135 Sweet and Soothing Good Night Messages

A good night of well-earned sleep is important to having a bright, happy, and cheerful day. It is so important to encourage one another to take care of ourselves for the coming days and sleep well.

The last words we speak at the end of the night are important and impactful to those who receive them. Sending someone a heartfelt good night message allows them to fall asleep feeling both loved and cherished.

What better way to connect with one another than to wish each other sweet dreams?

Whether these good night messages are for a romantic partner, a friend, a family member, or a child, everyone appreciates well-wishes as they turn in for the night.

We have made a list of the best good night messages. If you are saying good night from the other side of the bed or the other side of the world, use one of our quotes to make sure the bed bugs don’t bite!

General Goodnight Messages

In your dreams tonight, conquer the world! That way, when you wake up tomorrow, you will know exactly how to do it!

In your dreams tonight

The best way to prepare for a successful tomorrow is to get a good night’s sleep tonight. Good night.

May your dreams be big, bold, and ambitious, so that when you wake up you can make them all come true!

Today is over, and that is true, but this should not discourage you. For there is tomorrow, nearly here, with new fun things to do, see, and hear. So do rest now, and take your time, there is no rush for tomorrow’s climb. But when you wake, get up and go! There will be so much room to grow.

Self-care is important, so be sure to get a good night’s sleep tonight to come into tomorrow bright eyed and bushy tailed!

They say you only have to complete today once, so no matter what tomorrow brings, you know you completed today, so it cannot be impossible. You have that spirit and drive in you to take it all on! Tonight, sleep well.

I hope tomorrow you wake up feeling well-rested and ready to take on the day! Good night!

Sleep well tonight knowing that all the work you put into today was meaningful and appreciated.

You did so well today! Tomorrow is as good as yours! Good night, and sleep tight knowing you have got tomorrow in the bag!

I hope today was good for you, but even if it was not, you can make tomorrow even better with a good night’s rest. Sleep well!

The future is unknown, but there is only one way to get there, and that is living through the days and sleeping through the nights until it arrives. Tonight, sleep well to prepare for those big things!

Today was a really great day, and it is a shame it is over, but after a good night’s sleep, we can build an even better tomorrow!

A hard worker like you deserves a restful sleep after facing the world with such determination. Sleep well!

No one ever achieved anything while running on empty. Recharge tonight, so tomorrow you can speed through the day!

A successful person knows when to turn in for the day because sleep is important. Sleep well and see you tomorrow!

I hope the smiles of today carry over to the joy that you feel tomorrow. Good night!

Even our phones have to recharge! Plug in to a good night’s rest tonight!

As you turn off your lights tonight, know the world is a better place because you are living in it! Goodnight!

The next time your eyes open, you will be living in a whole new day where the sky will be the limit! Until then, sleep well, and sweet dreams!

Tomorrow is going to take all your strength, so sleep well tonight getting ready for another big day!

The quickest way to breakfast is a restful night of sleep tonight! Sleep well!

Your hard work today will be great successes tomorrow. Good night!

Romantic Goodnight Messages

I hope you sleep well knowing that someone who loves you will be waiting to hold you when you wake up.

No matter how many times you tell me you love me; I will tell you I love you more. Good night to my love.

Loving you in the sunlight is an amazing gift but holding you through the night is the greatest joy of my day. Good night, my love.

Though we are not together tonight, I look up to the moon and I smile knowing you too are under its glow. Sleep well.

Instead of counting sheep, when I go to bed, I count the moments I have looked into your eyes and thought about how much I love you. Good night!

Dream of me tonight, and I shall dream of you. Invite me to a dance, and say our love is true. Tomorrow, tell me how we waltzed, and I will tell you that I knew. For our love is a beacon that lights the whole night through.

Romantic good night message

I miss you in the moments between sunset and sunrise, and long for those in which I get to hold you again. Sleep well, my love.

No matter how hard my day may have been, coming home to your sweet embrace and love allows me to go to sleep in peace each night.

Even under the dim light of the moon your beauty radiates. Sleep so softly, my love.

Every kiss goodnight is a promise that I will love you forever. Good night.

Even on the nights I cannot be by your side, I blow a kiss to the wind knowing that it will get to you.

I miss you in my bed tonight, but if it is only the nights that separate you from me, I will be okay because I will be able to see your beautiful face come the day. Sleep well.

During the day, you are in my head. During the night, you are in my dreams. But no matter what time of day, you are always in my heart. Good night.

I send a prayer to God every night thanking Him that He blessed me with having such an amazing partner in my life. Sleep well, my love.

Every falling star you see in the sky is a kiss sent from me to you. Sweet dreams.

I could not fall asleep without telling you how much I love and miss you. Good night, and I hope to see you soon.

When you are not here to cuddle at night, I can get cold, but then even the thought of you warms my heart. Good night, love.

Spending the night next to the one I love is the biggest blessing of them all, and I thank God every day for having met you. Good night to my one love.

It may be morning where I am, but I know you are just heading to sleep. I cannot wait for this sunrise to reach you. It reminds me of your beauty. Until then, good night.

Your beauty competes even that of the brightest star in the night sky. Sleep well, my beautiful.

Goodnight Messages for Friends

Thank you for being my favorite reason to wake up in the morning! I will see you soon. Good night!

I hope your dreams are filled with smiles and laughter and all the joy you give others during the day!

The sun may be gone for the day. But you, my friend, are the light of my life! Sleep well, and I will see you tomorrow!

Good night to the person that keeps me awake with laughter every night. The irony is not lost on me!

I cannot wait to see your face again tomorrow. Have a great sleep!

Tomorrow, you can wake up and conquer the world, but as for right now, take the rest you deserve. Good night!

Falling asleep is easy knowing I have such wonderful people in my life like you who love me so much. I hope you sleep just as easily!

I hope the crickets do not keep you up too late tonight, but if they do, tell them I say hello!

If we see one another in our dreams tonight, let’s get into some trouble together!

Sometimes saying good night to you is hard because you always wind me up in the time that I am supposed to be winding down. Good night!

If I do not say good night now, I might stay awake for another full day joking around with you, so I have to say it immediately! Good night!

A good friend wishes their friend good night and goes to sleep. A great friend keeps them up all night long. But a best friend says good night but starts talking again a few hours later. This is to say, good night, but I will talk to you again very soon!

You and I deserve a long relaxing vacation after a day like today, but until that vacation comes, we will have to settle for a good night’s rest. Sleep well!

good night and sleep well

You have me cracking up laughing even in my sleep. Good night, and I will see you in my dreams!

I hope you go to sleep peacefully tonight knowing you are the best friend a guy/girl could have. Good night!

How lucky am I to have a friend like you where every ‘goodnight’ just means ‘see you tomorrow’? Sleep well, and good night!

Good night to a friend who always has a shoulder to rest on. May tonight’s sleep be as comforting as you are every day.

Our friendship is so perfect; it has been written in the stars. I look up and wish on them each night and am grateful for you! Sleep tight!

As today comes to an end, I want to thank you for being my friend. I lie my head down on my pillow at night, warm with your friendship, and I know all is right. Sleep well.

Dear friend, I hope you know that each night I send a prayer up to God for you. You really are a gift. Good night!

I cannot wait to hang out with you again once the sun comes up. Until then, sleep well and have the best dreams!

The sun may be gone for the night, but your friendship lights up my life. Sweet dreams to an amazing friend!

You are the kind of friend I would put in my dreams just so we can hang out more. See you soon, and good night!

Soothing Good Night Messages

I hope you find peace as you drift off to sleep tonight. Good night.

As the sandman kisses your cheek, I hope you greet sleep with the ease and comfort of a rest well deserved.

Tonight is a night for healing. Let the tension in your shoulders melt into your mattress as you fall into sweet slumber.

A well-rested mind and body lead to a well-rested soul. May your rest refill you tonight. Sleep well.

I hope your bed is here to cradle you as you drift off to a well-earned sleep. Good night!

A cozy blanket, a glass of warm milk, a bedtime story, and you: the ingredients to a calm and relaxed evening of sleep.

good night message bedtime

Take solace in knowing that you did what you could today, and tomorrow is a new day in which you can do more, but right now, rest.

May tonight’s rest bring your body and mind healing to prepare for another day on this beautiful Earth we call home.

Good night. Sleep tight. I shall see you again come morning light. But until you wake, this rest please take, to be fully rested at morning break.

May the quiet sooth your ear, and may you know you are safe here. Good night, and sleep tight.

As your eyelids become heavy, allow them the rest they deserve today as you fall gently into sleep’s arms. Good night.

Good night and sleep well, dear. Allow your pillow to hold you softly and your blankets to wrap you tightly tonight.

Like the moon guides the tides to the shore, I hope sleep guides you to a well-rested tomorrow. Good night.

After a busy and loud day, I hope you can find peace in the quiet of the night. Sleep well!

May tonight’s sleep be tranquil and calm as you so deserve. Good night.

The troubles of today are soon to be those of tomorrow. For now, it is time to sleep.

Self-care and self-love are important. The love you put out in the world today is returned to your body as you sleep to prepare you for another day tomorrow. Sleep well.

I pray tonight you sleep in peace. I pray your dreams greet you softly. I pray that as you drift off you do so knowing how loved you truly are.

May the sounds of the night rock you gently to sleep in safety and love.

From the itch on your nose to the tingle in your toes, relax. Take a deep breath in and exhale it slowly. Allow your body the graces of rest and calm.

Take the thoughts that have been racing through your mind all day and tell them it’s time to rest. Lie it down and tuck it in. Tell it to sleep tight, then take your own advice. Sleep well.

May sleep greet you so peacefully and embrace you in safety until the kiss of sunlight gently wakes you to another beautiful day.

May Mr. Sandman bring you the sweetest dreams of all those in his collection tonight.

As you calm your breathing and inhale the night air, I wish you the most gentle and restful sleep. Good night.

Sweet Goodnight Messages

Good night to the most beautiful angel with which God has graced this Earth.

I hope your dreams are ice cream, candy, sugar, and everything that is just as sweet as you.

Once upon a time there was a prince/princess who defended their kingdom so bravely and with such chivalry that there was never a reason to fret, and all his/her loyal subjects could sleep so safely at night, as we shall do now. The end.

Tonight, I hope your pillow catches all your wonderful dreams and makes them magic.

Though I cannot be there to tuck you in, I will always be in your heart. Good night.

Good night to the moon. Goodnight to the stars. I love you always from here to Mars!

Sleep soundly and let the crickets guard over you as you dream of far-off lands.

Before you go to sleep, wish upon a star that tomorrow may be even more wonderful as you. Good night.

Tomorrow we will laugh and play all day long, and tonight we will dream of the adventures that will be.

Sleep tight little dreamer, I hope your sleep is full of restfulness and warmth.

Sweet good night message

Good night to my favorite adventurer. Tomorrow will bring new journeys for us to take on together.

Your bedtime hugs are my favorite part of the day. Good night, sweetie.

Even on the nights that the rain hits your window, know you are safe and warm inside, and your sleep will rest you well. Good night.

A dream is a wish your heart makes, but only when you sleep. So go off to sleep, my darling. And wish for all those dreams anew.

Sleep softly knowing you are being watched over by those who love you.

With a big yawn and rub of your eyes, lift your gaze up to the skies. Wish for some rest on a shooting star and know your words will be heard far.

Even though we may be far apart, I dream of the day I will get to hug you goodnight again. Sleep well, dear.

I pray no nightmares will greet you tonight, only sweet dreams about the love and laughter that rings through your days.

The sweetest dreams are given to only the sweetest people such as yourself. Sleep soundly, dear.

Sending you a bedtime hug and a goodnight kiss to pay the toll to dreamland tonight.

May your mind rest calm, and your body rest easy as the night air drifts in all gentle and breezy. Relax your shoulders and unclench your jaw. Your sleep tonight will be one at which to awe. Good night sweet prince/princess. Drift off to this spell. I pray you sleep so softly and well.

I hope your dreams taste like icing and are warm like the sunshine. I will see you tomorrow bright and early!

You must rest your cheeks through the night, because your smile is illuminating! Sleep well, and sleep happy, dear.

If I appear in your dreams, and you appear in mine, then we can be so happy and play all through the night time! See you in our dreams!

Sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows — even the night time hours, you make my dreams aglow. Sleep well!

Close your eyes and picture me sending you goodnight kisses from all the way across the world! Sleep well, my darling.

Goodnight Quotes

Sweet dreams be yours, dear, if dreams there be. Sweet dreams to carry you close to me. I wish they may and I wish they might. Now goodnight, my someone, good night.” -The Music Man

The evening hangs beneath the moon, a silver thread on darkened dune. With closing eyes and resting head. I know that sleep is coming soon.” -Eric Whitacre

Oh! Hush thee, my baby, the night is behind us, and black are the waters that sparkled so green. The moon, o’er the combers, looks downward to find us at rest in the hollows that rustle between.” -Rudyard Kipling

Good night my love, the tired old moon is descending. Good night my love, my moment with you now is ending. It was so heavenly, holding you, close to me. It will be heavenly to hold you again in a dream. The stars above have promised to meet us tomorrow.” -Shirley Temple

Now it’s time to say good night. Good night sleep tight. Now the sun turns out his light. Good night sleep tight. Dream sweet dreams for me. Dream sweet dreams for you.” -The Beatles

Hail O mighty, fathomless sleep, come on and hug me tight and sweet; when I whisper those deepest pains, onto your ears mute and keen, sing for me the sweetest song that would sound the profoundest of life! Leave me upon your rocking arms, watched by spirits of placid nights!” –Preeth Nambiar

Listen to the nightsky, the Mockingbird always sing you my lullaby.” –Jmemo

You may see all that is around you, but you may feel nothing at all. So, try and close your eyes so tight, and listen to the night time fall.” –Stephen Cosgrove

Good night! Good night! Far flies the light; But still God’s love shall shine above, making all bright. Good night! Good night!” -Victor Hugo

Bedtime is daytime, and we come into bloom after midnight.” –Lenore Kandel

Good night, moon. Good night, stars. Good night planets, comets and… Mars. Yes, even you, Mars. And not only for the sake of the rhyme.” –Paul The Astronaut

So much is yet to come. Soon will be blankets and pillows, and books by the bed to make the stuff of dreams. And then tomorrows.” –Jim McCann

The cool peace and dewy sweetness of the night filled me with a mood of hope: not hope on any definite point, but a general sense of encouragement and heart-ease.” –Charlotte Bronte

‘Lead on!’ said Scrooge. ‘Lead on! The night is waning fast, and it is precious time to me, I know. Lead on, Spirit!’” –Charles Dickens

Let gratitude be the pillow upon which you kneel to say your nightly prayer.” –Maya Angelou

good night quotes

This is the ending. Now not day only shall be beloved, but night too shall be beautiful and blessed and all its fear pass away.” –J.R.R. Tolkien

Good night, sweet prince, and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!” –William Shakespeare

I like the night. Without the dark, we’d never see the stars.” –Stephenie Meyer

I think the best way to get a good night’s sleep is to work hard throughout the day.” –William H. McRaven

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