Happy 30th Birthday! 130+ Unique 30th Birthday Wishes

A 30th birthday is a big deal.

If this new era is around the corner for someone you hold dear, it’s a good idea to remind them just how great this new decade is going to be. You can also reassure them that they don’t look a day older than 29!

Whether you are a person who’s not as big on birthdays, or you’re a birthdayzilla designating the whole month to be a party in your honor, there are some milestones in life that are worth celebrating, and turning 30 is one of them.

With some celebration, a bit of perspective, and a lot of wine, even an intimidating milestone such as a 30th Birthday can feel just fine.

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In this article, we have created a list of new and unique happy birthday messages that you can send to the newest entrant to the club, to mark the day with either some – or a lot of – pomp and show. These 30th birthday wishes cover all sentiments: funny, emotional, sincere, or light-hearted, so you can decide which is best.

130 Best Ways to Say Happy 30th Birthday

Happy 30th birthday! This is a big one, so welcome to the big leagues and buckle in for a great ride going forward.

The wisdom that comes with age is so amazing, and leaving your twenties, you gain so much of it. I hope you learn a great deal this year and every year going forward.

Kiss your twenties goodbye! Happy 30th birthday, and welcome to the real world pal!

Turning 30 is a lot like the first ride on a bike without training wheels—fun, exhilarating, and terrifying that you might crash! Just kidding. Do not worry, you are going to do great. Happy birthday.

Turning 30 is like riding a bike

30 years old and you are not even married yet? Someone has been using their twenties to party… Happy birthday party animal!

Time to put on your big boy/girl pants and start to enter old age like the rest of us! Wishing you a wonderful 30th birthday!

Happy halfway to 60! I hope these coming years are even better than the first half.

Sometimes people are worried that their age will show when they use certain phrases or make old references, but I think you carry age and wisdom in such a beautiful way that it only makes you more incredible. I wish you all the best on your 30th birthday.

As the last friend to turn 30, if you need any advice going forward, feel free to ask any of the rest of us sage friends for advice, okay? I am sure we will be kind enough to lend you some.

If you are afraid of growing older, we can just pretend this is any old birthday. Happy generic, regular, normal birthday to an ageless friend.

My mother turned 30 once, and then she decided she was going to stay that age for the rest of her days. We just celebrated her 30th birthday for the 30th time! Welcome to the age that you can stay the rest of your life.

Your age does not have to define you! Today, let us party like we are 18, drink like we are 21, and then sleep like we are 60. Happy birthday!

To be the first friend I have to turn 30 is a terrifying but honorable feat. We were all so young yesterday! Have a great day, and a happy 30th birthday.

Wow! I do not even know what to get someone turning 30… Can I offer you a cane or a walker, old man/lady?

Now that you have left your twenties, are you going to start picking up old-person hobbies like bird watching, knitting, or gardening? Just let me know so I can mentally prepare myself… Happy 30th you geezer!

I have been told that your 30s are some of the best years of your life because you get to benefit from the wisdom you gained in your 20s before you are all old in your 40s. Cherish these years greatly!

For the last few years, you have been by my side, and it has been an honor to walk through life with you. I cannot wait to see you through your next decade and forevermore. Happy birthday!

I have never had to put this many candles on a birthday cake before… It is kind of ridiculous! Happy 30th birthday to my oldest and dearest friend.

30 birthday candles

Today, we toast to you and all of the amazing memories you made in your adolescence and your twenties. To many more memories to come, cheers!

After 30, a body has a mind of its own.” –Bette Midler

Whatever this next decade in your life brings you, I hope you take from it wisdom, happiness, and so much love from those around you. Have a great 30th birthday!

30 is a huge milestone, and I am so proud of you for reaching it. Here’s to many more milestones to come! Cheers!

You might be 30, but you still look young and hot like you are in your twenties. It can be our little secret, okay? Happy birthday!

Wishing the best 30th birthday to my oldest friend. As you enter your future years, I hope you think of me often and remember the good times we shared.

Going into your 30s, I hope you are ready to embrace each new challenge you face with an open mind and heart. Have a great one!

You were always destined for great things, and I cannot wait to see what this new decade has in store for you. Happy 30th.

They say 3 is a lucky number, and today you get ten times that luck! Wishing you the best birthday and good luck in these coming years!

The oldest living tortoise has lived to be over 180, so when you think about it that way, you’re not even all that old!

If your twenties taught you anything, it is how to party hard! Use that wisdom and make this decade even better! Happy 30th birthday.

I do not mean to come across so flirty, but I heard that you just turned 30. I wish you the best in your great new age and pray the wisdom you learn is sage. Wishing the best birthday to one of the best that I know. Here is to hoping your age will never show!

Let me know if the air up there is any different at 30! Happy birthday, and have an awesome day.

Happy birthday and have an awesome day

Even if you are turning 30, I will still get you everything on your birthday wishlist if you make one. You might be getting older, but that does not mean you have to give up the pleasures of youth!

I have always admired how you face challenges so bravely and confidently. In this coming decade I only expect great things from you and pray that just as great things come your way.

I hope your thirties bring you many glasses of wine, pints of beer, and many friends to share them all with!

It feels like just yesterday you turned 20! I hope this decade does not fly by as fast, rather I hope you savor it for all the joy and happiness it will bring.

Have you turned into a cranky old person yet, or are you saving that for 40? May your 30th birthday be filled with laughter!

Have a fantastic 30th birthday old man/woman! I am laughing at your old age now, but with all the wisdom, knowledge, and kindness you learn, you better not tease me this hard when it’s my turn, you hear?

The love that we share is one of the most beautiful on this Earth, and it will only grow with age. Wishing you a 30th birthday filled with warmth and affection, dear.

Just because you are no longer in your twenties does not mean we are slowing down the partying. Get in the car, we are going to a bar to celebrate!

To my older brother/sister, I am so glad you are turning 30 first, so if it is not so great, you have to deal with it before me! Happy birthday!

If you want, we can just keep celebrating 29 until we cannot remember the real age you are turning anymore. Let me know! Happy second 29th birthday!

Welcome to the decade of denial! I hope you enjoy your stay for the next ten years!

To the woman/man who just completed level 29 of life, I heard level 30 is even more fun. Good luck in this coming year, and happy 30th birthday!

level 30 of life

For your birthday this year I am thinking about getting you an itchy old sweater so you can start dressing the part of the old lady/man you’ve now become.

Now that you are in your 30s, your bedtime is about to be a lot earlier, so we have to get the partying in fast! Happy birthday!

It is that chapter of life in which all your friends are going to start having kids, if they have not already. So, if that’s not your scene, get ready to be the best honorary uncle/aunt ever! Sending the warmest 30th birthday wishes to someone who has a lot of love in store for them.

When 30 sets in, so do the effects of gravity, so you better be holding your head up high!

30 – the promise of a decade of loneliness, a thinning list of single men to know, a thinning briefcase of enthusiasm, thinning hair.” –F. Scott Fitzgerald

As someone who knew you as 29 yesterday, I do not think all of the wisdom they say can come with age will be possible for you to learn in a day… Happy 30th birthday!

If you are worried about turning 30, there is not much I can say other than have a drink but maybe not too many. You are getting older, after all. Cheers!

I wish only the best for you moving forward into this amazing new chapter of your life. This year will bring you so much success, I just know it!

Through the years I have known you, you have always made me feel so proud to be your friend. Your ambition and work-ethic has always impressed me, and 30 is the year these all pay off. Happy birthday!

When my parents were 30, they were married and had kids and a house. Now that you and I are hitting 30, we are lucky to have more than one friend! Here’s to taking it slow and enjoying the ride.

No one congratulates us like they did when we graduated university or got our first job anymore, so I guess it is up to us to make our own celebration for this big milestone.

Turning 30 is like getting a fresh start. You have your whole life ahead of you, and it starts today. Happy birthday!

fresh start on 30th birthday

Wishing a beautiful birthday to the most creative mind I know. I hope age only brings you new ideas and worlds to prosper in.

You and I have to start your year off right, so grab a drink and eat some cake because we are getting this party started!

Happy 30th birthday to the silliest friend I have. May your amazing humor only prosper as you grow older.

It’s really something for people who are approaching 30 to take a look at what that means to them. I think turning 30 is a chance to re-identify with yourself.” –Neil Patrick Harris

To my younger brother/sister, I remember when I was your age… You might be older now, but you are still the baby of the family, so do not expect much!

30 years is 946,080,000 seconds long, and you are still counting! 946,080,001… 946,080,002… 946,080,003… It is so hard to keep up! Happy birthday!

Today, your brain is full of three decades’ worth of knowledge, your hands are made of three decades’ worth of work, and your heart is full of three decades’ worth of love.

Have you started to act like your parents yet, or is that saved for when you turn 40? Many more happy returns on your 30th birthday!

Time to up the prescription on your glasses, install a handle in your shower, and start buying prune juice, because you are getting up there! Cheers!

Your thirties are just your twenties with more back problems and less of a tolerance for alcohol. That does not sound that bad!

If 3 decades made you this sweet, I can only imagine you in 30 more years. Happy birthday!

If 30 is too monumental a number, do not worry. A year from now, we will be celebrating 31, and that is not all that interesting.

Here is to 10,950 days of this world being so much more amazing for having you in it. Happy 30th birthday.

Happy 30th birthday Wishes

The day that you were born, the world looked a lot different. In 30 more, who knows what life will look like. I am just glad to have someone as amazing as you in my life to share it with.

To one of the best people I know, on one of the best days of the year, I hope this is the best year you have ever had! Happy 30th!

I used to be afraid of turning 30 because it is such a big milestone, but watching you take it like a champ has made me feel a lot more confident.

Any day of the year should be so lucky to be your birthday, and it should feel even more honored to have been so 30 times now! Happy birthday!

When I get to be as old as you, I hope I am half the man/woman you are! Happy 30th birthday to one of the most incredible people I know.

I hope you know how much I look up to you. Especially now, in your ‘old age’, the respect only grows! Hope you have the best 30th birthday.

Some people do not age so gracefully out of their twenties, but you make it look easy!

You are so successful and accomplished, and you aren’t even 40! That is something worth celebrating, for sure!

As someone who was there for your 20th birthday, I have to make sure your 30th is at least 10 times better, so let’s party!

Sugar in cake may rot your teeth in your old age, so I can stick a bunch of candles in an apple if that is better for you.

Have fun over the hump of 30! I will catch up with you in a few months, but you try it out first.

The only time you really live fully is from 30 to 60. The young are slaves to dreams; the old servants of regrets. Only the middle-aged have all their five senses in the keeping of their wits.” –Hervey Allen

Every decade birthday is an accomplishment, but this is a big one because it symbolizes a true transition into adulthood. To the best adult I know, happy birthday.

Like a finely aged beverage, your beauty has come from 30 years of growth and love, and you can only get better and finer from here. Happy 30th!

aging finely on 30th birthday

Happy 30th birthday to my twin! We are real adults now, so if you have anything to say back to me, I will be waiting patiently like the mature man/woman I have become…

Wishing you a rocking birthday! I hope you can take the day off from work and relax a little before I storm over and start the party!

To my son/daughter, wishing you a blessed 30th birthday. It has been such an honor getting to watch you grow up all the way through your 20s. Your achievements always make me so proud. I love you!

30 is a big number, but you know what will be bigger? Our tab at the bar tonight! Get dressed, we are going out to celebrate our favorite new club entrant!

I am so sorry I cannot be there for your 30th birthday, but I will be sending you 30 prayers, well-wishes, and verses of the happy birthday song today! Have a great one!

Happy birthday to one of the most energetic 30-year-olds around! May you carry this energy and joy forward into your life.

Age 25 to 30 is like the last 15 minutes of the exam where you have to write all the important questions like ‘getting job, settled and married quickly’ no matter whether it’s a right or wrong answer.” –Lone Warrior

Half of your life ago, you were 15, and I saw so much potential in you. Now in the past decade and a half, I have seen you blossom and prosper, and I am so proud of you.

Here is to the year that you will finally stop getting carded at the bar! I do not know if that is a compliment or an insult, but regardless, happy 30th birthday!

We can call it 30-years-YOUNG because you are still hip, lively, and looking great for your age! Happy birthday.

You are absolutely fantastic in every single way, and you deserve to be celebrated on this very special day. Today it is your birthday, one which is a pleasure to behold, for today you reach a milestone and turn 30-years-old!

Today you are thirty, but you still look hot! I hope that is not from hot flashes though… Happy 30th birthday!

Today you are thirty

At least your hair is not gray yet! That means you are not old; you are just well-aged. It’s time to celebrate your 30th birthday!

Leaving your twenties can be scary, but your thirties are only better because of all the wisdom you have gained from every mistake and challenge you have overcome.

Remember when we were 10 and everything was so much simpler? Sometimes I miss that, but then I think about the last 20 incredible years we have spent together, and I am glad to have had them. Happy 30th birthday.

Do not worry, you’re just as awesome at 30 as you were at 29. Happy Birthday!

You may be 30 years old, but I have never met someone as wild and bold!

I propose a toast to someone who always had a glass in their hand through their twenties.

To the most optimistic person I know, may you find the bright side in this new decade in your life. Thinking of you on your 30th birthday!

If you asked me who I thought was the most equipped for their thirties I would for sure say you! And on your 30th birthday I’ve been proven right. Cheers to the smartest person I know!

To the friend that always has me laughing, I hope this next decade of your life is full of smiles, laughter, and so much joy. Happy 30th!

A man 30 years old, I said to myself, should have his field of life all ploughed, and his planting well done; for after that it is summertime.” –Lew Wallace

30 might sound old, but this is the youngest you will ever be again, so we should celebrate your youth! Happy birthday!

They say you are only as old as you feel, so if we keep the drinks coming, maybe you’ll feel more like 21 again! Raising a toast to you on your 30th birthday.

Happy 30th birthday to someone who is always in style. You are not old, just vintage!

Happy 30th birthday Vintage

You’re not even that old, but we act like you are to tease you. The truth is, you are entering an age in which you are about to start really living for the first time, and we are all jealous.

Your age only enhances your beauty. Every day I look into your eyes and feel blessed to be with you. May we spend many more 30th birthdays together, my love.

To the most iconic person I know, you make aging look easy. You are so powerful! More power to you on your 30th birthday!

Do not let the change of the decade sway you, there is still so much time for you to get everything done. Take it easy this coming year.

A score of 30 means having three judges give you perfect 10s. To the person who deserves a perfect score every day of their life, hope you have the best day!

The world does not know how lucky it has been to have had the pleasure of having you for three decades. Happy 30th birthday to the best person I know.

Some people might consider 30 old, but I think you are still as young as the day we met!

It is your 30th, and you know what that means: your trial run is officially over, and real life begins! Happy birthday, and happy first day of the rest of your life!

You have aged like a fine wine to become the well-aged 30-year-old you are today.

Some people say 30 is a big deal, but I say we treat this birthday like another one of your 20s and party it up like normal! Happy birthday!

You may be 30, but your beauty still says 21! Here’s to being forever young.

One of the great things about turning 30 is figuring out how to dress comfortably and still look good.” –Cobie Smulders

In this brand-new chapter of your life, I pray that you read slowly and with care. May the book be long and full of joy, and may it be bookmarked by loving friends and family. Sending you the warmest wishes on your 30th birthday.

Thirty cheers for thirty years! The world should be cheering for you on this special day.

Cheers Happy 30th birthday

The achievements you have found success with in your life thus far are incredible, and you have so much room to keep growing, learning, and succeeding. Here’s to many more successful years!

Going into this new decade, may your every tomorrow be better than each today, and may you learn more than you did yesterday. Happy 30th birthday!

Here’s to hoping they are kind enough to still check your ID at the bar. Happy 30th!

Every year after 28 is no longer a year added to your age, rather a year of experience to add to your resume, so happy 28 with 2 years of experience! 

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