Happy Birthday Cousin: 125 Best Messages For All Your Cousins

Having a cousin is an extremely valuable part of growing up.

Cousins can become our first best friends, our favorite adventure buddies, and sometimes they are like an extra brother or sister to us.

As time passes many people become more distanced from their cousins. While big life changes can create physical distance from our cousins, these changes cannot take away the emotional closeness that we share.

No matter what kind of relationship or connection the two of you have, your Cousin deserves the perfect words to let them know just how much they mean to you on their special birthday.

With one of the creative birthday messages below, you can wish your cousin a happy birthday in a way that best suits your unique relationship.

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Happy Birthday Cousin Messages

Happy birthday to my most adorable Cousin! Your smile is infectious, and I am so blessed to be able to watch you grow up!

You stand by me and you believe in me like nobody ever has. When my world goes crazy, you’re right there to save me.” –Tim McGraw. I think he said it best, but I want to make sure that you know, on top of being the best Cousin, you are the best friend in the world! Have the best birthday!

No matter what, I know you will always be on my side. Wishing the happiest of birthdays to a Cousin I can count on!

To the Luke to my Leia, the Han to my Chewy, and the R2-D2 to my C-3PO, may you be a force against the world this coming year. Happy birthday.

Star Wars Happy Birthday Cousin

The best people in life are those whom you can be your most genuine self around. Happy birthday to a Cousin who knows me and still puts up with me just the same!

How lucky are we that though we are Cousins, we have been able to grow up side by side and become best friends? Sending a big birthday hug to my right hand man/woman.

Over the years, you have given me a role model with whom I could identify and look up to all my life. Happy birthday to my Cousin and hero.

Your glamour and loveliness carries this family, and I am always in awe of your beauty. Sending love and birthday wishes to my fanciest Cousin.

Proverbs 18:24 says, “Some friends play at friendship, but a true friend sticks closer than one’s nearest kin”. How lucky am I that my nearest kin and my truest friend are one in the same? Have a blessed birthday, Cousin!

To the Cousin who teaches me to love others and embrace the world with compassion, the way you meet life is as inspiring as it is fulfilling. Hope you have the best day!

If you were a tweet, I would favorite you fast. I would add you on Facebook the second I am asked. If you were on Instagram, I would ‘like’ all your posts, because you are the Cousin that I love the most! Happy birthday to the social star of the family!

To my globetrotting Cousin, no matter where in the world you go, know my love and admiration will follow. Happy birthday!

travelling cousin birthday

To my second Cousin, my right hand, and the second-best member of this family (behind me), sending love and laughs for the happiest of birthdays!

I am so blessed to never feel alone because you are always right beside me. Happy birthday to my ever-supportive Cousin.

May your love never end and if you need a friend, there’s a seat here alongside me.” –Linkin Park. I would always save a seat for you. Have a wonderful birthday!

Even though I am the youngest Cousin, you always made space to include me, and I have followed your example my whole life. Happy birthday to the most considerate person I know!

Sugar and spice and everything nice were what was combined to create you, but the moment God made it so we would be related, we both know he added some trouble too! Happy birthday to my favorite Cousin.

To the Cousin raised alongside me, I have always felt so blessed to have you as my shadow, my hand to hold, and my best friend. Happy you-day to my day 1.

We have kept secrets, we have had handshakes, and we have shared so many laughs. Here is to another year of memories to create and share!

Imagine the trouble we can get into now that you are old enough to drive! Happy birthday to my best mate, Cousin, and getaway driver!

best mate and cousin birthday

Hey Cousin, we have always made such amazing plans together, and I cannot wait to see where we adventure off to together next. Happy birthday to my fellow adventurer.

Through jumping into piles of leaves in the autumn, building snowmen in the winter, picking flowers in the spring, and sun tanning in the summer, you and I have had some amazing years together. Here is to many more to come.

To the Cousin who knows how to find the fun path in life, keep walking it with your head held high. I hope your birthday is just as wonderful as you are.

Happy birthday to the other half of the comedic relief of this family. May we continue to hold this title proudly!

Every day when I wake up, I try to find one thing to remind me how special life is. Whenever I get to see you, the reason is immediate. Happy birthday to my most special Cousin.

Dogs are man’s best friend, and diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but I get to feel special because you are my best friend. Big birthday love to a Cousin who makes me feel one of a kind.

Your joy and happiness is brighter than the sunshine and twice as fulfilling. Happy birthday to a Cousin who is a ray of light!

If there ever comes a day when we can’t be together, keep me in your heart, I’ll stay there forever.” –Winnie the Pooh really said it best. Happy birthday to a Cousin forever in my heart.

a cousin forever in my heart

You have shown me not only what a good family member looks like, but a good friend, and a good person. I have so much to learn from you yet. Happy birthday to the Cousin I look up to most.

There is nothing better than a best friend other than a best friend who is also your Cousin. Have an amazing birthday, my double duty friend!

Good friends are like stars. You don’t always see them, but you know they’re always there.” How lucky am I to have such an amazing friend and Cousin that will always be just a phone call away? Happy birthday.

I must have done something really amazing in a past life to deserve a Cousin as spectacular as you in this one. Hope your birthday is just as spectacular!

Friendship is one mind in two bodies.” –Mencius. Happy birthday to a Cousin with whom I share a mind. I love you so much!

To my older Cousin, I appreciate all the advice that you provide me with. You care so much for this family, and it is abundantly apparent in all you do and say. Have an amazing year around the sun.

This family can be kind of nuts sometimes, and I know that because it is you and I who make it so! Happy birthday to a Cousin just as crazy as I am!

Cousin just as crazy as I am

It is really special to have someone in life with whom you can talk through your problems and will be there through them. Thank you to a Cousin who shows me unbounded support and love.

Happy birthday to you, Cousin! May your day be as fun and amazing as you have always been.

In this ocean of a life, you are the anchor that holds me still among the waves. Happy birthday to a Cousin who is my safety.

I would not trade being your Cousin for anything in the world. Cheers to the best of the best!

When I think about our friendship, the words come easily. Happy birthday to the Cousin that gives me a reason to smile and be happy every single day.

Even though we have not spoken in quite a while, I know you are always there if I pick up the phone and dial. You would pick up fast, and when I ask, you would give the best advice. And no matter what I am going through, you would make me feel so nice.

Even at my worst, I’m best with you.” –The Rembrandts. Happy birthday to the Cousin who brings out the best in everyone around them.

I could have never dreamed up a more amazing Cousin than you. To the most perfect and special person I know, hope you have the best birthday!

Happy birthday to someone who always remembers my favorite foods, movies, and songs. It is so special to have a Cousin who knows me so well.

Sometimes I will open a book and read about amazing characters who slay dragons and beat the bad guy. How lucky am I that my hero is in real life? Happy birthday to the Cousin I look up to so much.

Happy Birthday Superhero Cousin

Hey, Cousin! I cannot wait to see you soon and give you the proper celebration you deserve. Wishing the happiest birthday to someone who deserves the world.

Your smile is enough to turn around the day of anyone around you. Happy birthday to the Cousin who might as well be the sun in the sky!

Dear Cousin, you are one of the most reliable people I know, and I love and admire you so much. To another year of always counting on you!

Your gentleness and compassion for the world is truly a gift. I hope you get all that love back today. Happy birthday, Cousin.

Hey Cousin! Happy birthday to the most hard-working person I know. You really know how to get a job done.

I have always admired how clever and witty you are. Cheers to a Cousin who can always crack a laugh!

The world could learn a lot from someone as giving and loving as you. Happy birthday to a Cousin who shows me what a truly good person is.

When I grow up, I want to be just like you. Happiest birthday wishes to the Cousin who sets an amazing example for just the kind of person I aim to be.

Happy birthday to the Cousin who gives the best hugs. I cannot wait to see you in person, so I can give you one back!

To the Cousin who goes out of his/her way to make sure everyone always feels included and happy, I hope today you can take today to feel the same.

I can do everything through Him who gives me strength.” –Philippians 4:13. Happy birthday to a Cousin who I know has been given all the strength in the world.

When I think of you, I think of all the memories we share and all the hundreds and thousands we have left to make. Sending lots of love to a Cousin who is always by my side!

Happy birthday to my Cousin and treasure at the end of the rainbow! You are so special and beautifully bright, and I hope your day can be the same.

special and beautifully bright cousin

In a world that can be cold and dull, you are the warmth and the color that makes it beautiful once again. Happy birthday, Cousin!

Dear Cousin, do not tell my siblings, but you are my favorite person in this family to hang out with.

If we somehow found a way to bottle up the joy and love you emit on the daily, we could be rich! Happy birthday to the most loving Cousin around.

To one of the most brilliant minds I know, Cousin, your talent and intelligence never ceases to amaze me.

There has never been a dull moment with you, and I do not think there ever will be. Happy birthday to a Cousin that knows how to keep the party going!

We always had big plans to do amazing things when we grew up. Now, I look at you Cousin, I am so proud of how you have stuck to that and made your dreams come true.

When you walk into the room, I feel like I have been reunited with my second half. Happy birthday to the Cousin that makes me feel whole.

They say that soulmates are not always romantic but are sometimes just the person that makes you feel the most loved and yourself when around them. That is how you make me feel, Cousin.

I know I tell you how amazing you are all the time, but one more will not hurt! Happy birthday to the most amazing and humble Cousin around.

Happy birthday to the one and only person I would trust on aux other than myself. Your style and taste are incredible.

Happy birthday cousin music

Cousins by blood, but friends by choice, I am so blessed to have found someone in my life who chose me back.

I pray the best for you in this upcoming year. May you find unbounding successes and know that when God closes a door, He opens another. Happy birthday, Cousin.

Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” –Joshua 1:9. To a Cousin who is never alone, wishing you a blessed birthday.

Happy birthday to the Cousin I share everything with. Sometimes it is clothes, other times it is food, but I can always count on you to share a laugh and a good time.

It is amazing to me how smart and hardworking you are. To a Cousin with limitless potential, here’s wishing all your dreams come true this year!

In life sometimes we can feel a little blue, but I am so lucky to have a Cousin such as you. You know how to cheer me up when I am sad and how to sit with me until it is not so bad. To the Cousin who is amazing in every single way, I hope only the best for you this birthday!

I never have to feel alone because you are always there for me. The gift of that presence is more amazing than I could ever give you, but I try each and every day by being the best Cousin I can.

And as the years go by, our friendship will never die. You’re gonna see it’s our destiny. You’ve got a friend in me.” –Randy Newman. And not only do you have a friend, but a pretty awesome cousin too. Happy birthday to my forever!

To the Cousin who has always felt like home, thank you for giving me a space to be myself and feel safe.

The only thing brighter than your personality is your future! Happy birthday to one of the most deserving Cousins I know.

You are so special that it deserves to be screamed from the rooftops! Wishing the best birthday to a Cousin that the whole world should recognize.

Happy birthday to the Cousin who has always felt more like a sibling. I am so happy you are in my life!

Hey, Cousin! I hope today finds you joyful, smiling, and full of all the greatness you deserve.

To the other pea in my pod, thanks for sticking by me all these years! Here is to another, Cousin! Happy birthday.

the other pea in my pod

To the Cousin whose footsteps I follow, thank you for making a great path. I hope your birthday brings a year filled with greatness!

No matter how much time we spend apart, every time we get back together, it is like no time has passed. Happy birthday, Cousin!

Even though you are my second cousin, there is nothing second-rate about you. Wishing all the very best to the first place in my heart.

Our family simply would not be complete without you. Happy birthday, Cousin.

I am so blessed to be so close to such an amazing Cousin in my life. Sending you loads of love on your birthday!

Even though we are not that many years apart, I am so proud to watch you grow into the amazing young man/woman you are becoming. Happy birthday, Cousin!

To the Cousin who always has a skip in her/his step, you inspire the skip in mine.

Happy birthday to the Cousin whom I have always seen as an older brother/sister. Your advice and guidance have always been so special and appreciated.

To the Cousin whom I have always seen as a younger brother/sister: Your boundless energy and maturity are so amazing. Thinking of you on your special day.

Someone get an extinguisher, because you are on fire! Happy birthday to my amazingly passionate Cousin.

Hey Cousin, I cannot wait to hang out with you for another trip around the sun. Happy birthday, sunshine!

Here is to another year of laughs, memories, and lots of trouble! Hugs and kisses.

To the macaroni to my cheese, the bread to my butter, and the cherry to my ice cream sundae, it is a wonder and a gift we were brought together. Happy birthday, Cousin!

the bread to my butter

Happy birthday to my youngest Cousin, thanks for putting up with the rest of us all these years. You truly are the best of us.

A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.” –Donna Roberts. How amazing that I have a Cousin who knows my every lyric.

Every day I thank God for the other pea in my pod—a family member so dear, and absolutely top tier. And if you have not yet guessed, it is you with whom I am blessed! Happy birthday, Cousin!

Once upon a time there were two Cousins, and no matter what hardships life brought them, they persevered with bravery and love. Happy birthday to my happily ever after.

A big thank you to the Cousin who has brought me along on so many adventures. Here is to many more!

All my favorite family memories are those in which you are by my side. Happy birthday, Cousin!

Happy birthday to the Cousin who split the good looks of the family with me!

Happiest birthday wishes for the coolest Cousin around. Kick your feet up and have the relaxing day that you deserve!

Your energy is so joyful and bright. Happy birthday to a Cousin so inspiringly enthusiastic in all he/she does!

Happy birthday to the Cousin who picks me up when I fall down. I am so blessed to have someone so amazing to lean on!

With each passing year you set such a beautiful example of what being a truly good person looks like, and for that I am ever so grateful. Keep inspiring, Cousin.

In life, we cannot always pick our family, but if I could, I would still choose you in every lifetime over. Happy birthday, Cousin.

cannot always pick our family

Proverbs 27:9 says, “A sweet friendship refreshes the soul”, and the love I have for you makes me feel new every day. Sending lots of love and cake to my sweetest Cousin.

Thinking of you and how when you were born you truly made today a day to celebrate. Happy birthday, Cousin!

Everything I am learning in life I am learning from role models like you. Raising a glass to the Cousin who sets the best examples for those around them.

To the youngest Cousin of the family, being an older figure in your life has been one of the most amazing privileges I could have.

Hey Cousin, every time you arrive at a family function, I smile because I know it is about to be an unforgettable time. Happy birthday to the life of the party and of this family.

Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” –Forrest Gump. How lucky am I that life gave me you? May your year be filled with chocolates and love.

To the Cousin that always took charge of our family shenanigans, I cannot wait to see what you come up with next.

Even though we grew up far from one another, you have always been there for me when I need you. I hope your birthday is as great as you are.

The way you have taken me under your wing in this family is so appreciated. Happy birthday to my Cousin and role model.

Happy birthday to my favorite Cousin and favorite person to see at our family reunions!

It is awesome that you understand my crazy family because you ARE my crazy family! Sending crazy birthday wishes your way, Cousin.

The sun is shining, and the tulips are blooming. The birds are chirping, and the animals grooming. If I could, I would pick flowers a dozen, to celebrate the birthday of you, my dear Cousin.

The birthday of my dear cousin

True friends are like diamonds—bright, beautiful, valuable, and always in style.” –Nicole Richie. It is amazing that on top of it all, you are also my Cousin. What a blessing!

Thinking back on our childhood, you always made me smile. Today I hope you too reminisce once in a while. Let us raise a glass to you, a Cousin so fine and celebrate your birthday with a large glass of wine.

To my baby Cousin, you may not know me yet, but I cannot wait to see how much you shine growing up. Happy birthday.

Out of all the people in this world, I really got lucky to be blessed with you as my Cousin.

To my only Cousin, I have never felt alone in this family because you have always been by my side. Thinking of you on this special day!

Dear Cousin, sometimes the universe wants to make sure you meet the right friend. It did you and I one better by making us Cousins.

To grow up side by side with you has been awesome. You make the sun come out and the flowers all blossom. When my Cousin is around the sky will never be gray, and I hope the best for you on this, your birthday!

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