100+ Ways To Say Happy Birthday To The Best Aunt

Happy Birthday Aunt

A relationship between a niece or nephew and their aunt is so special!

There is something about the secret cookies passed under the table, candy bars being bought at the store when mom’s head is turned, and wine night advice that bonds the two like no other.

She can be like the mother who nurtures us, the big sister who shows us the ropes, the best friend who keeps our secrets, or the companion who is always ready for adventures.

Whether she is mom or dad’s sister or if she married into your family, an aunt deserves some special recognition for her birthday. There have to be a million ways to do it, but every aunt is unique, and she deserves her personality to be recognized.

With your aunt’s birthday approaching, use this special occasion to express how much she means to you.

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In this article you will find the perfect words to let her know how much she really means to you!

Happy Birthday Aunt Messages

Happy birthday to my favorite aunt! Do not tell my other aunts, but you have been number one in my heart since day one!

To the woman who always snuck me the extra slice of cake, may your birthday be as special as you are.

The holidays may be in full swing, but your birthday shall not be overshadowed. Happy birthday to the aunt whose birthday is the real reason for the season!

Happy birthday to the woman who puts the ‘awe’ in aunt every day of my life!

There’s a reason you’re my GREAT aunt and not just GOOD aunt, but if we’re being honest, you’re even better than great! Happy birthday to the GREATEST aunt!

Happy Birthday Greatest Aunt

Happy birthday to the woman who took all the good looks in the family but saved just enough for me!

I may be one of many nieces and nephews, but we both know I’m your favorite. Happy birthday to the aunt for whom I’ll keep that little secret!

My mom/dad always told me she/he never had a favorite sibling, but I can tell you now, you’re my favorite aunt!

While we all love my uncle, we know that if you weren’t there, I may not have survived all those hours of babysitting and dirty diapers! Happy birthday to my loving savior!

Our family knows you as my aunt, but I know you as my best friend.

Cat person? Dog person? Call me an aunt person because you are the only companion I’ll ever need! Happy birthday!

I may have been inside my mother’s womb, but I know I live forever in my aunt’s heart. Happy birthday to the one I keep closest!

Though I’m not there to bake you a cake on your birthday this year, I send the sweetest wishes to such an incredible aunt as you.

Happy birthday to the woman that always roots for me and for whom I’m her number one fan!

Your love is woven into the web of this family so beautifully. Happy birthday to the aunt that knows my every stitch.

If our family were a cookie recipe, I am proud to say you and I would be the nuts! Happy birthday to my fellow whacko of the family!

If our family were a cookie recipe

If my mom is the sun, you are the moon, and the two of you amazing women light up my life. Happy birthday to the aunt who has served as my nightlight all these years.

I couldn’t pick any card for you, but if I had a choice, I’d choose the queen of hearts, since that’s what you are to me. Happy birthday to a magical aunt!

If I could, I would buy a plane pulling a sign with a happy birthday message. Happy birthday to the aunt who deserves to be recognized all over the world!

I really hit a home run in having you for an aunt. Many happy returns to the woman who will always go to bat for me.

Life gets more exciting with each passing day.” – Frank Sinatra, Young at heart. Wishing an Auntie (who is definitely ‘young at heart’) the happiest of birthdays!

I’ve never been at more of a loss for words than for my favorite aunt’s birthday! May it be a full and satisfying day for the most deserving of people.

I have this most wonderful aunt
And will send her this wish as a chant
It’s her birthday today
So say hip-hip hooray
“Why not sing?” Well afraid I just can’t.

In this rollercoaster of a life, I’m so happy to have you buckled in beside me. Happy birthday to my thrill seeker of an aunt.

Happy birthday to my firecracker of an aunt. I hope today goes out with a bang!

Though today we celebrate your birthday, let’s remember it was ME who gave you the title of aunt you hold today. Happy birthday from your favorite and first niece/nephew!

An aunt is a mom who was smart enough to stick the pregnancy on someone else but get the benefits of the child as a niece nonetheless. Have a great day.

Happy birthday to the aunt who taught me how to play chess. You have always shown me how to make the right move.

I used to color you messy pictures, and you always told me it was okay to do so outside the lines. Here’s to another year of rule breaking and being true to ourselves. Happy birthday to an aunt who makes me feel like me!

All the best to my cat/dog-loving aunt. Take some time today to paws and celebrate you!

Some of my favorite childhood memories are those in which it’s just you and I, getting into some trouble and not telling my parents! Here’s to many more to come. Have a great birthday!

Best childhood memories

Happy birthday to my fashion forward aunt, thank you for passing on such amazing style. Without you, dad would have dressed me all those years, and that would have been tragic!

I may not remember every diaper change and every book you read to me on your knee, but I’m making up for it with the love and appreciation I have for you and hoping we can call it even! Happy birthday to the aunt who can do it all.

In all your childhood pictures, I can’t help but notice how similar you and I look. Happy birthday to the aunt who first introduced our great looks into this family!

From book recommendations to the best advice, an aunt’s wisdom is vast and incredible. Thank you for teaching me all your tricks of the trade. All the best!

My auntie is fun, sweet, and kind
And today I think you just might find
It’s her birthday…whoopie!
So let’s celebrate with glee
And make sure she is well wined and dined.

It’s amazing that we get you gifts for your birthday, yet you provide us with the gift of your presence every day of the year. Happy birthday to the perfect aunt!

Like the North star, you are my light guiding me through this ocean of a life. Happy birthday to the aunt who never steers me wrong!

Happy birthday to my aunt with all the best moves! I hope you have a groovy day and can dance the night away!

To my aunt with a wild side, may your age never tame you. Many happy returns to a feisty woman with an even more spirited heart!

Dear Auntie, you are better than sugar in my coffee and honey in my tea. To the sweetest person I know, many more happy returns!

Happy birthday to the woman who always earned the A+ in being an aunt. You are always 10/10 in my heart.

best happy birthday aunt

You are my sunshine, my auntie sunshine, you make me happy each and every day! All the best to the brightest person in my life!

Hakuna Matata means no worries, and if you’ve taught me anything, it’s that everything is going to turn out well in the end. Happy birthday to an aunt with whom I’ll be smiling for the rest of our days!

Not every hero has powers, but yours is that you are always there for me whenever I need you. Happy birthday to the most super aunt I know.

To my lovely aunt, you inspire me more than words can say, so I’ll sing the next part instead, “Happy birthday to you, a gem through and through. You can always make me smile, and spread joy around you”!

If it were just you and me, I know the two of us could be as happy as can be! Happy birthday to my aunt who makes our time together feel as lovely as she is!

Happy birthday to my four-leaf clover. You are the aunt who is rare to see but lucky to have. I’m always with you in my heart even when we are far apart.

When I fly, you are the wind that lifts my wings. When I fall, you are the net that catches me. When I am with you, I can be all I want to be. Happy birthday to the world’s best aunt and the woman who inspires me.

Thanks for teaching me how to love unconditionally and laugh uncontrollably. Have a great day!

Happy birthday Auntie! Thanks for being my friend when I want fun & chill, thanks for being my mom when I need soup & Advil, and thanks for being my collaborator when I’m up for trouble & thrill.

I’m still convinced that you are a witch in disguise. Thank you for lighting up my life with your magic wand and turning everything into laughter and joy.

Dear Auntie, you are God’s gift to me. You’re a double blessing that hugs like my mom and jokes like my friend. I wish every day would be like your happiest birthday.

Did you know she’s the best Auntie ever?
Kind, funny, wise, crazy, and clever
Is there someone so great
As my wonderful mate?
I have to insist, no not ever.

Happy birthday Aunt! You are both the friend who listens and the sister who shares. What did I do right in my past life to deserve you?

Auntie, you’re my favorite flavor of ice cream. You sweeten my life during the best moments and comfort me during the worst. Have a great day.

Happy birthday Auntie! Thanks for teaching me how to dream like there’s no morning, dance like the music never stops, and smile without a care in the world.

Cheers to the aunt who says yes when mom says no. Happy birthday and thanks for being the coolest aunt I know.

The best aunts aren’t substitute parents, they’re co-conspirators.” – Daryl Gregory. Happy birthday to the aunt who drives the getaway car, and who is fun to drink with at a bar. You are the best aunt I could ever ask for.

Dear Auntie, if you’re reading this… Congratulations, you’ve just received a happy birthday from your favorite niece/nephew. Please proceed to cry tears of joy.

Congratulations auntie from favorite nephew

The best present is having a niece/nephew. So, that’s what I brought for your birthday! No wonder I’m your favorite.

If being an aunt were an Olympic sport, you would be covered in gold medals. Happy birthday to the best aunt ever!

Dear Aunt, you are a second mother to me. I am blessed for being so deeply loved by you and I am better for loving you so deeply. On your birthday, I wish you the gift of love as you have given me each and every day.

To the aunt who is like a mother to me: Thank you for all those times you stood between me and heartache. I wish you all the joy in the world.

You have ears that listen, arms that hold, a voice that soothes, and a heart of gold. Happy birthday to the Auntie who is just like a mother to me. I am so grateful to have you.

Happy birthday to the super aunt who has never stopped believing in me, encouraging me, and challenging me to become a better version of myself.

Happy birthday to the aunt who shines brighter than all the birthday candles in the world. Whenever I’m lost in the dark, you’re the light that illuminates me. Thank you for all your wisdom, support, and guidance.

Close together or far apart, an aunt like you never leaves my heart. Know that your humor, kindness, and love will forever remain with me.

If it’s not fun, you’re not doing it right.” – Bob Basso. Happy birthday to the aunt who always does it right.

Auntie, you are just like hot chocolate. You are a warm treat that always makes me smile even on the coldest days. For your birthday, I wish you all the sweetness and warmth you have ever given me.

Happy birthday to my mother figure. You are one of the kindest, smartest, and loveliest women I know. The universe is so much better with you in it. I wish you a celebration that is just as wonderful as you are.

There once was an auntie so great
In all truth she was more like a mate
And then it was found
That her birthday came round
A huge reason to all celebrate!

You are the light in the dark, the constant in the chaos. You turn the smallest moments into something magical. Happy birthday Aunt, I wish you a day full of magic and light.

The greatest gift that you can give to others is the gift of unconditional love and acceptance.” – Brian Tracy. To the aunt who stayed with me at the worst of times and cheered me on at the best of times: happy birthday and I wish you all the love in the world.

Many happy returns to the aunt who is perfect, just like me!

Happy birthday to my Super Aunt. You put Wonder Woman out of a job.

Happy Birthday Aunt! May your day be more full of joy than you are of my secrets.

Have a magical birthday Auntie. Thank you for not locking me in a cupboard under the stairs or being anything like Petunia Dursley!

Happy Birthday Aunt harry potter

Being fabulous has no age limit, and you are living proof. Hope your day is as fabulous as you are.

Every aunt dreams of being the ‘fun aunt’ in the family, and you actually accomplished it. Happy birthday to the aunt whom I love being around.

A massive Happy Birthday to an utterly fabulous aunt! Thank you for being the therapy money can’t buy.

Happy Birthday to the best Aunt that ever existed in the history of the world. From the best niece/nephew that ever existed in the history of the world.

To a lady who inspires me to be more like her and less like her sister, a very happy birthday to you!

Thank you for being the style icon your brother never was. All the best!

My auntie makes me laugh and grin
She makes everyday feel like a win
Now her birthday is here
So let’s give a big cheer
And crack open her favorite gin!

Wishing you the most wonderful birthday Auntie! I hope your day is filled with love, happiness, and chocolate cake (especially chocolate cake).

It’s time for the biggest birthday celebration of the year! Aunt you excited?

Aunt you excited? Aunt you ready? Aunt you dressed and ready to party? Because a massive birthday celebration is about to go down!

Don’t worry. I have called the fire brigade in advance. With all those candles your birthday is becoming somewhat of a hazard.

You know you are getting old when your nephew starts balding. Happy Birthday Auntie!

You know you are getting old when your niece/nephew starts paying for his/her own Netflix account. Wishing you a very happy birthday!

How do I know you are getting more valuable with age auntie? Well, your hair is turning silver!

For a lovely, special lady who always brings cake and a smile….Happy Birthday! Thank you for being such a joyful person in my life.

I hope your birthday is as amazing, fantastic, and unforgettable as your baking!

The secret to staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age.” – Lucille Ball. I hope you live like Lucille on your special day.

All my love to you, most amazing Auntie in the world! I hope your day is as special and fabulous as you are.

To an Auntie who has been there for me through thick and thin, a very special birthday message. Have a wonderful day and know that I am eternally grateful for all that you do for me.

For the woman who has taught me so much and inspires me every day: thank you and a very happy birthday to you!

Happy Birthday Aunt. Thank you for being an ear that always listens but never judges and eyes that always understand but never question.

Wishing the most incredible aunt a niece/nephew could wish for the most incredible birthday.

To the loveliest aunt in the world, a very Happy Birthday to you! Thank you for all the love and guidance you have given me throughout all these years.

And the beauty of a woman, with passing years only grows!” – Audrey Hepburn. The words of one icon speak to another. Have a wonderful birthday Auntie!

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