achievement of my life.

First time you looked at me

When You Get A Year Older

This birthday love poem is especially suited to older couples. It focuses on the way people continue to love one another even as they age and change.

When you get a year older, your hair starts to grey,
And your wrinkles become a bit clearer.
You get a year older, and suddenly each day
It becomes harder to look in the mirror.

So just hold your eyes up to me, my love,
And I will be your mirror each morn.
I will say you are as beautiful as anyone ever was,
Older, wiser, and as fresh as the dawn.

When You Get A Year Older


This love poem reaffirms a continued strong attachment between a couple, even many years into a relationship.

Last night, I dreamed about you.
It was not a particularly strange or memorable dream,
Nor a terribly romantic one,
Except that you were in it.
You were beautiful in the dream world,
And I was delighted, when I awoke,
To remember you are even more beautiful in this one.
But I thought you might like to know
That even after all these years
I still cannot go the night without wishing you were beside me
To the point of conjuring you into existence
To accompany me through my dreams.

dreams poem


This is a perfect birthday poem for any couple that lives together. It emphasizes the joy of celebrating birthdays and loved ones, even when it is a lot of work.

The thing I love about confetti
Is that no matter how careful you are, there will always be a mess to clean up,
Small pieces to sweep up tomorrow
And next week
And next month
And even then, we will be picking pieces of confetti out from between the couch cushions
Every time we lose the remote for the next three years.
And I love this,
As annoying as it can be,
Because it means every time we sweep up,
For the next three years,
It will be like sweeping up little reminders
Colorful bits of litter that spell out as clear as day,
I love you.
I love you past the point of frustration,
Past the point of convenience.
You just lost the remote in the couch for the third time this week,
And still, I love you.

confetti poem

To Make a Birthday Big Enough

This birthday love poem emphasizes the uniqueness and importance of a boyfriend or husband, to celebrate their big day.

Birthdays are a special day for anyone who celebrates,
A day to laugh and dance and sing, and of course to eat cake.
How then to make a birthday seem as special as it is?
To show the man we celebrate, the day is uniquely his?
Is there any way to make a day more important than a party?
More important than the holidays, than the Kentucky Derby?

I do not know how, my love, to make this day as big
As any day that belongs to you should be so I can give
You any idea of just how much I love you every day,
Today, tomorrow, every day, so much more than words can say.

Make a Birthday Big Enough


This love poem could be shared between any couple that have been together since they were young. It celebrates how far the relationship has come and reminisces about the earlier days of the relationship.

You are supposed to save champagne for the special occasions,
For the big milestones in your life that you will never forget.
Do you remember being 23, and thinking champagne was the most sophisticated thing?
You were not a real adult until you could afford to drink champagne on your birthday.
We may be older now, and more worldly, if not wiser,
But for tonight,
We should be 23 again
And luxuriate in the unimaginable sophistication
Of popping open a bottle of champagne
And toasting to your birthday.

champagne poem

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