60+ Tree-mendous Christmas Puns Worthy Of Santa-Plause

We have been working hard at Santa’s wordshop to come up with the best little puns. We even soot-ed to bring a smile to a resting Grinch face. Check out our lists of fab-yule-ous Christmas puns and jokes below.

On such a jolly occasion as Christmas, the goal is always to spread laughter and santa-plause.

This Christmas season, consider sending your friend and family these funny Christmas puns and jokes to bring some excitement to their day and welcome the most punderful time of the year!

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Whether you are looking for something to write on a card or a holiday message to get everyone in the room giggling, our wintery words are sure to sleigh!

Christmas Puns

Santa never learned how to use a phone camera, so all of the pictures hanging in his home are North Pole-roids!

I asked Santa if he was nervous about delivering all the brand-new knitted tops that the elves had made, but he told me he doesn’t sweat-er the small stuff!

Christmas sweater puns

Did you know there are frogs around Santa’s workshop? He raises them from when they were tiny North tad-poles!

When the elves do not know what to do, they will ask an icicle. I hear they give pretty good adv-ice.

Santa and Mrs. Claus were always meant to be, but it took them a while to find one another, especially in the blustery winter time. I guess you could call them star-frost lovers.

Have a Christmas full of fun with friends and family outside playing in the snow? You sled it, sister!

I think for my next vacation, I would like to go to the North Pole to visit Santa and the elves. I’ve heard it’s pretty cool up there.

I did not have time to make my own gingerbread house this Christmas, but lucky for me, I found one in mint condition.

There was some confusion in Santa’s workshop this week when the elves ended up with a couple of tiny mittens instead of a nice bird display. They thought Santa said he needed two turtle ‘gloves’!

I am s-mitten with all of the cute, knitted accessories that people wear around Christmas time!

Santa’s reindeer with the shiny red nose has been getting a little full of himself ever since he started leading the sleigh. He is being a rude-olph.

rudolph reindeer puns

If you accidentally knock off the hanging frozen decorations from Santa’s workshop, you will have to pay the pr-ice to fix it!

Be careful not to get too confused if you are walking out in the snow this winter. Just remain sure of yourself. You know what they say, he who hesitates is frost.

Up at the North Pole, they play a lot of sports to keep in shape, but their favorite includes hitting a ball back and forth over a net. They like to call it jolly-ball!

If anybody in Santa’s workshop is having an issue with someone else, they have to talk to someone above both of them to resolve the issue, and that job is reserved for snowman-agers!

Christmas Puns on Santa

When Santa got home from delivering all the presents on Christmas Eve, he saw that his wife had left out for him a plate of cookies and milk with a note that said, “Just be-claus I love you!”

When the elves do not listen to him, Santa has to use his loud booming voice to set everything straight. He is laying down the claus.

What does Mrs. Claus tell Santa when he tries to take the reindeer for a joyride before delivering presents? Work first, then sleigh!

I hope everything is okay at the North Pole. I heard that the elves are staging a coup this Christmas. They are firing Santa without ‘claus’!

santa claus puns

Santa’s wife is going out for a much-needed manicure. She would now like to be referred to as Mrs. Claws!

Santa is the reason that all of the good boys and girls get all of their presents every Christmas. He is really good at claus-e and effect!

What do the elves call Santa when he is under the weather? Old St. Sick!

All proceeds that Santa and the elves are raising from their Christmas charity this year are going to international reindeer rescue. They decided that it would be a good clause!

This Christmas, Santa is asking for his whole grammar-obsessed family to visit him. It will be a party of the ‘relative Clauses’!

What is Santa’s favorite instrument to put on his sleigh? Kringle bells!

Like all women getting up to her age, Santa’s wife is at that time where it does not matter how cold it is at the North Pole, she gets a lot of hot flashes. She’s probably going through meno-claus!

Underwater, there is a sea creature who also dresses up in a big red suit and delivers presents to all the good fish of the ocean on Christmas. He goes by the name Santa Ray!

What do you call Santa’s female sibling that will help in the workshop sometimes? Sis Kringle!

It is risky to bring Santa to dinner because he is known for committing a lot of faux-clauses!

Santa puns

When Santa was younger, he accidentally mixed up all the presents in the workshop. He was the claus-e for a lot of confusion!

If someone besides Santa has been taking all the cookies, you can probably sue them with some probable claus.

Christmas Puns For Cards

I do not want to get too Santa-mental this holiday season, but you are the best around! Merry Christmas!

Fingers frost that you and I will be able to see one another this winter. Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

I miss you from your head to your mistle-toes this Christmas, but I know we’ll be together again soon. Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

If I do not sleigh it now, I will regret it fir-ever, but I love having you around for the Christmas season! Have a happy Christmas!

I hope you have packed your coziest jumper this Christmas, because you know it is always ‘sweater’ when we are together! Merry Christmas, and I will see you soon for the holidays!

ugly christmas sweater jokes

Yule be sure to have a wonderful Christmas with such a lovely card as this! Have a punderful holiday season!

What is one more card to send to you this Christmas? You know what they say, the myrrh the merrier!

I will sleigh anything to make you smile as you read your card this Christmas! Happy holidays!

I am really miss-tletoing you this Christmas, but I cannot wait to see you soon! Have a great holiday.

What do you call the group of four-legged animals that are cheering you on this holiday season? Reindeer-leaders! I hope you feel the Christmas spirit this winter! Merry Christmas!

We have not seen one another in a couple winter seasons now, so this Christmas, you should come over, and we can build a snowman and make up for frost time. Happy holidays!

I want to wish you such a great holiday season that it makes me want to sing! I hope that your Christmas season is absolutely fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-bulous!

I just wanted to wish the North ‘Star’ of my life a very merry Christmas! Have a lot of fun this holiday season!

I do not mean for it to seem like I am ‘stocking’ you, but I wanted to wish you a merry Christmas!

christmas card puns

I might come across as a grinch sometimes with my lack of decorative Christmas cards, but under-wreath it all, I am full of holiday cheer. Happy holidays!

Santa may not have sent you a musical card, but you know what they say, empty vessels make the most toys! Happy Christmas!

Let us cran-bury the hatchet this holiday season and have dinner together to celebrate! Merry Christmas!

Christmas is coming up, so it is not like we need to advent a reason to see one another! See you soon, and merry Christmas!

Christmas Puns on Elves

If it helps boost your elf-esteem, I think your present wrapping skills are top-notch!

One of the toymakers used to be really good, but now he cannot build a toy for his life! He was a ghost of his former elf!

Santa’s workshop is a very safe place to work. If there is ever an issue, everyone is instructed to get out until the problem is resolved because elf-preservation is the top priority!

One time a polar bear broke into Santa’s workshop. No one got hurt though, because everyone is trained well in elf-defense!

One of Santa’s helpers forgot to wear his hat to the workshop for picture day. I guess he is going to have to find another day for his elf-portrait!

elf puns

A lot of Santa’s helpers want to take home all the toys they make, but they know if they took them all, there would be none for all the kids. They are experts in elf-control.

Santa’s workshop is one of the fastest and best places to work in the entire world. It’s pretty elf-sustaining.

I tried to get a job at Santa’s workshop, but I was told my resume was not strong enough. Looks like I need to be elf-employed!

One of Santa’s toymakers would walk into work each day saying exactly what he wanted for Christmas. When Christmas morning came, he ran downstairs to find exactly what he had been saying he was going to get. It was an elf-fulfilled prophecy!

Do not ask Santa for a toy that is too complicated to make because he might just elf-destruct!

Do you really think that a couple of reindeer are strong enough to pull a sleigh full of presents for the whole world? If you ask me, the sleigh is secretly elf-driving!

Christmas Tree Puns

We picked an Oak Christmas tree for our house at the last second. It was a fir of the moment decision.

Why do the Beatles prefer to keep their pine ornament-free for the Christmas season? They would rather just Let it Tree.

This may sound like I am gr-aspen at straws, but your Christmas tree is looking mighty ‘pine’ this year! Have a great holiday season.

Christmas Tree Puns

Decorating for Christmas with you was so fun! When can I tree you again?

You look lovely as always. Will you be pine this holiday season?

I am always the one to go out and get the Christmas tree and bring it back home. You could call me the chau-fir.

The trees in the windows on my street are quickly multiplying as we get closer to Christmas. They are repro-spruce-ing!

What do the Private Christmas tree say to the Admiral Christmas tree when given an order? Yes, fir!

I heard through the grape-pine that your house looks lovely this holiday season, and your tree looks beautiful.

I hope this does not sound like I am aspen for too much, but do you want to get a Christmas tree with me?

Your Christmas décor is beautiful. I just call it how I tree it. Happy Christmas.

I heard that Christmas was your favorite holiday, and I have to admit I fully a-tree! Merry Christmas!

A maple, an oak, and a birch all asked to be decorated for the holidays this year. They’re all such wanna-trees!

christmas tree jokes

What did the band The Simple Minds say when someone forgot to chop down an important Christmas decoration? Don’t You — Forget About Tree!

I really like a big, fluffy Christmas tree. No offense to other trees, but that is just the kind of tree I pre-fir!

Christmas Puns on Snow

There’s snow better way to spend the holiday season than outside enjoying the beautiful snow with friends and family!

I have snow-thing left to lose when I say I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

Do not be in such a big flurry! The weather will be cold soon! Happy Christmas.

Snow-body knows as well as you and I that winter is the best season! Have a wonderful Christmas!

Snow one celebrates Christmas like you! Have a wonderful holiday season!

Tap your winter boots together three times to make a holiday wish because there’s snow place like home for the holidays!

snow puns

I am hoping to make a snowman when we have enough snow, but I need to flurry to get the snow-ball rolling!

This holiday season, I hope you can have your flake and eat it too. Just avoid the yellow snow, because it is not lemon!

As far as I snow, this Christmas season is going to be a cold one! Happy Christmas!

Someone asked me if we were going to have a white Christmas, and all I could say is God only snow-s!

You know what they say about missing the cold weather just in time for the holiday season, absence makes the heart snow fonder! Wishing you a snowy Christmas.

Better get your shovel ready because the amount of flurries that we will be getting this year looks like it will be at an all-time snow!

On Christmas Eve, do not be afraid to snow-drift on over to my fireplace for some company.

This Christmas season, I hope the icing on the flake is the friends and family you will get to see. Have a great one!

What did Patrick Swayze’s snowman say when he tried to put it in timeout? Snow-body puts baby in the corner!

Wishing you snow-thing but joy and happiness this Christmas season!

funny christmas wishes

Christmas Puns for Presents

If you asked me when I think would be a good time to exchange Christmas gifts, I would tell you that there is no time like the present!

Santa will never run out of gifts for all the good boys and girls. I guess you could say he is omni-present.

The elves sometimes workout by seeing how many presents they can carry. I call that some pretty heavy gifting.

People in the northern parts of Russia and Alaska always tie up their gifts to one another. I guess you could call that an eski-bow!

I plan to make it rein with loads of gifts for my deer this Christmas!

I forgot to get you something this year, but I am going to gift the blame onto the fact that you never told me what you wanted!

If I do not tie up the presents with a ribbon, I am afraid they will bow away with the wind!

Your presents is requested at the Christmas party this year.

christmas presents joke

What did the elves tell Santa when he asked how full the sleigh was with all the gifts he has to deliver? They were almost at 100-present capacity!

As we near the holiday season and the end of the calendar year, I look forward to exchanging colorful and enclosed presents with you and calling this Christmas a wrap!

When in the workshop finalizing the look of all the presents, the elves like to listen to music that speeds along their work. I call that wrap music!

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