Cute, Romantic, and Sweet Happy Birthday Wishes for Her

happy birthday wishes for her

So how do you tell your sister exactly what she means to you? What do you say to the girlfriend you love so dearly? Maybe your wife is too beautiful for words or your niece is the nicest girl in the world.

Figuring out how to celebrate such wonderful women is no easy task, but our list of happy birthday wishes for her will help guide you in the right direction.

Our happy birthday wishes are suitable for all the important women in your life – the humor lovers, the romantic flames, the sweet and playful, or the one you really, truly, deeply love. From philosophers to songwriters to poets, we give you the best words from the best people, all certain to make a birthday that will never be forgotten.

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After reading our birthday wishes below, she will be left wondering just how you got so good at telling her what she means to you!

Happy Birthday Wishes For Her

Happy birthday to one of the most fantastic women around! You inspire others with your every word, and you make me want to become a better version of myself.

Bippity Boppity Boo! May your birthday be wonderfully magical and as sparkling as your outlook on life. Have a great one!

Have a magical birthday

Age looks absolutely wonderful on you. With every year that you grow older, you grow so much wiser, and the advice you give becomes so much more treasured. Happy birthday to such an amazing woman in my life.

Today we toast to you and the amazing person you are! Your light shines on everyone you interact with, so on this day we reflect it all back to you! Have a lovely birthday.

Though I cannot be with you on your birthday, know that I am celebrating you all these miles away and raising a glass to everything you have accomplished this past year. Here is to all the good things coming!

One of the great gifts of life is meeting people who share similar passions, ambitions, and motivations. To have met you is to have met someone who shows me exactly who I want to be, and I am incredibly grateful for that. Happy birthday to such an incredible woman.

To be able to go through life alongside a woman as strong as you truly is a blessing that I thank God every day for. Happy birthday to you.

There are so many incredible women in this world that I look up to, and alongside all of them stands you: one of the strongest and most inspiring women I have ever met. Thank you for waking up every day and setting an example for everyone else around you.

Happy birthday to the super woman of my life. You are always there to save the day and make the world a better place!

Happy birthday to a super woman

The past year has been truly incredible for you. You have accomplished so much, and your successes have not gone unnoticed. I am so proud of everything that you have done, and I know that in the coming year, you will only exceed your own standards. Have a really happy birthday. You have earned it.

May this year be another one of great wealth in which God leads you to become the best version of yourself. Happy birthday to a wonderful woman!

They say women are powerful, and there is no woman that better reflects that statement in my life than you. Happy birthday to one of the most incredible role models and people I know.

This past year has been filled with highs and lows, and this coming year will have even more. Just know that no matter what comes your way, you are so competent and capable of taking it all on with the grace and excellence with which you live every single day.

Happy happy birthday from me to lovely you! Happy happy birthday you’re perfect through and through! Have an excellent day full of fun and bliss!

Funny Happy Birthday Wishes For Her

I decided I wanted to write out a long and heartfelt happy birthday to one of the most special women in my life. I thought about the impact she has had on my life and how she inspires me daily. She truly is incredible. If you get a chance to see my mom today, would you be so kind as to pass on the message for me? Just kidding, I mean you!

They say a woman never ages, so you tell me how old you would like to turn this year, and it will be our little secret… That is, until the cake comes out and everyone sees the candles… Happy birthday!

It really is so kind of you to always be older than me. Thank you for keeping that up over the years.

Funny Happy Birthday Wishes For Her

After staring at the calendar for the whole year, I am half sure that today is your birthday, but if I am wrong, please remind me when it really is… Happy birthday!

A little birdie told me that it was your birthday… I guess that makes you a pretty old bird! Have a good one!

Happy birthday to the woman who knows the best person in the world to wish them on their birthday. You flatter me!

I was digging in the yard yesterday and I found an old piece of paper covered in ancient symbols. When it was finally decoded by several experts, I realized it was your birth certificate. Happy birthday to the most ancient woman I know!

Today, raise a glass to your birthday, and we will sing to you. The singing might be a fun addition to your regular daily glass!

I was going to compliment your hair because I thought you may have dyed it silver, but then I realized it was just gray… Happy birthday from one of the people who definitely contributed to the color change!

I would gift you my liver as a present for your birthday, but after a day as great as you and I will have, we are both going to need one. Happy birthday to my best girl friend!

Happy birthday to my best girl friend

I did not want to forget your birthday this year and have to wish you a belated birthday, so instead I will say it super early and cut my losses now. Happy early birthday!

For your birthday this year I wish you great health and a long enough life that one day you will be scary enough that people will fear walking in on you naked. Here is to many more!

I hope you feel so loved today by all of the people who reach out to say happy birthday that do not otherwise speak to you. Happy birthday Miss Selectively-Popular!

I was going to give a shout out to the most beautiful, amazing, and incredible people I know, but then I realized giving myself a card on your birthday might be tacky. Happy birthday to my second choice!

Romantic Happy Birthday Wishes For Her

Your beauty shines like the sun, and each morning I feel more and more blessed to be going through life with someone as incredible as you. On your birthday, I hope you feel as radiant as ever.

Happy birthday to a beautiful woman with a beautiful heart. You deserve only the best in this world, and each day you inspire me to be that for you.

Each trip around the sun with you is another one that I can fall in love with you all over again. Happy birthday to my favorite traveling buddy and the love of my life.

Happy birthday to my love

On your birthday, you are supposed to receive gifts, yet it is me who finds myself receiving the gifts of your light and love every day of my life. Happy birthday to the gift that keeps on giving.

Your beauty only grows with each passing year, and I intend to be here to see it flourish through our happily ever after. Sending lots of birthday love to the most beautiful woman I know.

I want to celebrate you in every way because you deserve only the best every day. I will buy you flowers as an ode to your beauty or chocolate covered strawberries if you would like something fruity. I will get you a teddy bear to hold at night and give you every single poem I write. I will scream to the world ‘hip hip hooray’, because everyone should know it is your birthday.

Seeing your face every day reminds me of how lucky I am to be alive and with you in this amazing place we call Earth. Happy birthday to my daily reminder that love is real and life is beautiful.

I cannot wait to see your beautiful face on this, your birthday. I have saved for you a birthday kiss for each year you have graced this Earth with your presence, and I am thrilled to gift them to you. Happy birthday, beautiful.

Time spent with you never feels like enough, and my heart aches to return to your side every moment we are apart. Happy birthday to my other half.

Your eyes are as bright as my favorite stars in the night sky, but their beauty is infinitely greater than anything even the heavens above could create. Happy birthday to the most gorgeous woman alive.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Her Romantic

I am counting down the moments that I can wish you a happy birthday in person, but until then, let this message reach your ears to let you know that I am but a heartbeat away. Happy birthday to the most beautiful woman I have ever known.

This year, our relationship bloomed like a flower in the spring. On your birthday, I hope to give you a hundred roses to symbolize every moment and memory of our budding love. Happy birthday to my rose.

Happy birthday to the sparkle in your eye, the curve of your hip, and the rouge of your lips. Every part of you deserves to be celebrated on this day.

Sweet Happy Birthday Message For Her

My wishes for you this year are happy days and calm nights. I hope you find joy around every corner and love in every person you meet. Happy birthday to a woman who deserves all the good that this world has to offer.

To one of the most remarkable women in the world, I hope your day is as lovely as the positivity you put out into the atmosphere with each breath.

Your laughter reminds me of memories of freshly baked cookies, ice cream on a hot day, and big slices of chocolate cake. Happy birthday to the sweetest woman around!

Happy Birthday To The Sweetest Woman

Happy birthday to my favorite woman in the entire world. I do not know how you wake up each morning and inspire the entire world with your smile, yet you do it anyway!

I never have to go to the neighbors to borrow a cup of sugar because you are already the sweetest thing in my life, and the world knows it!

I hope your birthday brings as much happiness, laughter, and joy as you do to me each and every day of my life.

Spending time with you, especially on your birthday, reminds me of happy times surrounded by friendship, laughter, and a whole lot of birthday cake! Happy birthday to the sweetest gal around.

You make me feel special every day, and today, on your birthday, I only hope I can do the same for you.

Happy birthday to someone who always has the sweetest smile to brighten the days of everyone around her. Have a great one!

Your friendship means more to me than a million donuts, and I really like donuts! Happy birthday to the sweetest thing in my life!

Happy Birthday wishes for friend

You have always carried yourself with the elegance of a princess and the confidence of a queen. Happy birthday to the royalty in our lives!

You are as unique and special of a snowflake that falls in the quiet winter woods. On this snowy afternoon, I hope the world thinks of you and your achievement of another trip around the sun.

If today is the birthday of such a wonderful and caring person, I hope that this message is the cherry on top to make your day perfect! I care about you a whole lot, and I hope the best for you on this sweet and special day.

Happy birthday! Spending time with you never fails to make me double over in laughter and dance around like the fools we are.

I went to the candy store the other day, but I could not find anything as sweet as you, so I left empty handed. Spending time with you fulfills all the sweetness I could ever need in my life anyway!

I wish you a day as lovely as a cherry pie: sweet, sugary, and made to make you smile. Happy birthday, dear!

I hope your birthday is full of friends who can appreciate every smile, laugh, and memory that you bring their way. Have a good one!

Birthday full of friends

Happy Birthday Love Wishes For Her

You have shown me what love is, and I only hope I can show it back to you every day of your life.

To the woman that shows me what it means to live fearlessly, laugh unboundedly, and love recklessly, here’s wishing you the best birthday.

In the chaotic ocean of a world such as the one we live in, your love grounds me like an anchor among the waves. Happy birthday to the woman who calms the storm and holds such incredible beauty.

Happy birthday to my love and the woman who is the central puzzle piece in my life. You complete the picture and provide such amazing love to me and all those around you.

A birthday in the colder months is never cold and dreary because you fill me with your love whenever you are near me!

Happy birthday my love. You are such an incredible partner, and I am so blessed to have spent another year in your life.

Happy Birthday Love Wishes For Her

Every night I look at your smile and think to myself how lucky I am to have found someone in this life who makes me feel so in love. Happy birthday to such an amazing woman who makes me feel like the luckiest person in the world.

Love is in the air and so is the excitement of another year of happiness, laughter, and good memories. Happy birthday to my love and my favorite person to go through life with.

For you I would travel the world. I would cross rivers, climb mountains, and sail across the oceans just to see the face of the woman I love on her big day. Happy birthday to my traveler, and the woman who mapped out my very heart.

Your love is what gets me up each morning and puts me gently to sleep each night. Happy birthday, love.

I love you more than the sun loves the Earth, reminding the morning of its bountiful worth. I love you more than the sea loves the sand, kissing its shores with its waves on the land. I love you more than mountains love sky, standing so tall, proud, and high. Most of all, I love you just like you love me, a match made in heaven, you bring me such glee. Happy birthday my love.

Each day when I see your face, I love you more than I did the day before. On this, your birthday, I want to remind you that I am here with all of my boundless love to enter this next year of life with you.

To my soulmate, may this birthday be a reminder that while life is fleeting, our love is forever, and I want to live each and every day by your side and wrapped in your arms.

Happy Birthday To my soulmate

My love for you grows stronger with every passing year that I get to spend in your amazing life. Happy birthday to my love and the woman I celebrate each and every day.

Happy Birthday For Her Quotes

Let us never know what old age is. Let us know the happiness time brings, not count the years.” –Decimus Magnus Ausonius

Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be, the last of life, for which the first was made.” –Robert Browning

It’s birthday time I’m dressed for the lights to make a wish for all of my friends, so come on y’all let the party begin. Let’s have a blast that never ends.” –Young Lion

We know it’s your birthday. We know it’s your birthday. You’ll be glad we came along to sing you a birthday song!” –Men Behaving Sadly

Youth is happy because it has the ability to see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.” –Franz Kafka

youth and beauty

Ay, you’re the birthday girl. Do what you like, you’re the birthday girl!” –Stormzy

We gonna party till the sunlight. It’s my party I get fly I want to cry if I want to, I kiss who I want to. I’m the birthday girl!” –Starshell

A friend like you is more priceless than the most beautiful diamond. You are not only strong and wise, but kind and thoughtful as well. Your birthday is the perfect opportunity to show you much I care and how grateful I am to have you in my life.” –Unknown

We’ve given up caffeine and sworn off desserts. I don’t try to seduce you, we don’t even flirt. We’re too good to be happy, too straight to be sad, so just blow out the candles.” –Carly Simon

Let’s all go to the magician’s birthday. It’s in a forest but not so far away, much to do and so much to say, while we listened to the orchid orchestra play.” –Uriah Heep

Every age can be enchanting provided you live within it.” –Brigitte Bardot

May you live all the days of your life.” –Jonathan Swift

live all the days of your life

Love ridden, I will look at you with the focus I gave to my birthday candles. I’ve wished on the lidded blue flames under your brow, and baby, I wished for you.” –Fiona Apple

Age is something that doesn’t matter unless you are a cheese.” –Luis Buñuel

Aging is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength.” –Betty Friedan

Ever since we were little, you’ve always been there for me. I’m so glad we’re still friends, and I bet that one day we’ll be sitting side-by-side in our rocking chairs at the nursing home laughing at all of our crazy times together.” –Unknown

Thirty-five is a very attractive age. London society is full of women of the very highest birth who have, of their own free choice, remained thirty-five for years.” –Oscar Wilde

The only time you really live fully is from thirty to sixty. The young are slaves to dreams; the old, servants of regrets. Only the middle-aged have all their five senses in the keeping of their wits.” –Theodore Roosevelt

You know you are getting old when the candles cost more than the cake.” –Bob Hope

happy birthday cake and candles

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