16 Best Obituary Examples To Pay Tribute To Your Loved Ones

After the loss of a loved one, it is natural to be overwhelmed by love and grief.

As a family member, one of the most important things you must do, is write a beautiful obituary to honor their life.

While it may be difficult to put your feelings into words at the time, we believe it is a task you should do yourself. After all, there is no one who knew your dearly departed better than you.

To help you capture a loved one’s life, we’ve composed 16 obituary examples.

Whether you are looking for a short obituary for a family member or a humorous one for a dear friend, we hope you will be able to write the perfect obituary, using our examples below.

obituary examples

How To Write An Obituary

An obituary is a way of publicly announcing someone’s passing in a sincere and delicate manner. It also allows people the opportunity to send their condolences to the bereaved.

Following the tips below, we believe you’ll be able to craft a meaningful and heart-felt obituary for your loved one:

  1. You should start the obituary with details of the deceased: their name, age, and family status (optional).
  2. It’s important to make it as personal as possible, while also being appropriate for wherever it is being published. You want to ensure that you recount their major life events in a respectful manner.
  3. It also often includes the place and date of death. Some families may also choose to include the circumstances of their death.
  4. You may also choose to add a quote or poem about loss, that is representative of the departed soul.
  5. You should also include at least one photo of the person. You may choose a throwback picture of them from their youth, a recent memory, or even a happy family portrait.
  6. Towards the end of the obituary, you should also include their survivors, in order of importance based on relation. Thus, their spouse and children (if any) should be mentioned first, followed by parents and siblings.
  7. If you are choosing to have a service open to the public, you may also include the details of the service in the obituary.
  8. Great Obituary Examples

    The following are examples of an obituary for a relative, a friend or someone you’re very close to. To help you notify others of a loved one’s passing, you can use these templates to write a respectable obituary honoring their life.

    Kathy Smith, age 73, passed away peacefully in her sleep in her family home on Tuesday 4th May. Kathy was born on February 12th 1948 to her mother, Freda Lance and her father, Ronnie Lance. Her father unfortunately passed away early in her life, so Kathy was raised by her mother alone, whom she loved with all of her heart. Kathy excelled in everything she did; she did exceptional in school then went on to university and made her mother and four older siblings proud when she received a Bachelor’s degree in education. At the age of 30, she married her university sweetheart, Ken Smith, and they spent a further 30 years happily married and started a beautiful life together. Kathy spent just over 50 years working at Stateview High School and was loved and adored by all her pupils, proving to be a wonderful teacher and friend to all her students. She retired a year ago and since then took up volunteering for her local breast cancer charity. She managed to raise over $2,000 with all the events she threw. Kathy had a passion for jazz music and often went to concerts and shows whenever she could, to hear her all-time favorite music artists. Kathy was an active and caring woman who spent most of her life thinking about others. She always surrounded herself with her friends and family, which is where she felt most comfortable and loved. She is survived by her three daughters, her son, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. There will be a funeral service held for Kathy on 8th May at Westview Cemetery, Brooke Street. Please feel free to attend if you would like to pay your respects.

    Obituary templates

    John Bolt, age 47, was taken from us in a tragic motor accident while driving to work in the early hours of the morning of Monday September 19th. John was born in 1974 to Jane and Donald Bolt, being the first child in the family. John had 6 younger siblings and adored them all. John worked hard in school and especially enjoyed the physical activities and took a strong interest in football and soccer. When John turned 21, he decided to join the military and serve our country dutifully. When he turned 24, he married his wonderful wife, Raina and they went on to have three children. John was always a family man and prioritized his family above everything else in his life. John served in the military for over 10 years and earned a variety of badges of honor and his country, close friends and family honor his dedication to his job. In his free time, John loved to ski and took his family on ski trips as many times as he could. He also loved animals and volunteered at the local animal shelter as much as he possibly could. He would often return home with an animal that needed an extra bit of love for his beloved children to love and care for. After he left the military, he took up a career in sales and had been doing that ever since. He will be greatly missed by those around him, especially by his close relatives. There will be a service held for John on at 12 noon on the 24th of September, at the Courtyard Cemetery, Priory street, to say our final goodbye.

    Short Obituary Examples

    Occasionally it might be best to keep your obituary short depending on the context of the situation. However, you must still include some important details of the departed, like name, age, and perhaps cause of death, if you feel it’s appropriate.

    Rachel Adams died from a long and courageous battle with breast cancer, on Friday 17th September, at the age of 68. Born in 1953 on 12th August to her two loving parents, Karen and Daniel, she worked hard and continuously cared for everyone around her, having been a nurse for the majority of her life. She was an only child and in 1972 she married her husband Ken Adams and started her own family. Rachel is survived by her husband, her three children, Maggie, Toby and Penelope, and her two grandchildren, Robbie and Klara. A service will be held at Clarence Cemetery, Torrent Avenue, at 11am on the 21st of September.

    Jack Cleave, passed away tragically from a stroke on the 31st of July at the young age of 30. He always had a passion for the more beautiful things in life and would always be spotted taking photos wherever he could. Born in 1991 in a small town in Philadelphia, he moved away to California to pursue a career in photography. Jack married his husband Ivan just over three years ago, after being together for 8 years. Jack is survived by his husband, Ivan, and his two parents Courtney and Samuel Cleave. There will be a service to pay our respects for Jack, at Ringfield Cemetery, Spoon Street, at 12pm on the 5th of August.

    Short obituary examples

    Patricia Harper passed away in her sleep, surrounded by her loving family, on 30th January. Born in 1924, Patricia lived through some of the world’s most significant events. She was known to always have an interesting story to tell and especially loved telling them to her great grandchildren. She was raised on a farm in Iowa and loved being outside. She met her husband in 1940 and they married a year later, soon after she had seven children and thrived as a stay-at-home mother. Patricia is survived by her seven children, her grandchildren and her great grandchildren. A service will be held for Patricia, at 2pm 5th of February, at Dingle Cemetery, Regent Avenue.

    Lavender Rose unfortunately passed away on 8th March. Born in 1962 on 1st January, she was the youngest of eight siblings and was surrounded by all their love and affection. She was always eager at school and decided to go to university where she studied chemistry and eventually achieved her dream of being a pharmacologist. Lavender met her then husband in 1980 and had two children. Lavender is survived by her two children Rose and Carl. There will be a service for Lavender at 11am 12th March at St Orchards Cemetery, Brooklyn Street.

    Rami Supra, age 77, passed away peacefully in her sleep on 17th April. Born in India in 1944, she moved to Oregon, America with both of her parents and has lived in the same family house ever since. She enjoyed being around others, so much so that she decided to work in retail when she left school and continued there. She became a manager and owned the store. Rami met her husband in 1970 and had three children. She is survived by her three children and seven grandchildren. There will be a service held for Rami at St Richards Cemetery, Kippard Street, at 12pm on 21st April.

    Obituary Examples For Mother

    Writing an obituary for someone is already a difficult task and can be so much more painful if it’s for a parent. Below are some sample obituaries for mothers, to help you when you’re stuck for words to honor your dear mother’s life.

    Kathryn Rivers, age 59, loving mother of four, and adoring wife to husband Kyle Rivers, passed away in the early hours of 22nd August after a courageous battle with lung cancer. Kathryn was born in 1961 in Arizona and grew up surrounded by her large family, she had 8 other siblings and a lot of aunts and uncles. Kathryn was influenced by her family to be a loving and caring woman, always giving her time to others, and she incorporated that into her motherhood. She met her husband Kyle in 1979 while at her small part time job and they fell in love instantly and knew they both shared a love for family and decided to start their own. As a mother she was generous, loving and kind. She never told any of her 5 children off, and spoiled them as much as she possibly could. Kathryn recently became a grandmother and she was absolutely thrilled about her family growing even bigger. In her free time, Kathryn loved to go on bike rides by the beach and going on hikes with her family as often as possible. She believed it was very important to stay active. She will be greatly missed by her family and especially her 5 daughters: Carrie, Emily, Lola, Poppy, and Kourtney who adore her with all of their hearts.

    “We know that we can’t have you but we’re happy knowing that the angels have finally got you back. Goodbye to a wonderful woman and a beautiful mother.”

    Kathryn is survived by her husband, 5 daughters, and one granddaughter. There will be a service for those who would like to say their last goodbye to Kathyrn on the 29th August, at 11am, Harold court Cemetery, Torrent avenue. Please wear bright colors as requested by Kathryn’s family.

    sample obituary for a mother

    Jo Swindle, wonderful mother and caring soul, tragically passed away on 18th February peacefully in her sleep. Josephine Swindle was born in 1924 and lived so many lives in her 97 years. She was raised by her mother and father in Georgia and loved her hometown so much that she stayed in it for her entire life. As a child, she always showed a lot of interest in animals as she loved to care for them and occasionally take in strays. After her education she decided to settle down with her high school sweetheart, George Swindle, at the age of 23. Over the course of her life, she fostered over 35 children, she gave them all a home and cared for them as her own, while also rescuing animals from shelters and volunteering at the animal shelter nearby. When she wasn’t doing all of those things, she had a small part time job at a garden center. She loved to tend to plants and her own garden in her free time too. After her husband died in 1981, she continued to foster children to honor his memory.

    “A foster parent like you, are so special and few, and although we’re not united by blood, you’ve always made me feel loved. I can’t tell you how grateful I am that you gave me a home. A foster mother like you, meant I was never alone.”

    Jo is survived by her three younger brothers and all of the many people who consider her as a mother. There will be a service held for Jo on the 23rd of February to give our respects, Stanfield Cemetery, Longview street. Any proceeds will go to the local animal shelter as requested by Jo in her will.

    Obituary Examples For Father

    Writing an obituary for your father is sure to be difficult. Use the samples below as an obituary template to make this task a little easier. Ensure that you direct the obituary towards their fatherhood and honor their parenting, while also giving a good amount of detail to the rest of their life.

    Reggie J Sampson sadly passed away on 15th December after a long and courageous battle with pneumonia. Born in 1934, he grew up and matured very fast, since he was the eldest of all his siblings. When he was 16, he left school to become a butcher and ended up being one of the best in the trade. He had a passion for many things; his work, his family and boxing but the thing he most wanted was his own family. He met Clara in 1952 and immediately knew he would make her his wife. They soon got married and had three children: Phillip, Poppy and Laurel. Reggie proved to be the most loving and caring father in the world. He always made time for his children and maintained an amazing relationship with them throughout their adulthood. Reggie involved his children in everything he did. He even got in trouble multiple times for bringing them into work, when he worked as a postman. He never used a harsh word with his children and taught them that kindness was the best virtue a person could have. Reggie was not only a kind hearted father but also a wonderful husband. His children will miss him dearly.

    “Dad, you are in my thoughts and prayers every single day. I cannot put into words how much I will miss you but I know that you are going to a place much better than here, where you will be treated like the angel that you are.”

    Reggie is survived by his wife, three children and his two grandchildren. A service will be held for Reggie at 12pm on 20th December at St Tormand’s Cemetery, Brooklyn Avenue. Anyone is welcome to pay their respects.

    Harry Ormun, age 42 tragically passed away 29th of October due to an unexpected stroke while he was out with some friends celebrating his new job. Harry was born in 1972 on 12th February and grew up in a small town in Oklahoma where he thrived in school and further education. He moved out of his parents at 18 and went on to do a placement at his dream job location. Six months later, he met Amy in a bar and they fell in love immediately. They ended up having two children in 3 years. Harry proved himself to be a wonderful and dedicated father, and although he and Amy amicably separated, he remained an excellent dad to his children. He always put in the extra effort for his children, taking them to their ballet recitals, caring for their every need, he never stopped loving them with all of his heart. Although he has left his two beautiful children behind, he will always be in their hearts and minds for the rest of their lives. A father like you is rare, one that’s so generous, smart and kind. A father like you is what everyone needs, full of smiles and laughter, always doing great deeds. Nothing can replace a father like you, but when you get to heaven, God will be lucky to have you too. Harry had high blood pressure for a majority of his life and unfortunately it became too unbearable for his body. Harry and his loved ones were aware of his unfortunate situation.

    Harry is survived by his two children Lacey and Kate, and his parents Marcus and Joanna.

    A service for Harry will be held on 3rd of November at 12pm for his friends and family to pay their respects. The address is Winton Cemetery, Farris Street. Please let us know if you need any further instructions.

    Obituaries for A Father

    Funny Obituary Examples

    When writing an obituary, you need to ensure you respect the deceased and honor their life. If they were a light hearted, funny person, then it can be difficult to honor that while keeping it appropriate for others to read. You may use the below examples as an obituary template, and make necessary changes to reflect the personality of the deceased.

    Rachel O’Riley passed away at the age of 44, on 2nd July after suffering a heart attack. Rachel was born in 1977 and always seemed to find a way to make those around her howl with laughter, throughout her life. As a child she was known to be clumsy, always tripping over something or someone. Her parents lost count of how many times her legs or arms were in a cast! However, she never let the injuries affect her spirit. After watching Star Wars for the first time, she learnt to use her crutch as a lightsaber, often wielding it on her friends and family. As an adult, however, she grew out of injuring herself and into comedy. She had a knack for making people laugh. Whether it was at her or with her, she didn’t care. Rachel married her husband Bill in 1999, and they lived together in a suburban apartment where Rachel pursued her dream of writing children’s novels. Unfortunately, Rachel did suffer with her heart for a while, and though most people may have solemnly handled this, Rachel made many weak heart jokes around her nurses and doctors. For someone who suffered with her heart, she was always found doing the most strenuous activities. She was a regular visitor at Six Flags, undoubtedly, the most strenuous activity of all. She is survived by her husband Bill, and her mother and father, Laurence and Eileen.

    Funny obituary examples

    Dominic Port passed away peacefully in his sleep, in the early hours of the morning on 29th November, surrounded by his close family. Dominic was born in 1928, and therefore, lived through a lot of historical events. While he prided himself on living through them, he often couldn’t remember what actually happened. Dominic was a proud man, and often loved to talk about his spectacular life. He worked in the army, he worked as a barber, he worked as a train driver and he worked as a cleaner. He was a restless man who loved to change what he was doing every few months for a breath of fresh air, which was probably why he forgot so much! He married his wife, Mary, in 1949 and Mary was fast to learn to keep on her toes. The pair moved around the country and started their family, having four children and multiple pets. Dominic was an adventurous man and was known for his spontaneity. Ironically, despite his love for travel, he passed away in the same town that he was born, making his life into the full circle that he had always wanted.

    Dominic is survived by his four children, seven grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

    A service will be held at Vineyard Cemetery at 11am, Saeling Avenue. Feel free to come and pay your respects to Dominic.

    Christian Obituary Examples

    Every religion, including Christianity, places a lot of importance on the cycle of life and death. Therefore, it’s important to honor the beliefs of the departed soul in their obituary. You want to keep it appropriate while also telling their life story, in a heartfelt way. You should include a description of their lives and also focus on how their belief affected them in life and perhaps in death.

    Sarah Cooper died of natural causes in her sleep on 13th May. Born in 1949 Sarah always had a passion for singing. She was always found singing everywhere she went, during school, at home, at the market. She was known throughout her small town in Mississippi for her beautiful singing voice. When she was just eight, she joined a children’s church choir and through that, she channeled her love of singing and her love of God. Sarah would sing in her church choir for many years to come, and eventually met her husband Christopher during a church ceremony. She claimed that they couldn’t take their eyes off each other and were smitten from the day they met. Sarah and Christopher eventually married and had children and devoted themselves to their religion. They went to church every Sunday and eventually their children became part of the children’s choir, following in their mother’s footsteps. Sarah knew that she had her perfect Christian family that she had always dreamed off, and never doubted her religion for a second. She is survived by her two daughters, Molly and Eva, and her three loving grandchildren. We will be holding a service for Sarah at St John’s Cemetery, Riggin’s Avenue at 12pm 19th May.

    Although Doris Hannigan passed away on 16th of March, her soul will continue living on through her adoring family and friends. Doris was a caring and lovable woman who, throughout her lifetime, devoted herself to her religion and the people around her. Born in 1955 to a large family in Connecticut, she was an intelligent and motivated woman. She would always seem to look at the brighter things in life and never said a bad word about anyone. She remained a faithful Christian for her entire life, and made a family out of her church group. She married Jeffry in 1974 and started a beautiful family. We know that God is pleased to have one of His kind and generous angels back in his arms, where she belongs. She will be sorely missed by those on earth. There will be a service on the 20th March at 11am at South Sea Cemetery on the corner of St George’s Avenue.

    Christian obituary template


    Writing an obituary can often be an overlooked task that is of quite high importance. It is the most commonly used medium to communicate the passing of a loved one to others outside the family.

    The best obituaries enable friends and well-wishers to pay their respects and reach out to the bereaved family with words of sympathy and love.

    Losing someone who has affected your life is one of the most difficult feelings in the world. That’s why we hope our obituary examples can make your life a tiny bit easier, in this difficult time.

    Use one of the examples above as a template for an obituary, or simply use our instructions at the beginning of the article.

    We hope we were able to help you put your grief and emotions into words while also giving the person who passed a beautiful note to end on.

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