Happy 40th Birthday! 130 Milestone Messages For The Big 40

happy 40th birthday

There are not many milestones bigger than a 40th birthday.

Some of history’s most celebrated figures achieved great things in their 40s. Henry Ford created the revolutionary T car, Vera Wang designed her first dress, and Mother Theresa founded the Missionaries of Charity congregation.

The key to a great 40th birthday message is choosing something appropriate. Be it for a husband, wife, brother, sister, or friend, there are both fun and sincere ways to say happy 40th birthday.

Turning 40 can bring out a whole mix of emotions that range from joy for reaching a milestone or uncertainty for leaving behind the more youthful years!

The following list includes both funny and heartfelt 40th birthday quotes, so you will be sure to pick the perfect message and make the day of someone special, extra special.

Ways To Say Happy 40th Birthday

Happy Birthday to a friend who is fab at 40! I hope you are truly spoiled on your special day.

Happiest 40th Birthday wishes to my amazing husband. May the new decade bring many more adventures and new memories.

Happy 40th Birthday to my wonderful wife. I am so happy to start this new chapter of your life by your side.

Happy Birthday sister. I have known you for 40 years….it feels like a lifetime!

Happy 40th Birthday. You have officially lived through another decade. I hope this means you will bring even more wisdom to the general knowledge quizzes!

Happy 40th Birthday wisdom

Happy 40th Birthday to a lifelong friend. I hope your day is as amazing, special, and memorable as you deserve.

Happy oldies day to you! I have got the fire-extinguisher ready for when we light the candles on your cake!

Wishing my handsome husband, a very Happy 40th. You remind me of fine wine: you get better with age and I love you very much!

Happy 40th Birthday to my gorgeous wife. Thank you for being the glue who keeps our amazing family together.

Sending lots of love on your 40th Birthday. I hope you mark the occasion with a glass of bubbly and lots of cake!

Happy 40th to you
May your wishes come true
Crack open some bubbles
And eat some cake too!

Sending 40 hugs to my amazing friend as she celebrates her 40th Birthday.

Wishing you a very happy 40th Birthday. If your life was a novel, the exciting chapters are yet to come.

Many happy returns on your 40th birthday. From one wise owl to another: Do not count the years in your life. Count the life in your years.

one wise owl to another

Wishing you a blessed and beautiful 40th birthday. May all your dreams for the next decade come true.

Do not panic! With all this inflation, 40 is the new 21! Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.

I wanted to make a joke about your age but then I remembered I am the older sibling. Sending lots of love and laughs your way.

Walter Pitkin wrote a bestseller called ‘Life Begins at Forty’. I wonder what percentage of readers were 39? Happy Birthday friend!

Happy 40th Birthday sister! Thank you for being the older sibling so that I can always make jokes about your age.

I only use the f word under exceptional circumstances. And your birthday is definitely one! Happy f**tieth birthday friend.

A very happy 40th to my wife: a beautiful lady inside and out.

Happy 40th Birthday. Remember, you are only as old as you admit on Facebook!

To my amazing wife, a very happy birthday to you! I know you want to be younger than 40, but I would not have you take away any of the years I have spent with you.

Happy Birthday to my fabulous friend! Rumor has it that you are 40. Truth be told, awesome things happen in one’s 40s!

Happy 40th Birthday to my amazing wife. Thank you for all the wonderful memories. I look forward to all those yet to come!

Happy Birthday and welcome to your forties! It is a world in which you are probably still going to make mistakes, but you are wise enough not to care too much about them.

welcome to your forties

Congratulations for reaching your fabulous forties. They are much better than your thirties because the kids are old enough to do the washing-up.

Happy 40th Birthday to a friend whose spirit makes me feel happier and more optimistic. In fact, her spirit is a lot like gin.

You have officially been around the sun 40 times. Happy Birthday to the most amazing friend in the whole universe.

To my sister/brother, a very happy birthday. Did you know, our memories last a lifetime. 40 years in fact!

Happy 40th Birthday to a friend who is kind, hilarious, and incredibly wise! You inspire me every day.

George Bernard Shaw said that “Every man over forty is a scoundrel.” So, I have decided to keep my eye on you! Best wishes on your birthday.

Happy 40th to a strong, inspiring woman. You have been an absolute rock in my life, and I want you to know I am eternally grateful.

Wishing you a very Happy 40th Birthday you ray of sunshine! Thank you for being a shining light on my life.

Happy 40th Birthday mate! Hope you have an amazing day celebrating….and drink enough to forget your age!

Do not think sadly about the years gone by. Celebrate all that has been and look forward to all that is yet to come. Wishing you a very happy 40th!

Great things happen in your forties! It is a time of adventure, success, and happiness in yourself. Sending lots of love as you celebrate the start of an exciting new decade.

As you enter your 40th year
Now one thing is totally clear
To party all night
And celebrate right
Live a life without worries or fear.

To my bubbly friend, sending lots of love to you on your 40th birthday. I hope you mark the occasion by treating yourself to a glass of bubbly, in a bath full of bubbles!

celebrating 40th birthday with bubbly

My hero has reached 40…woohoo! Thank you for being such an awesome presence in my life. I hope you have an amazing time celebrating your special day.

An absolute gem of a human is turning 40! Happy Birthday and I hope your day is as sparkly and bright as you are.

Wishing you a very happy 40th! I hope your day is as fun, fierce, and fabulous as you are.

You are right on trend! Being in your thirties is so last year! A very happy 40th to you. I hope you celebrate the day in style.

40 is 20 doubled. I think this means that being 40 is twice as great! Happy Birthday and have an amazing day celebrating the year to come.

Happy 40th Birthday to my wonderful wife. Every year I have spent with you has been a blessing. I look forward to all those still to come.

Turning 40 is a gift. That is why today is the present. Happy Birthday!

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40. I hope you like my message, because it took me ages! Happy 40th Birthday.

counting the years on birthday

Carl Jung once said: “Life really does begin at forty. Up until then, you are just doing research.” Well in that case, you had better start putting this research to good use! Have an amazing birthday.

You have reached the ripe old age of 40. May the decade be fruitful and may it not be the one in which you go bananas! Happy Birthday friend.

To a fabulous friend, you make 40 look like the new 21! Happy birthday, I cannot wait to celebrate the new decade with you.

Being 40 is an amazing part of your life. It is the furthest you will ever be from diapers! Happy Birthday.

Happy 40th Birthday to my absolute queen! I hope you celebrate like royalty today.

With age comes great wisdom. So, clearly you are not very old yet! Wishing you a day that is just as fun as you are.

Yesterday at thirty-nine,
You looked so fierce, you looked so fine,
But I have some news to share in a letter,
At 40 you look even better!

To a friend who makes aging look like a whole lot of fun, I hope your special day is filled with laughter and happiness.

May the forties be with you. Happy Birthday to a friend who is totally out of this world!

may the forties be with you

Celebrate like there is no tomorrow, because today you have reached the amazing age of 40!

A million birthday wishes to a friend who is one in 40 million!

To a friend who makes me smile and life seem more worthwhile, may this day be just as special as you are! Happy 40th Birthday!

A little bird told me you are turning 40. I find that news starling! Happy Birthday to a friend who does not seem to age.

Your education clearly stopped after college. It looks like you have not been taught how to age since! Wishing many more candles to blow, to my enviously youthful looking friend.

Dear husband, I cannot believe how time has flown and that we are celebrating your 40th birthday. Then again, they do say time flies when you are having fun! I am so happy to be celebrating your special day with you.

Happy 40th Birthday! Sometimes the world produces amazing people, and one of those is definitely you!

40 is an amazing age to be. It is, after all, the average age of the James Bond actors! Happy Birthday, I hope you enjoy a martini or two…shaken not stirred of course!

40 is an amazing age

I am sorry I am not with you to celebrate in person, but I hope you have an amazing 40th birthday! Sending lots of hugs and kisses from afar.

They say age is just a number. But 40 is definitely a fabulous one! Have a wonderful day celebrating.

As you celebrate the momentous occasion of your 40th birthday, I have but one thing to say to you: Carpe Diem. (That, and also, I hope you enjoy some delicious cake!).

There are years that ask questions and years that answer.” — Zora Neale Hurston. I hope your 40th has all the answers. Wishing you a very happy birthday!

Albus Dumbledore says “It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.” To an equally iconic and wise old man, I hope you have a magical 40th birthday!

To my amazing wife, you are my key to happiness. May the new decade open many more doors.

Remember, today is the only day in your life you turn 40, so make every second count. Happy Birthday!

Happy 40th Birthday! Whatever comes your way in the new decade, just roll with it.

Have a very tropical 40th birthday! I hope you go coco-nuts!

have a very tropical birthday

Time to kick back and relax, because somebody is turning 40! Happy Birthday!

You made it! The big 4-0. Have an amazing day celebrating, because this really does not happen every day!

Happy 40th day of birth to you. You have reached an amazing age. It is just like thirty but classier!

Happy Birthday! I believe you have 40 reasons to celebrate, so we better start the party now!

Happy 40th Birthday to my amazing husband! The future is exciting, and I cannot wait to see what it brings for us.

40: the age with less responsibility and more possibility. Have a fabulous day celebrating.

They say time flies when you’re having fun. If that is the case, the time I have known you has gone at rocket speed!

You are what you are. I am what I am. 40 is what it is. And all of the above is totally fabulous! Have an amazing birthday!

To my friend who is barking mad, have a paw-some 40th Birthday. Remember you are only 6 in dog years!

pawsome 40th birthday

Happy 40th Birthday sister. Here’s hoping you have not taken all the good aging genes.

Dear brother, Happy Birthday! Congratulations on your 40th year of annoying me!

Happy Birthday to a dear friend. You may now be 40, but in spirit you are the same trouble-making teenager I had the pleasure of meeting all those years ago!

Sending hugs and kisses on your birthday. Have a freakishly fabulous fortieth!

Like a 40-year-old bottle of wine, you are sophisticated, classy, and you make me happy! Happy Birthday!

To a golden oldie, have a fabulous birthday! I treasure every moment with you.

Happy 40th Birthday! You are a diamond of a friend, because every year I have known you has been precious.

Wishing my ancient sister, a very Happy 40th Birthday. If you are 40 now, why are you not any wiser?

Wishing my little bro, a happy birthday! Apparently, you are 40, but I refuse to believe it. You are not nearly mature enough for that!

happy 40th birthday brother

Happy Birthday sis! I do not believe you are really 40. I am far too young looking to have a sister that age!

Wishing an amazing friend, a very Happy 40th Birthday. It has been wonderful to grow up with you…. but now I cannot wait to grow right back down again together!

Happy Birthday. I hate to break it to you, but you are 40 now and past getting a letter for Hogwarts. Still, have a magical birthday!

Yotfo is the new yolo. It means: you only turn forty once! Happy Birthday, have an awesome day celebrating.

Wishing you a very happy 40th birthday! I hope you treat yourself to lots of chocolate and cake, so that your day is extra sweet.

To a husband who inspires me every day, Happy 40th Birthday! You have made me see the world in a more positive light.

To a wife who makes the world a happier place, a very happy 40th birthday! Since I first met you, my life has got a whole lot brighter!

Wishing my gorgeous wife, a very happy 40th! At the risk of sounding as cheesy as a romantic-comedy, you have totally changed my life and I am grateful for every second I have spent with you.

Happy 40th Birthday to a lifelong friend. There has not been a more iconic duo since Han Solo and Chewbacca. Here’s to having many more adventures together!

You are like chocolate to me, because you make me very happy. However, you are even better than a chocolate because you never go out of date! Happy 40th Birthday, hope you treat yourself with some chocolate.

They say act your age, but how is anyone meant to know how to if they have not had a rehearsal? Happy 40th Birthday!

Do not worry about being 40! It is not all downhill from here…. there is plenty uphill too! Have a great birthday!

Woohoo, you have reached the age of 40! Any number with a zero after it calls for a big party. Have an amazing day celebrating.

I am pleased to tell you that you have been upgraded to a new and better decade! Have an amazing 40th.

40 is an amazing age
The world is large
It becomes your stage.
Have an amazing birthday and celebrate all that is to come in this new and exciting decade.

Do not worry about being one year older
Just remember, now you are even bolder.
Happy 40th to a fearless friend.

You may not like aging, but it is time to celebrate without worries or doubt. After all, it is what life is all about!

Happy Birthday to my stunningly gorgeous wife. 40 sure looks good on you, but then again, I think every age does!

wife happy 40th birthday

Great things have happened to people in their forties. I am sure the new decade will bring many lightbulb moments.

Wishing a friend, who I cannot quite seem to shake off, an incredible 40th birthday! Have a great time celebrating your old age.

Wishing my amazing wife/husband a perfect 40th birthday! I cannot wait to explore the world with you in this new decade.

All my love as you celebrate entering an exciting stage of life. Your forties are filled with potential, and I am so excited to see what you do with them.

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