70+ Unforgettable Goodnight Texts For Him

good night text for him

As the day winds down, we find ourselves missing our boyfriends or husbands when they are not by our sides. Sometimes, you want to tell him about your long day before heading to bed, or maybe you cannot seem to fall asleep without a big hug and sweet kiss.

Being without him can leave you feeling lonely and restless, which is not good right before bed.

Sending a good night message is bound to make you both feel closer and will lead to sweeter dreams and better sleep!

Our list of good night texts for him are perfect for any relationship you have with your special man.

Funny or cute, long distance or not, these messages will leave him feeling loved as he drifts off to sleep. Plus, for an added bonus, he might even wake up thinking about you too…

Good Night Texts For Him

Send him off to sleep with one of these good night quotes that are sure to put a smile on his face before drifting off to the dream world. Here, we have listed some messages that will leave him thinking about you and your wishes for him before he lays his head down to sleep.

May Mr. Sandman lull you to sleep tonight so sweetly and so softly with some amazing dreams. See you in the morning!

Nighttime is my least favorite because it means spending time away from you, but I am comforted in knowing I will see you tomorrow!

Go to sleep now so you can wake up earlier and I can send you a good morning text as well!

Good night to the most talented man I know! May your sleep bring you so much amazing rest so tomorrow you can wake up and conquer the world by my side. Sleep well!

I feel so blessed to be able to text you goodnight each night, because it means I get to text you a good morning sometime soon! So, good night, and I will talk to you tomorrow!

I hope your trip to dreamland is fully free of turbulence tonight. I already can’t wait to hear from you in the morning.

good night sweet dreams

When you wish upon a star late at night, not only will your wish come true, but your sweetheart will have a goodnight sleep! I wished for you tonight! Sleep tight, and see you soon.

Tonight, as you look up at the stars and the moon, know that I am looking up too. Let the beautiful sight bring your heart closer to mine as we fall asleep under the same sky.

If you dream about me, I will dream about you. Sleep well tonight, and I cannot wait to see you tomorrow!

Good night and sleep tight! I hope your dreams are as sweet as the most delicious dessert.

Oh, how I wish I could give you just one more goodnight hug! Until then, this text will just have to do. Sleep well!

I always feel like I am dreaming when you’re around. Good night, sleep tight, and I love you with all my might.

Every day I am even more amazed at how hard you work. There is no man who deserves a good night’s rest more than you!

I always miss you when you are sleeping, but knowing I will hear from you in the morning will forever make it worth it. Sweet dreams my love!

Sweet dreams to the man of my dreams! Wishing you a peaceful rest all the way till morning. Then, I will get to text you again! I love you.

Good night to my favorite man on this planet. I hope your rest tonight is out of this world! Sleep well!

Good night my love! I am already counting the hours until I can see you in the morning.

Consider this text the closest I can get to a goodnight kiss. Get some rest, and I will be here in the morning!

My favorite part of the night is knowing I will get to tell you about my dreams tomorrow.

Fluff a pillow for me this evening! I am there in spirit, and I will see you tomorrow.

Texting you goodnight is my favorite part of every night. Hearing from you in the morning is not bad either! Sleep well!

Think of me when you crawl into bed tonight. I will be there soon! Sleep tight, and do not let the bedbugs bite for me!

You might already be asleep, but I am still over here thinking of you. I love you to the moon and back, and I hope your dreams are as bright as the stars.

I hope you are the first man I see in the morning; I’m saving a big hug for when I do.

It might be really dark out tonight, but you’re my guiding star. Good night to the greatest man I know.

Goodnight message for your man

Looking up at the night sky makes me think of how starry-eyed you make me feel. Sleep well!

Close your eyes and imagine everything that we are going to do tomorrow, and when you finally wake up, tell me all about it. Sleep well!

Every time you feel the light of the moon coming through your window tonight, know that it is me sending you sweet dreams.

I wish you the most restful night of sleep, so when you wake up, you are bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, and ready for another amazing day.

Long Distance Good Night Messages For Him

One of the hardest goodnights is one that has to be sent from far away to the man you love most. While you are missing him, he is sure to be missing you too, and these goodnight messages are sure to remind him just how you love him more than anything else in the world!

I am wishing on every star tonight that you and I will be together again soon. Sleep well, dear!

I miss you more and more with each passing night, but I will be back home and in your arms soon!

Even though you and I are so far away from one another, I go to sleep peacefully knowing that you are just a text away and that tomorrow morning, you will be right at my fingertips. Sleep well.

This is my first night away from home, and I would be lying if I said I was not homesick, but I am sicker for your company. I cannot wait to see you again! Sending lots of love.

To say I miss you is an understatement! I cannot wait to see you again, but for now, I just want you to know how much I love you before drifting off to dreamland—and that is so much!

Long distance relationships can be really difficult, but you and I have been able to make it work through a lot of late night ‘good nights’. It will all be worth it when I see your face again.

As you are going to sleep, I am just waking up, but the distance does not phase me. I know that where you are, you are thinking of me, and I am thinking of you, and we will be together again someday. Sleep well!

My pillow is getting a little tired of being cuddled so tightly at night, so you better be back soon! I miss you, and good night!

Long Distance Good Night Text For Him

You are such an amazing person, and I count myself lucky to be with you. Though being so far away from you can be hard, I know that everything you do is for both of us. I love you.

Sitting here alone is hard, but I have been talking to the moon and telling the man in it about you and how much I miss you, and I think that company is pretty comforting. I will talk to you in the morning.

Sometimes I try to count one sheep for every mile in between us before going to bed, but before I can get there, I am asleep, and then I wake up knowing that I can give you a quick call and hear your voice again. Talk to you soon!

My favorite part about the nights we spend apart are our goodnights because it puts me to sleep knowing that I am so loved by you, and I hope you know that I love you too. Good night, dear!

Sending sweet dreams all the way over to you from me. I hope you can feel my love, even from so far away! I miss you so much! Sleep tight!

Let us both pick a star to be ours, and we can both wish on it for one another, so tomorrow our wishes will come true, and we will remember how lucky and loved we are.

If hugging you so tightly in my dreams is the closest I can get right now, so be it. But you better be prepared for such a good hug when I see you again, because I will have had a lot of practice! Sleep well!

Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night, and I am surprised when I see you are not next to me. But I am comforted in knowing that we are together in our dreams. I miss you a lot!

Funny Good Night Texts for Him

Goodnight wishes do not just have to be about sweet dreams and soft pillows. Sometimes, they are used to give someone one last smile before they drift off to sleep. Check out our funny good night messages that will be sure to crack a smile on his face before bed.

Good night to you, but more importantly, to your neighbors who have to hear your snoring through the walls every night. They are really out here doing God’s work putting up with you!

I heard you were counting sheep to go to bed, but were been awake so long that you got into the hundreds. I didn’t know you could count that high!

I don’t know if you have heard, but I am taking brave steps toward ignoring my problems and going to sleep for the night. I suggest you do the same. Sleep well!

Sleeping is probably one of your greatest talents, so why not show off a little right now!

Good night. Sleep tight. Don’t let the bedbug—tick or louse—suck blood from you, hatch its eggs on you, and then develop larvae on you, alright?” –Jon Scieszka

I hope you sleep well and don’t think at all whatsoever about any monsters that might be living under your bed. Sweet dreams!

Don’t forget to draw the curtains tonight. It is not polite to moon the man on the moon!

Good night over text, but if I send you a funny tweet or meme on a different app in the next few hours, you didn’t see anything.

Don’t forget to plug your phone in tonight. Also, wow, I have to do everything for you! Sleep well!

How did the queen wish her mighty protector a great sleep each evening? Good knight! Sleep well my mighty man!

Funny Good Night Text for Him

I would wish you sweet dreams, but I do not think your brain is capable of such intense thoughts so late at night! Sleep well.

If you’re worried about having nightmares, that is actually kind of fair, because your mother-in-law has vowed to haunt you in your sleep… Just kidding! (Or am I?)

Don’t think about all the emails you need to send, or all the people you need to meet with tomorrow. Do not worry about any of that. Just relax and think about nothing to go to sleep! Sleep well!

I can’t wait to go to sleep tonight and dream about the better version of you that I have completely made up in my head. I am sure he says hello! Good night!

Okay. No distractions. Just sleep. Ignore the sound of your stomach. Ignore the sound of the street outside. Don’t even think about your own breathing. No stress. Only sleep.

I would hope that you do not toss and turn before getting to sleep tonight, but you and I both know that that is the most exercise you will have gotten in a very long time, so I wish you all the tossing and turning!

If I am going to be honest, I prefer you when you are asleep. You are a lot quieter then! Sleep well!

The reason I am sending you a goodnight text instead of telling you in person is because, if there is even a chance that I hear your snoring, I might blow out my hearing! Good night!

I am about to be out of order for the next few hours as I reboot for tomorrow. Take this time to deal with any software updates you might need to make.

Are you asleep yet? Are you asleep yet? Are you asleep yet? No? Why not? Go to bed!

What do you call it when you are not sure if you can go to sleep, but you are trying anyway? A sleep of faith! Sleep tight!

Cute Good Night Texts for Him

These goodnight messages are for the special man in your life who deserves a cute little wish before going to bed. Whether it is a wish of sweet dreams and cozy blankets or an intimate short love letter to remind him how you feel about him, check out our list to see some cute ways to say good night!

I hope your dreams are sweet and your sleep is sweeter. Have a great night, and I will talk to you tomorrow.

I am so blessed to be dating someone as wonderful as you! Sleep tight, dear!

As you fall asleep tonight, I hope you are thinking of me and how happy I am to have you.

I hope you fall asleep safe and sound tonight and sleep softly until the morning light.

Dream a little dream of me tonight as the stars fade and the night settles in. Good night.

Cute Good Night message for Him

May your dreams be happy and full of all the love that I am sending you this evening! Sleep well.

I hope you fall asleep in peace knowing that I am always here for you when you need me and want to talk.

When you wake up tomorrow, I cannot wait to hear all about the sweet dreams that you are about to have! Sleep well, dear!

May you fall asleep with a smile on your lips and love in your heart knowing that I am thinking about you!

May the night be long and restful so tomorrow you can wake up and do the amazing things I know you are destined to do. Sleep well.

Your smile has always brightened my days and nights, and I hope it is not keeping you up too late this evening with its radiance!

I hope you are all cozy in your blanket ,and that when you fall asleep tonight, you do so knowing you are so loved. Sweet dreams, love!

I am sending you a million good night kisses to send you off to sleep with a smile on your lips. Good night, my sweet!

May your sleep be peaceful and lovely like the stars in the sky. And when the sun comes out tomorrow, may it inspire you to fly. Good night, dear.

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