40+ Love Poems To Make You Fall In Love All Over Again

Love Poems

Love is one of the most beautiful feelings!

When you are in love, you want to shout it from the rooftops and let the world know about that special person in your life!

However, the person that should hear your joy first and foremost is your beloved. What better way to tell them than with a beautiful love poem?

Love poems are an ode to all the romantics, past and present, who have passionately expressed their heart’s deepest feelings. Now, it is your turn!

If you are tongue tied by the absolute perfection that is your partner, never fear. We have the perfect love poems for him and her to make them feel as special as ever.

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In this article, we have composed love poems about relationships in every step of their romantic journey. We hope these will help you tell your loved one exactly how much they mean to you.

Best Love Poems

Love is

Love is the sound of your voice in the early morning before it is warm.
Love is the trace of your fingertips, the patterns they perform.
Love is the way your lips move when you are telling a joke.
Love is your toes in the bathtub sticking out as you soak.
Love is the way you remind me to bring my umbrella when it rains.
Love is the blood coursing through your veins.
I swear that love is in everything you do.
Because, my dear, what is love if not you.

The Pastor’s Words

For better or for worse, that is what the pastor said
For richer or for poorer and in sickness and in health
Until one of us is lying on our final death bed
We will know our lives were full of love’s wealth
You promised your everything and I promised mine
And my solemn vow I will hold onto until the end
Our love story will be told until the end of time
For I fell in love and married my best friend

And Then Came You

Until you, I didn’t know there was more
To life than waking up and keeping score
If the rest of forever lies in your hands
I wouldn’t make any other plans
It’d be up to you, your mind, your smile
So come and love me for a while
Because I’ll be honest, plain, and true
I knew not love and then came you.

poem about love

When We are Old

When we are old and our voices sound funny
When we get tired and groggy and run out of money
And not even makeup can fix our gray lines
When the thickness of our hair isn’t looking too fine
I promise I will still look at you the same way
That I gazed upon you on our wedding day
Because not even age could make me feel blue
For though I will be old I will still have you!

The Ways I Say I Love You

I love you like I love holding you ever so close
Like when I pour two glasses and give you the one with the most
Like giving you my jacket when it’s cold and it rains
Like wishing on a shooting star when it’s really an airplane
Like laughing at the sound of my morning voice
Like going out to eat at your cafe of choice
In silly ways that feel silly to do
Though nothing feels silly when its time spent with you.

A Short Prayer

This is a prayer I have for you
It’s short but means a lot
That you feel loved each and every day
By the feelings for you that I’ve got

Gentle Promise

Delicate are the fingers that trace words over my lips,
The gentle promise of a new day every evening
To see you first each sun kissed morning
Is the sweetest sight with the most beautiful meaning.
There shan’t be a day I do not wake up grateful
For the love that sleeps soundly in my very bed
As if written in the stars there’s been nothing more fateful
Than the way we were one day to be wed

love written in the stars

The Things I Would Do

I would do anything in this world to make you happy forever.
I would climb Mount Everest and I would dive the Mariana Trench.
I would roam the Sahara Desert and swim the English Channel
No matter the challenge and whatever the endeavor.
Your smile is worth all the riches in Ancient Rome
Worth more than the length of the Great Wall of China
I will love you with more room than there is in outer space
Because you are everything I’ve ever wanted to call home.

Quickly and Without Warning

I fell in love like getting hit by a bus in a busy city street. Quickly. Without warning.
It felt like a ton of bricks had been dropped from a skyscraper onto my heart.
Like I had been set on fire by a solar flare from the sun in the early morning.
It was a lightning strike across my chest that spiked my breathing off the charts.
It was all at once and then it was like you had taught me how to see for the first
Like every leaf on every tree and every drop in the ocean was special and unique
And the very thought of not trying to be with you every moment was itself the worst.
And even then, telling you that I love you was so hard I felt I could barely speak.

Your Eyes, My Love

I swear the night stars must envy your eyes
The way they twinkle and light up a room
If the sky were filled with pictures of you
Imagine the light the heavens would exude.
My love for you will be built like the ocean
A mirroring surface to reflect your shine
So, you could see your beauty every day
And see how your name and “love” align

You are My Strength

Our love can get us through all of life’s woes
If it is true that love is the strongest force of all,
I understand why with you I feel complete
Like I could lift a boulder or tip over a tree
You give me the strength to do anything
I only hope I can give you the same
And provide you with all you could need
For together, through this love, we’ll lead

All Over Again

If I could do it all over again, I would
But, my love, I wouldn’t change a thing.
There’s not a moment I imagine differently
To end with me presenting this ring.
I want you to know I will love you forever.
There’s nothing you and I cannot get through.
My life is so full and so is my heart
And the person I must thank for that is you.

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Beautiful Pieces

There is a rose on your cheeks, sitting under the eyelashes
that I swear I could catch like flower petals, so delicate.
I’d collect them in my pocket like loose change, pennies or dimes.
I’d count them each morning to the number, without an estimate.
There are little remnants of you that trail behind your footsteps.
Like you are promising love to the very ground on which you trod.
I swear I could follow you anywhere, picking up the beautiful pieces,
reminding myself there is someone worth each losing odd.

Love on Fire

Your love lights a fire in my heart
One that cannot help but burn
One that will never go out
But continues to grow and learn
And my love for you is endless tinder
Providing you with all you need
For you and I belong together
A flame and its fuel for it to feed

In the History Books

I imagine years ago there was a man
who looked at the stars and saw us there
You and I holding hands and glowing
with all the love that we have to share.
Like even in times ages ago, our love
was predicted to be steady and true.
And all these years later, the prophecy
was fulfilled when I first saw you.

How I Need Your Love

Like a fish needs water I need your embrace
How a bird has the sky to spread its wings
Me without you is a year without rain
The way I need you is simple and plain
I need you like I need air to breathe.
You are the life in my very lungs
And the sound under my steps.
All that you do leaves me perplexed.

How I Need Your Love

The Feeling

Can you feel it when you are on my mind
When your name whispers itself in my thoughts
And the images of your smile, so savvy and kind
Make my stomach twist into knots

Can you feel it when the laughter I crack is for you
Like each giggle is due to your smile
My love, you are always here in my heart
And darling, you have been all the while

If Ever

If ever there is a day that I look at you and forget your name, forgive me
It will be a day that I am old and worn, and my mind will abandon me
But I want you to know that though your name might slip through cracks,
The memories of all of the love will remain in place in my head
If ever there is a day that I look at you and ask you who you are
I want you to know that I am really telling you that I love you

How Blessed

How blessed am I to have been
Sent an angel down from heaven
To love me well and love me good
Whom I will love just as I should

How blessed am I that God thought
You and I would please Him a lot
And for the rest of our lives, we’ll be
Joyous in this blessing send by He

The Day We Met

I swear there was never a better sight than the first time we locked eyes
And I swear that day my heart and my pupils grew five times in size
The experts have tried to peddle that love at first sight isn’t real
But on that day, they don’t know how you made me feel
It was a firework going off in my head through my mind
It was all of the stars above our heads having aligned
And when I built up the courage to walk over and say hi
I was so afraid that I might choke up and act shy
You turned and looked at me with the smile that could part seas
And your laughter alone brought me down to my knees
In that moment alone I could have asked you to marry me
But, let’s be honest, you’re too good for such a fast plea.
So, I dusted myself off and asked you to dance
And as lucky as I am you gave me the chance
Fast forward so many years we are still waltzing to this day
And between highs and lows there are things I’ve wanted to say
I have loved you from the moment I set eyes on your lips
It was the sound of your voice and the curve of your hips
There was nothing more beautiful that I had ever seen
And our fairy tale love seems to have begun like a dream
If I could do it over, I would simply change nothing
For fear I’d mess it up with any teasing or bluffing
Everything that you get with me you have had from the start
Because the day I first saw you, I gave you my heart.

When Love Found Me

Love found me broken in the back corner of a dark living room.
She found me hugging my knees and licking my wounds alone.
I tried not to invite her in, but she was gentle, and she was kind.
She opened the shades, let in the light, said, “let’s make this a home”.

Love found me thinking I would never see her again
Never meet her in this life because I couldn’t seem to stay
In one place for too long and she would lose my address
What a fool I was to think I could keep her at bay.

Love found me with holes in my hands and holes in my heart.
Took me in her palms and whispered “it will all be okay”.
She coiled up and filled the spots that were empty inside.
She told me that together we would find the right way.

Love found me dreaming that she would find me.
And when I first saw her, I thought it might be a trick.
But after hearing the softness in her voice I knew
There was no one else that I could possibly pick.

Love found me and lifted me off of the ground.
She taught me to dance, taught me to walk on these legs again.
Told me that nothing would stop me from losing myself.
Took me by the hands and prayed until we both said “Amen”.

Love found me and I am so happy that she did.
There is no more fear in my heart because she saved my life.
And now I know that I will never lose sight of her again.
Because she and I are married and Love is now my wife.

When I Look at You

When I look at you, I see you standing at the end of a church aisle
Decorated with flowers and with the people we both love
And I see the promises we make of a new life together

When I look at you, I see a house in the middle of a semi-busy street
And a porch decorated with a swing and two or three plants
And I see both of our cars parked neatly in the driveway.

When I look at you, I see walking through an elementary school hallway
Looking at all the pictures on the walls, searching for one in particular
And I see you finding the one with our last name printed at the bottom.

When I look at you, I see us sitting in matching rocking chairs
Holding hands and smiling at the sound of one another’s voices
And I see matching robes on our backs and slippers on our feet

When I look at you, I see us together in heaven
A life well lived and lived well together
When I look at you, I see forever

When I Look at You

Timeless Love

It is something about the sparkle in your eyes
That makes me believe this love is timeless
Like throughout history you’ve worn many a disguise
For never has our love been lifeless.

In the works of Shakespeare, you were Juliet
And I was your Romeo, loyal and true
A love story that time cannot forget
Because it was one of me and you

In Egypt, you were Cleopatra the queen
I became Mark Antony, just and strong
Together we were a perfect scene
And our love continued to live long

As with any princess marrying her prince
Our love is like a fantasy to tell the world
And in all the time that’s happened since
I cannot wait to see what our time unfurls

My Love at First Sight

I never believed in love at first sight
I thought it was a hoax, just a story
From a book that was written for show

I suppose I thought something so perfect
Could not exist purely in this world
What an incredible pessimist I must be

Because the day I first saw you
I think my heart caught on fire
And butterflies bloomed in my stomach

It was like I had never known love at all
For this explosion of feeling erupted
And left no doubt behind

It must have been a miracle,
Or at least that’s what I thought.
But no, it was just you.

Thank You for the Music

Love is a song I’ve been singing all my life
But before you, I considered it a solo
It’s been an ode to the sunlight through the leaves
And an anthem that I could march to

And then you showed up with your magical voice
The beginning of a tune tickling your lips
I have never heard something so sweet be sung

Love is a promise between you and I
It’s a ballad telling the story of how we met
How we found perfect harmony in thirds and fifths

It’s a lullaby each night I go to sleep that
Sends me dreams of your tinkling laughter
And it’s the morning song when I wake up

Something I can dance to when I need to move
And something I can cry to when you hold me
On the days I need comfort the love is there

When you tell me you adore love songs
I cannot help but chuckle, for you are
The only song I will ever find myself needing

A top charting radio hit you are the one
That gets stuck in my head and I never want it out
Because you are all things melodious and beautiful

You are love, and I will be humming this jingle
Until the day we meet our end and then I will
Send it whistling through the wind

Love is a song I’ve been singing all my life
And with you, it is the most glorious duet I know
Thank you for the music, my love.

My Love, the Rose

You are like a rose, I can see it plain
How your cheeks blush red and pink
And your lips, like petals, so soft
There are no other flowers such as you

The beauty you radiate always
Is like the centerpiece of a garden
And with my fingers, so delicate
I promise I will pick you every time

I shall keep you in my breast pocket
For it is right next to my heart
The closest you could possibly get
I will hold you there forever

With water and patience, I will tend
To your needs so you may bloom
Anything at all, my love, because
There is no one as perfect as you

My love is like a rose

I Can Tell You

I can tell you the moment I fell in love.
It was slow at first, then all at once like
Cresting the hill of a roller coaster

One day it was like you were my best friend
And the next I was staring into your irises
Learning their color like it was my life’s work

I remember when days and nights would go by
How I didn’t think much of the rising and setting sun
But your spirit is in the sky and your eyes in the stars

I think you make me think about life differently
Like the way I used to live wasn’t enough
Because I couldn’t see a full range of colors

It’s like the kisses you place on my cheek
Rearranged my DNA and I can see that at its core
The world is good and there is so much love in it

Before I knew love like this everything was blue
From the tips of my fingers to the sun in the sky
But when I fell in love it all became full

It’s like this whole time all I needed was someone
To look at me the way I now look at you,
All love and admiration and everything kind

I can tell you the moment I fell in love
Because in that moment everything fell into place
Like you were the one puzzle piece missing from me

If I Wrote You a Love Poem

If I were to write you a love poem it would have to be perfect
And it would have to rhyme or else I don’t know if it’d be worth it
And it might end with the wrong phrase, if it doesn’t work well enough
Because though I want to write you a love poem, I’m new at this stuff
I guess I would just end the line with a word in parentheses
So don’t laugh at my attempts and please try not to tease
Some lines might be longer and others might be short
Because in my head the meter might be hard to support
But no matter what I end up with writing in all this verse
I promise it wouldn’t be too terse
For there’s a lot that I would have to fit in so many lines
And even with all of my hard work, I’ll feel out of time
And I might even forget to add the part where I tell you I love you
The point of the whole thing would be kissed adieu
But I would try to mention how much I admire your smile
And I might get distracted on that bit for a while
For your teeth are so bright and your lips are so rosy
You just feel like a person I could hug and feel cozy
Then I have to warn you after I say something like that
The rest of the prose might fall a little too flat
Because then the poem might end a little too fast
But know if I wrote you a poem, my love would forever last

The Day You Told Me

The day you told me you loved me I felt like I could explode
I felt like dancing around the kitchen to music so loud.
I wanted to grab you by the hand and twirl around and smile.
Laugh at the joy that we have made into our style.

The day you told me you loved me I could see our future
How the home that we will make together will be super
And surrounded by daisies that you and I will grow
That will pop up each spring after blankets of snow

The day you told me you loved me I wanted to cry
At how the love in your heart matched the look in your eyes
I could do cartwheels around the place where you stand
Knowing you’d be there to catch me when time comes to land

The day you told me you loved me I might have been scared
Because I wanted to say it first, and you caught me unprepared
But I am glad that you did because I want you to know
I’ve been waiting for this since the day we first said “hello”

The day you told me you loved me I smiled so big
Because you’d just signed yourself up for a pretty sweet gig
So, I looked at you and told you that I loved you too
Because those words that we spoke were ever so true!

A Rainbow of Us

Red is the color of your lips, all cherry and rose.
They whisper soft words of beauty and sweetness
And place kisses upon my very nose
In moments reminding me of our completeness.

Orange is the color of your skin in the sunset
Burning fire from the rays that illuminate your face
Promises of tomorrows to come yet
Complimenting your cheeks, on their lovely grace

Yellow is the color of your laughter in daylight
The way it surfs the cool rays of sunshine in the air
How it makes my very heart rise and take flight
Reminds me of just how much I care

Green is the color of your humming voice
A song that could create life itself
The kind of tune that makes man rejoice
To be bottled up and displayed on a shelf

Blue is the color I might be without you
As nothing you do could ever make me sad
How I’d searched so long for the person I knew
Would turn this still heart to something glad

Indigo is the color that the sky slowly turns
As we watch the sun go down each night
Thanking the world for each and every day
Spent in one another’s sweet embrace

Violet is the color I feel when we are together
The royalty of a pair so strong and true
A king and queen forever tethered
A pair that has one heart between two

Yes, all in all, we are a rainbow of color
The perfect blend of everything sweet
And nothing could ever make us duller
For there is no sight that could compete

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The Story

Tell me the story of how we met
Remind me of the way your hair fell
Into place as you fell into my path
And I got to stare at your beautiful face

Remind me again of the first thing you said
How it was a passing comment about
The time of day or something so mundane
But I couldn’t focus on anything but you

Let me know again of the way you smiled
How I said something funny and you laughed
And looked me in the eyes for the very first time
How I never looked away after that

It might have been subtle and very brief
But the moment I met you I saw love
I swear I could spend forever with you
And never forget that story so true

In Between Moments

I fell in love with the way I love you when it doesn’t matter at all
In the moments in between the moments when there’s nobody around
And the band has stopped playing and they’ve announced last call
How it’s still you and your beauty in the silent moments we’ve found

Like if I didn’t notice those moments, it almost wouldn’t matter
The ends of conversations when you are about to leave the room
And I say this very truly it’s not only meant to flatter
But it’s in those very moments that my heart goes ‘boom’.

Because it knows there’s something special about the way you just are
The way you exist on your own when you think I cannot see
It’s a shining and a beauty not even rivaled by the stars
And that is when love grows for you the most inside of me.

You are Art

Forgive me if you catch me staring at your beauty
As the light from the window shines on your face
I do not mean to alarm you, truly
But the lines on your mouth are those of grace

It is like a sight straight from a painting
From those artists long gone to time
Only to be waiting for me to see it
And capture it in some kind of rhyme

Your beauty throws me in a trance
Something I want to keep forevermore
One I have been seeking for so long now
A beautiful sight worth waiting for

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The Day God Sent Me You

Every night I used to fall to my knees and pray
That God would send someone perfect my way
Someone lovely and sweet and everything good
Someone who’d love me like a great partner should

And I waited for what seemed like an entire lifetime
For the person He’d send that He would make all mine
And I prayed for your health and I prayed for your mind
I prayed for all the happiness that I wished we would find

Then one day I was out and about in the morning
And He struck me with love without a fair warning
For who did I see had just come into view
The person He sent me and that person is you!

Words I’ve Been Waiting to Say

There is a place in my heart that was always made for you
A spot I’ve kept safe and clean and ready for love to show its face
I swore I would recognize it when I saw it, but I’ve since been wrong
I’ve been so afraid since the trust was erased

There is a place inside my ribs that’s been waiting for a partner
For the bones that Adam gave Eve are stronger when paired
And I have been waiting for such a person to come and claim it
But I have been so scared

You see, there was a time before I knew what to look for in love
When I would take anything that resembled something close
Because I didn’t know my worth and I didn’t know my value
Everything I knew about myself just froze

The space I have made you is next to the lungs I use to breathe
One so soft and vulnerable that I have chosen to house you
If only to show you that there I give you all my trust not to hurt me
Despite all that I have gone through

It took a long time to convince myself to open it again
That not all who enter here will try to hurt me
But when I looked into your eyes the first day we met
There was something trustworthy I could see

Something special about the way you held my hand
Like you were promising me that you would never let me go
It’s the first thing I noticed and the thing I keep tucked away
In the spot I have for you to grow

I have told you this because I am sure you’re here for good
To lead this life with me, to be just, strong, and true
So, I will say the thing I’ve been wanting so long to say
And those words are I love you

A Moment of Safe

I have never felt safer anywhere than in your arms
It’s the one place I can feel at peace, with you
And your breathing, the gentle rise and fall of your chest
It’s being cradled by something stronger than peace,
Softer than faith, it’s something only you have

When you hold me, I do not wish to be anywhere else
Like my mind which can race itself around circles
Finally comes to a stop under the sound of your humming,
Soft music that calms me as if I were a child again,
Like the world has come to a standstill for us

And in my mind, it has. In my head the whole world stills
The ripples in the water dissolve into the depths
And the gentle sway of the grass in the field slows
Until everything is holding its breath to watch you and I
Held in our love so sweetly for a moment of safe

Take That, Shakespeare!

Romeo and Juliet have nothing on you and I
Because our love is a kite and forever is the sky
And your strength is the wind that’s keeping us there
And my heart is the grip holding steady and fair

Romeo and Juliet only lasted three days
But you and me are in this always
We are soaring so high and we are flying so strong
Together we can face anything that might go wrong

Romeo and Juliet were just silly children
While you and I are one in a million
There has never been a love this true
So, hear that Shakespeare? Take that, you!

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The Color of Your Love

It began with those three words
Born upon your lips
Traveled through your voice
Until I began to see it in
Technicolor rising around me
In every whisper of morning
And every evening sunset
Every fluorescent light bulb
It follows me at midnight
Trails in each star in the sky
Carries the hue of your pallet
And at the faintest moments
When I am alone and time is
Nothing more than numbers
Even my thoughts blush its hue


It’s crazy how easily words can come
For some people
And crazier how my mind is a desert
When it comes to you
I’ve never had to work harder to write
My excavation of your head and heart

A definition of archaeological worth
That I didn’t think I’d ever witness
Stars like that in anyone else’s eyes
Like they hold the history of the whole universe
In two impossible irises
And yet here we are

The classification of your heart
An artifact I have stumbled upon
But am afraid to touch
Priceless ceramic potential
Like even a gentle brush could
Accidentally break it

Show me pictograms of lost worlds
Tell me stories about origins and
Wake something up in me that
Has never seen the sunlight
Make me question who is the one
Who is being discovered here

Strange how something so foreign
Can feel so much like a home
Each provenance I learn
Every reconnaissance I map
Brings me in touch with something
That I never knew to be real

You’re the Third lost language
I have ever come across
And not immediately been able to translate
Hieroglyphs not here on my Rosetta stone
Forgotten and lost in time
A cache meant to only now be unearthed

It’s crazy how easily words can come
For some people
And crazier how my mind is a desert
When it comes to you
I’ve never had to work harder to write
Your excavation of my head and heart

My Vows to Your Heart

In these words, I swear to you the best of myself.
I vow to never let you feel alone,
To always remind you why you are so good,
To keep you smiling, and to build a home.

I vow to listen when you say something is wrong,
To encourage you and keep you inspired,
To put you first, to be faithful and true,
To try my hardest even when weary or tired.

I vow to be there for you, through all of the good
To always be there for you, through all the bad.
To celebrate with you when you are happy
To stick by your side and hold you when sad.

For richer, for poorer,
For better or for worse,
To love and to cherish,
Through chorus and verse.

These are them, my love,
My vows to your heart–
From this day forward
‘til death do us part.


It’s a bit like magic
How the tips of your fingers
Can make my tears evaporate
How the flutter of an eyelid
Turns up corners of my lips
And how such selfless embrace
Comforts this aching heart

I’ve never known someone to be so
Connected to an unconnected world
Someone so in love with love
In love with loving me so strongly
It’s like there’s something there
Something too special to bottle
It’s a bit like magic, your love

your love is like magic

I Will

There are a million words I wish I say to you
A million lives in which I would speak them so true
Although our time on this Earth is short, I am in love
And I’ll shout praises forever to the heavens above

I will give you anything to make you smile
To have you around in my life for a while
I will tuck you in nicely each night before bed
Bring you some water, a kiss on your forehead

I will offer you a hand to lead in every dance
Stare into your eyes and fall into a trance
Give you my jacket each time it rains
Love you until the oceans run dry and nothing remains

And if one day you want to get married
I’ll pull out all the extra love I’ll have carried
And put it around our shoulders together
As we blanket ourselves in a lovely forever

Some call it crazy, but I am not wrong
To sing out your name like it is a song
For from the first day, I spent talking to you
I knew there was nothing we will not get through

If We Were Kids Again

If you and I were kids again
I’d push you on the swings
I’d play with you in the sandbox
Make us tiny paper rings

I’d help you with your math homework
Or you’d help me with mine
Play tag with you during recess
Until the school bell chimed

I’d help you carry all your books
And then with you I’d read them
Share with you all of my snacks
I’d pick off each cherry stem

For I’ve had love for you all of my life
Even when I didn’t know it
But if we rewind time, were kids again
I’d take every chance to show it

In Conclusion

In William Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116, he writes of love: “If this be error, and upon me prov’d, I never writ, nor no man ever lov’d”.

To be so sure of such powerful claims of passion and admiration of another person in the name of love is such a beautiful thing, and we are taking from his words and his passion to write these love poems for someone to give to their beloved.

In this article, we have written short and long love poems, each to properly express the affection you have for your romantic partner.

These love poems are good for any occasion, be that a birthday, anniversary, or even a proposal! Even if there is no occasion at all, a poem expressing love is always something to be cherished.

Additionally, while these love poems can be used to write down as a gift, might we suggest reading them aloud to your partner as well to express every bit of love that you have for them in words!

Whatever the occasion or however the presentation, we have the perfect love poem for you.

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