55+ New Baby Congratulations Messages For The Lucky Parents

New Baby Congratulations Messages

One of the greatest gifts that parents can receive is that of a new addition to their family.

The joy of a new baby is incredible, not only for the parents, but for everyone around the little bundle-of-joy. Babies bring a beautiful and innocent energy into any room and remind us how precious life is.

If you know someone who has recently been blessed with a new baby, congratulations are in order. If you want to toast the lucky parents, we are happy to step in with some new baby congratulations messages.

Below, you will find a bunch of lovely sentiments to congratulate the new parents on their new baby.

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Whether you’re congratulating first-time parents or new parents to a baby boy or girl, we’ve got you covered! This article is sure to present you with the sweetest ways to congratulate the lucky parents!

New Baby Congratulations Messages

These messages of congratulations are meant for any lovely family with an amazing brand-new baby, boy or girl. You can address these little notes to the lovely parent(s), lucky family, or some even to the baby themselves!

Your days are about to be filled with one of the most amazing sounds on this Earth: a baby’s laugh. I swear that sound could calm the oceans themselves. Congratulations!

Dear Baby, I just want to let you know that you have picked a really wonderful family to join, and I am so excited to see what your future brings, with these lovely people. Welcome!

welcome dear baby

Is there anything more precious and beautiful than a newborn? The life that you have created is about to begin, and it is bound to be amazing. Congratulations.

Congratulations on the new baby! It is time to celebrate! Time to whip out the noisemakers and the confetti poppers and— oh. What’s that? He/she needs to sleep? Okay! Then the quietest congratulations to you then!

You know what the great thing about babies is? They are like little bundles of hope. Like the future in a basket.” — Lish McBride

I look forward to meeting your new addition to the family! If you have mentioned my name, I hope you have said only good things. First impressions are important. Congratulations!

No matter whose eyes he/she has, hair color, or nose, I am sure that your new baby has inherited your kindness, goodness, and love for everyone around you, and that will make for one amazing kid. Congratulations.

It looks like your family has added one more wild child to the mix! I am so full of joy and excitement to see what shenanigans you and this new addition will get up to! Congratulations!

congratulations on the new baby

Dear Baby, everyone is going to tell you how much of a blessing it is that your family received such a beautiful addition as you, but I will tell you one more thing, you too are blessed to have chosen the absolute perfect family as this one. Congratulations, and welcome to the world.

It can only be magic ― the love that it takes to create a child so beautiful and lovely. You have truly made a miracle. Congratulations, sending lots of love your way.

Babies are like little suns that, in a magical way, bring warmth, happiness and light into our lives.” ― Kartini Diapari-Oengider

Dear God, may this family just take in this amazing new blessing and know that they were called to have such an amazing family for a reason. On the days they doubt, and on the days they falter, may you put your guiding hand on them and let them know you are there. Congratulations on the new baby.

Dear Baby, I am so excited to get to know you over the next few years and spoil you rotten! Welcome to the world, beautiful child.

May the amazing experience of parenthood change your life for the better. Congratulations on the new baby. They are sure to shine!

congratulations new parents

If there were one piece of advice I could give you on the arrival of your baby, it is this: take the new things, the gross things, the hard things, the high and the low things, take them all as blessings. Take them all with love, because these things will pay off. They always do. Congratulations.

I am so excited for such an amazing start to your family! May only love and light come into your lives with such a beautiful baby. He/she is sure to do great things, and his/her future already looks bright!

Do not judge the baby on the number of diapers they produce, rather the number of times they laugh in your face while they produce them. That laugh is about to save you both from a whole lot of grief! Congratulations on the new baby.

I hear that your family has just grown by one, so prepare to see me a lot more often now that I have a better reason to come around!

Dear Baby, know that I will always be there for you, that is, until you need changing… Make no mistake, that will always be your parent’s job!

Funny New Baby Congratulations Messages

I can already tell your baby is meant to do great things. He/she must get that drive and amazing potential from their amazing mom/dad! Congratulations.

Congratulations On Your New Baby Girl Messages

If your message is headed to a family who just had a lovely little girl, these messages and quotes are for you! On your congratulations for the new baby card, these new baby wishes are intended for the parent(s) of such a lovely baby girl.

I have nothing but respect for men/women who can raise an amazing little girl. You are truly about to watch a miracle blossom in front of you as she grows up. Congratulations!

The only thing better than the joy of having a new baby girl is being able to raise a strong young woman who will one day lead with the beauty and grace her parent(s) did. Congratulations on such an amazing addition.

I know that your little girl is going to be raised in such a loving home that is going to allow her to embrace herself and go into her life with passion and strength. What an amazing thought!

Bringing a little girl into this world is such a special thing. You are about to meet someone who will fill your heart, blow your mind, and make your life one hundred percent better. Congratulations!

New Baby Girl Congratulations Messages

The place in your heart that you have for the little girl that you have just had will only grow over the rest of your life. Today is the beginning of a lifelong journey, and I am so grateful to see it unfold.

The wonder that you see in your baby girl’s eyes today will only bloom into curiosity, intelligence, and love later on in her life. How amazing to see that happen over the coming years! Congratulations!

Together, you and your baby girl will both laugh so hard your sides hurt and cry until your eyes are dry, but no matter what happens, you will be doing it together, and whether good or bad, you will go through these things together.

A good father will leave his imprint on his daughter for the rest of her life.” ― Dr. James Dobson

Years down the line, I know I am going to be hearing about your little girl having grown up so strong and proud that she changed the world. Congratulations on the new baby. She is destined to be amazing!

Sometimes she will love you harder than anything, and other days she might fight you, but know that a daughter will love and need her parents all her life. Congratulations on such an amazing gift.

Something amazing has just happened, because your family has just added a beautiful young princess to its palace. May she reign with all the beauty and love we know she can! Congratulations.

Congratulations On Your New Baby Girl

I have to imagine that the joy you are feeling right now, cradling your brand-new baby girl, will only grow and swell with all of the pride and adventure that is to come over her lifetime. Congratulations on starting on such an incredible journey with such a beautiful gift of pure love.

Congratulations On Your New Baby Boy Messages

Check out these quotes if you are writing a message to a family with a new beautiful baby boy! These quotes are intended to be written to the parent(s) of the family to congratulate them on their bouncing baby boy.

Congratulations! I am so excited to meet the little boy that you raise. If he is to become anything like his mother/father, he is bound to grow up to become one of the most amazing men the world has ever seen.

I hear that the mighty [family’s last name] kingdom has introduced a son! Congratulations to both the lovely family and the precious prince on his grand entrance.

To have a son is to learn what it means to be the protector and guardian of a future protector and guardian. I am so sure you will teach him so well. Congrats!

New Baby boy Congratulations Messages

Uh oh, I hear you have a little boy on the way! Good luck with him and all the trouble that is bound to come along with him!

The connection between mother/father and son is one that is strong as an ox, is as loving as ever, and one that lasts a lifetime. Congratulations on such an amazing new relationship within your family.

To watch the two of you raise a little boy will be one of the greatest privileges. I cannot wait to see where this new journey takes your family!

Warning! Having a sweet little baby boy may result in some side effects later such as the terrible twos or realizing you have a moody teenager! Do not worry, though. A bright young man is in the future! Congratulations.

Without even looking, I can tell that this young man is going to do great things. Congratulations on the little boy!

They say that little boys are made of snips and snails and puppy dog tails, but knowing this family, he is bound to be loving and neat, and ever so sweet! Congratulations on the new addition!

Congratulations On Your New Baby Boy

Sons ground us and remind us how the Earth is made up of so many people who can become so successful with the right guidance. What an honor it is to be the mother/father to a son.

How lucky are you to have been blessed with a son to raise and take care of? May he grow up to take care of you one day too. Congratulations on such a wonderful gift.

One of the most contagious sounds in the world is that of a little boy laughing as he learns to crawl around the living room. May your days be filled with so many giggles, smiles abundant, and such strong love! Congratulations!

Funny New Baby Congratulations Quotes

Use these famous funny yet inspirational quotes about parenting, to send to growing families or new parents with a funny bone. These new baby wishes will make them chuckle at both the joy and humor that is about to come with a newborn baby!

Babies don’t need a vacation but I still see them at the beach. I’ll go over to them and say, What are you doing here, you’ve never worked a day in your life!” — Stephen Wright

Watching teething babies is like watching over a thermonuclear reactor. It is best done in shifts, and by well rested people.” — Anthony Doerr

funny new baby wishes

Insomnia: A contagious disease often transmitted from babies to parents.” — Shannon Fife

Sleep when your baby sleeps. Everyone knows this classic tip, but I say why stop there? Scream when your baby screams. Take Benadryl when your baby takes Benadryl. And walk around pantless when your baby walks around pantless.” — Tina Fey

Why don’t kids understand that their nap is not for them but for us?” — Alyson Hannigan

A perfect example of minority rule is a baby in the house.” — Milwaukee Journal

Having children is like living in a frat house- nobody sleeps, everything’s broken, and there’s a lot of throwing up.” — Ray Romano

The biggest thing I remember is that there was just no transition. You hit the ground diapering.” — Paul Reiser

Very new things and very old things are much alike. Everything is a circle. Both ends meet. There is nothing much older or more wrinkled-looking than a baby just born.” — Monica Shannon

Having a baby is like having an eight-pound to-do list. Every moment of the day is filled with something to feed, wipe, bathe, or put down.” — Kathleen Laccinole

Funny Newborn Baby Congratulations Quotes

Ah, babies! They’re more than just adorable little creatures on whom you can blame your farts.” — Tina Fey

24/7. Once you sign on to be a mother, that’s the only shift they offer!” — Jodi Picoult

Becoming a mom to me means that you have accepted that for the next 16 years of your life, you will have a sticky purse.” — Nia Vardalos


One of the best parts of starting a family is that first time you look into the eyes of your newborn and promise them the world.

The love that a new child brings into a home is one of the strongest loves out there, and it resonates through every home, street, and neighborhood.

If you know someone who is about to discover (or rediscover!) the meaning of being a mother or father, we have the words you need to wish them well in this next phase of their life!

Throughout this article, you will find messages and quotes, some original and some from famous sources, which have been handpicked to capture the love that a new baby brings to the world.

Do you know someone who is welcoming a baby girl or a baby boy into the world? We have quotes and messages written especially for each.

In addition to some more general messages and quotes as well, we have also added a ‘funny’ section, for those who are looking to work out their funny bones. Whatever the case, we have the exact words you need to wish well upon a new family.