75 Short Love Poems To Romance The Love Of Your Life

Poetry has a bit of a reputation for being wordy and boring.

However, some of the best poetry is short and to the point.

Just because these love poems are short, doesn’t mean they are not full of affection.

Below we share with you 75 short love poems that are certain to help you romance the love of your life all over again.

Short Love Poems For That Special Someone


This is a lovely poem to share with your partner. It expresses the way a beloved partner is always on your mind.

When the moon shines in the sky,
When the rain falls hard upon the road,
When the sun is warm and bright,
When the dew glints on grass freshly mowed,
Whatever the day, the time, the mood,
I think about how much I love you.

how much I love you

Love Poem

This is a great poem to be used for a simple and straightforward declaration of love.

I love your eyes;
I love your smile;
I love that I get
To stay with you awhile.

A List

This poem lists all the wonderful things someone loves about their partner.

You are truly beautiful;
You are compassionate and kind.
I love everything about you,
But mostly I love that you are mine.


This is an especially good poem for anyone who has trouble expressing affection. It highlights the inadequacy of words when talking about a special someone.

I will never find the words to say
How much your laughter brightens my day.
I will never be able to fully unfurl
How much your presence brightens my world.

If Love Is Like A Song

This simple couplet expresses gratitude for having a partner to go through life with.

If love is so much like a song,
I am glad you and I get to sing along.

Aches and Pains

This is a great poem for an older couple. It uses common aches and pains to celebrate the simple relief of having a helpful partner.

My knees always ache
And my back may be hurting,
But at least I have you, love,
To lighten the burden.

Love Haiku

This haiku expresses the all-encompassing nature of love.

You are my best friend.
Also, the love of my life
And everything else.


This is a fun limerick to share with your wife. It celebrates the way a good partner makes life easier.

I thought that toil and strife
Were all I would encounter in life
Until I met a girl
Who changed my whole world
And I made her my beautiful wife.

Short Love Poems for Wife


This beautiful poem depicts the way a beloved partner makes the world a better place.

The stars in the sky, they shine brighter
Every time you walk in, and make my world lighter.


This heartfelt poem examines the idea that someone might take a bullet for their partner.

The singers of love songs
Often say they would take a bullet for their love.
I cannot make any promises in that regard,
But if I do ever get shot, darling,
You would be the last thing I would be thinking of.


Use this poem to highlight the little things a partner does, that can make someone feel safe.

If I could bottle you up
To sell as perfume or cologne,
I would not, and would keep you all to myself,
So as to never feel scared or alone.


These fun lines celebrate all the little moments of happiness that can be found amongst the mundane, if you have your partner by your side.

I need you to wash the dishes,
And after to take out the trash.
Then come in and kiss me;
I will kiss you back.
The most important things should be done last.

Raspberry Truffle

This is a sweet poem that plays with the romantic imagery of a box of chocolates.

If love is like a box of chocolates,
You are my raspberry dark chocolate truffle,
Which is to say,
My absolute favorite, by a mile.

Thinking of You

Here’s a dramatic depiction of the way a loved one can occupy your thoughts.

I think of you
With every breath
And so I will do
Until my death.

Anatomy Lesson

This cute poem riffs on the uses of the typical heart shape.

People say the heart shape is anatomically inaccurate
But I like the symmetry of it,
Two halves,
Coming together to make a beautiful whole.

Shape of the Heart

A Catalogue of Pieces

This short haiku lists a partner’s favorite characteristics of their significant other.

Beautiful and kind
Smart and sweet and funny, too –
The best parts of you.


This dramatic poem emphasizes the importance of warmth and affection as a part of life.

Red is the color of love and amour,
But also, the color of blood.
I like to think it is because we all know
That you can die if you run out of love.


This lighthearted poem jokes about one of the best-known love poems of all time.

Shakespeare compared thee to a summer’s day,
And said his love was lovelier still.
I cannot lie and say you are as pretty as that,
But I think you will still fit the bill.


This is a great poem to be used at the beginning of a relationship. It is a playful spin on the idea of a stolen heart.

Reward for the return of one heart,
Previously in mint condition,
Until stolen under mysterious circumstances
By the most charming person I have ever met.


You may use this poem as a simple expression of devotion towards your significant other.

If you were the captain of this boat,
I would love to be your first mate.
If you were to ask the best day of my life,
I would say our first date.
I will follow you anywhere, in any weather,
Because my life is much better when we are together.

Pottery Wheel

This sweet poem portrays relationships as a joint creative process.

Love is like a pottery wheel,
Always spinning to create something new.
Together, you and I, we shaped the clay
Out of which something beautiful grew.

Lemonade Stand

This sweet, whimsical poem uses a common childhood image to celebrate a partner.

Come on down to my lemonade stand;
The lemonade is sweet and refreshing –
Just like a kiss from the love of my life
On a hot day, or any day, a blessing.

The love of my life


For any couple going through hard times, this poem celebrates the resiliency of a relationship.

The storms of life may toss us,
May threaten to capsize our boat,
But as long as your fingers are clasped in my hand
I know that we will stay in love and afloat.


This poem expresses the inadequacy of words in communicating affection.

You know that I talk too much,
So tonight, I have not much to say.
Except that I love you more than I could express
If I talked for 10,000 long days.

Moon and Back

Using an old and oft-used phrase, this poem sweetly expresses adoration for your partner.

I love you to the moon and back,
Which is about 500,000 miles.
I love you to the sun, to the stars, and beyond,
And for 500,000 smiles.


For couples in long-term relationships, this poem celebrates the ways a couple’s lives get interwoven over time spent together.

Our love is like a blanket, dear,
Woven together over the years,
Out of our joys and our pain and our sorrows,
Millions of yesterdays and never enough tomorrows.

A Prince

This simple haiku jokes about the ways a person might feel inadequate to what they want to be for their partner.

The love of my life,
Who deserves a perfect prince,
Chose me anyway.

Roses and Violets, Again

This lighthearted play on the old standard of ‘Roses are red; Violets are blue’ is a fun way to express your feelings for your partner.

Roses are red, and violets are blue,
But flowers are tired; we should have something new.
There ought to be fireworks, or something bigger, to say,
How much I love you, today and every day.

Roses are red


This short poem emphasizes the way actions speak louder than words, especially when in a relationship.

I do not always have the words to say, “I love you,”
But if you come home, cold and tired, after a long day at work,
I will make you a warm mug of tea,
And when I ask you if you want to talk about your day,
I will have to hope you know what I mean.


This fun poem uses a silly observation to appreciate a loved one.

They say Lifesavers have a hole in them so you do not choke on them,
So, you can feel safe eating them alone and not worry about dying.
It always amazes me, the little things humans do for one another,
The holes we carve in the world so our fellow man will not choke to death.
You are the hole in my Lifesaver,
The little thing that makes the world a better place, even if I do not always realize it.

Valentine’s Day

Use this poem on Valentine’s Day to emphasize the affection found outside of physical gifts.

You are supposed to get roses for Valentine’s Day,
Or maybe a bottle of wine,
But neither of those things feels like enough to say
How happy I am you are mine.

Broke Man’s Love Song

Do you struggle in the physical presents department? This poem laments a lack of cash to shower over a partner, while still celebrating the affection that is there.

Some people use jewelry
To show that they love you
While others write songs or give cash.
For me, with no money
Or cool tricks I can do,
I will just have to say, if you ask.

Last Night When It Was Raining

This sweet and short love poem pulls out little moments to emphasize the constancy of love.

Last night when it was raining,
I dreamt of you again,
And this morning in the sunshine,
I woke up and breathed you in.

The Things They Say

This verse deconstructs clichés in favor of actions.

They say there are so many songs about rainbows,
But I can name only a few.
They say stars are the most beautiful sight in the world,
But I prefer looking at you.
So, I guess I do not much care at all what they say,
Because love you is what I will do.

The Things Couples Say


This silly couplet uses some startling imagery to express affection.

If I loved you any more
I would burst with it, I am sure.


You can use this poem while proposing to your girlfriend. It is a lighthearted take on the difficulties of grand romantic gestures.

I could not write a love song,
Even if I tried.
I could barely write this poem
Asking you to be my bride.

A Toast

This poem celebrates a wife with a sweet, lighthearted toast.

Raise a glass to the love of my life;
Raise a glass to my most wonderful wife.
We will all raise a glass, and we will all drink a toast
To the incredible woman that I love the most.

Speeding Ticket

This little verse celebrates the excitement of seeing a partner at the end of a long day.

When I drove home the other night,
I almost started to speed
Just thinking that when I got there, I would see
The one lovely person I desperately need.


A good poem for an anniversary or other milestone, it expresses how your relationship has grown and will continue to evolve.

I love you more than life itself;
I love you more than gin.
I love you to the moon and back,
And next year, I will love you all over again.

Best Decision

This is a good poem for anyone to share with their wife, especially if they dragged their feet about proposing. It revels in the joy of marriage.

If I had waited any longer,
You might have left my life,
So, thank God I did it when I did,
And asked you to be my wife.
The best decision I ever made,
And one I would readily make twice.

asked you to be my wife

So Many Ways

This couplet shares the ways in which being around your partner makes life just a little bit better.

There are only so many ways to say, my love,
That a smile from you makes my day, my love.


For couples in a long-distance relationship, this poem laments the physical space that separates a couple.

I wish that space did not exist
So you and I could be
So close together,
Now and forever,
With my arms around yours around me.


Use this short and sweet poem to emphasize the eternity of your special relationship.

The waves may break upon the shore;
The mountains may be washed to the ground.
I will still wait here forevermore,
And never, my love, let you down.

Rocky Road

Any couple can share this poem (and substitute their own favorite flavor). It revels in the littlest gestures of affection in a relationship.

I know that rocky road is your favorite flavor of ice cream,
But you always let me take the last scoop, if I want it,
And I do not think anyone ever told me that that is what love is.


This poem beautifully conveys the romance in doing seemingly mundane and unpleasant tasks for the one you adore so dearly.

If we ever have to move again,
I will take all your books off the shelf and pack them into boxes,
And then unpack them all again at the new place.
When you tell me I shelved them wrong, I will do it again.
I will hate it, but it will get done
If you ask.

Invisible Ink

This cute, funny poem tells a simple, joking story about a romantic gesture gone wrong.

I bought a pen the other day
To write you a heartfelt love note,
But it turns out the pen was invisible ink,
And now you will never see what I wrote.

Short Love Notes


This haiku highlights the little moments in a relationship that remind you of why you are together.

I saw you last night
Laugh when you thought I was gone –
Fell in love again.


This short love poem is a toast to the joys of a relationship that are not predicated on expensive items.

I thought to buy you a bottle of champagne,
But they did not have any in store.
So instead, we can get befuddled off this box of cheap wine
And pretend that it will not make me love you all the more.


This simple poem expresses the simple sentiment of hoping to see your partner in your dreams.

I dreamt of you again last night,
And indeed, the night before.
I hope I dream of you every night
Until at last the Earth is no more.

Mud Puddles

Celebrate the joy of doing little things for your partner, with this little song.

I wanted to tell you I have thought about it
And if it rained every day for the next year
I would still offer to carry you across every mud puddle we see,
And I would still thrill every time you accepted.
I like to carry you over mud puddles,
To protect you from even the little things that might stain.

White Roses

Using common romantic symbols in a simple expression of affection, White Roses is perfect to let your partner know you are thinking of them.

Roses are white,
White chocolate is whiter;
Just thinking of you,
Makes my day a bit brighter.


If you’ve been with your partner for a long time, this sweet poem romanticizes the little acts of affection between a couple.

You have not asked, but if you did,
I would happily get up early every morning to make you breakfast,
And on the weekends, if I had time,
I might even make you pancakes,
Maybe in the shape of a heart.

Sweet Short Love Poems


Thank your partner for their presence in your life with this simple expression.

I thought to show how much I love you,
I could write you a beautiful poem.
And at the end of it all, I would have to say,
You make my life a beautiful home.


Feeling fuzzy in a new relationship? This poem captures the feeling of getting lost in a significant other’s eyes.

I wanted to apologize
For not saying much the other day.
It is just that when I look too deep in your eyes
I am too awestruck to know what to say.


This sweet verse expresses your commitment to the relationship, while also reminiscing about that first meeting.

If you ever get struck by lightning,
I know that I will stick around you.
Believe me when I say that I know the feeling;
I felt it the first time that I found you.


This verse uses hypotheticals to discuss one partner’s obligation to defend the other.

If we lived in the Arctic, I would keep you warm;
If we lived in a war zone, I would save you from harm.
Anywhere, everywhere, all of the time,
I would do anything for the love that is mine.

Whatever You Ask For

This sweet love poem demonstrates the lengths one partner would go to for another.

I would get you a cold glass of water,
If you asked for it on a hot day.
I would get you a warm fuzzy parka,
If in the snow you wanted to play.
I will get you whatever you ask for, my love;
All I ask in return is you stay.

Talking to the Universe

This free verse imagines thanking the universe for the gift of a wonderful partner.

Last night while you were sleeping
I slipped out of our bed
And sat outside and watched the stars
And then, to the universe, I said,
“I do not know what I did to deserve this,
But I will repay you until I am dead.”

the gift of a wonderful partner

Holiday Wish

This is the perfect poem for any holiday that involves gift-giving. It appreciates the value of romance over physical presents.

Tonight, for my holiday wish
All that I ask is a holiday kiss.
No presents, no wrapping, no bows, and no ribbons,
Just a moment to enjoy all the love I have been given.

Crystal Chandelier

This heartfelt short love poem celebrates the way some people reflect back all the good things around them.

You remind me in some ways of a crystal chandelier.
It is not just that you are full of a warm inner light,
But that you catch and reflect all the lights that shine around you
In a shattering of rainbows and love.

Why Roses?

This short love message examines the symbolism of roses as a metaphor for love.

It should be obvious why roses are the flower of romance –
Not just because of their beauty and rich red hue,
But because of the layers and layers of petals,
Like the peeling back of a personality,
Until you reach the delicious heart at the center,
Where everything that matters truly is.


This sweet limerick jokes about the unbelievable brilliance of someone’s romantic partner.

When I look at you, my love,
You sparkle with such brilliant flashes
Of joy and of wit and of wonderful things
That I find that I need my sunglasses.

More Than

Use these silly comparisons to show just how much your significant other means to you.

I love you more than pigs love mud.
I love you more than soap loves suds.
I love you more than birds love to sing.
I love you more than anything.


This poem can be used to appreciate the way thoughts of a partner can make the world seem better.

Last night I could not get to sleep
And so I thought of you,
And all at once was filled with peace,
As beautiful thoughts tend to do.

A Little Bit of Love

This is a perfect poem for any couple to share as a simple expression of affection for a person’s mannerisms.

I love the way you laugh out loud;
I love the way you smile.
I love everything you do, my dear,
And have done, all the while.

I love everything you do


Share this haiku with a low-key partner to celebrate the way they can make you feel safe and secure.

Soft-spoken and calm
Such a comforting presence
Why I love my love.

All These Years Together

This short and sweet poem can be used by a couple to express a reaffirmed commitment to their long-term relationship.

After all these years together,
I sometimes wonder why I stay,
But then always I remember,
I would not have it any other way.


This poem literalizes the ways loving care can be expressed in actions rather than words.

When I cooked dinner last night
I hope it tasted more delicious than normal.
I spent the whole night thinking of how much I love you
And willing that feeling into the dishes,
And I was hoping you could taste it
Because how else could I ever get the feeling across?

Turn the Page

An older couple can use this short love poem to celebrate the way their relationship has grown as they have grown older together.

Our love has not diminished much
With each year that we age;
Instead, we keep on reading this book,
Turning to a new beautiful page.

Our Love Is Like…

This tongue-in-cheek poem can be used to poke fun at the wealth of comparisons people use to describe love.

Our love is sweet like candy,
And relaxing like the sea.
They can say our love is like anything;
It is the love itself that matters to me.


This sweet poem talks about how fantastic scenarios can lose their shine when compared to a beloved.

One day if I ever go to the moon,
I will hope that I come home soon.
The moon may be beautiful, more so in space,
But wherever you are is my favorite place.

Short Romantic Love Poems

Duct Tape

Appropriate for any couple going through a lot of pressure or stress, this poem celebrates the tenacity of a relationship.

Sometimes I feel like our love is held together
By clothespins and duct tape and sheer force of willpower.
But those clothespins and duct tape will have to last forever,
Because on this relationship I will never go sour.


For a couple in a long-distance relationship, this poem talks about looking forward to a time of being together again after a long separation.

Roads have never felt so long
Since they took you away from me,
But someday soon we will drive them together,
And together we will always be.

A for Effort?

This funny poem jokes about the difficulty of expressing love in verse.

Roses are red,
Poems are difficult.
I do not have a rhyme here,
But I love you.

A Thousand Years

This romantic poem can be shared by any couple to emphasize how short time can feel with the one that you love.

If every day lasted a thousand years,
Then maybe, just maybe,
I would have enough time
To do everything I want to with you
And maybe, just maybe,
Make you feel half as special as you make me feel.

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