26 Heartfelt Thank You Poems To Show Appreciation & Joy

Thank You Poems
Finding a way to say thank you to someone can trip people up when their gratitude feels too big to express.

Are you a person who dreads writing thank you notes?

Thankfully, poetry is the perfect all-purpose communication tool. It can articulate heavy, profound emotions or lighten the mood with a funny rhyme.

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This list includes thank you poems of both these types, and everything in between, for all your thanking, appreciating, and gratitude-expressing needs.

Best Thank You Poems

A Million Thank Yous

This is a thank you poem that could be used for any type of relationship. It expresses gratitude for a particularly generous gift or important favor.

I would write a million thank yous
If I thought anyone would say
Just how much I am grateful
For what you did today

I will not write a million thank yous
Because that would take too much time
But just know I am truly thankful
For what you did for me and mine.

The Poor Man’s Thank You Gift

This lighthearted poem can be used as a thank you for any sort of kind gift or favor.

I wanted to buy you a pony,
But I do not think that you have the room.
I wanted to buy you a Lamborghini
So, on the highway you could freely zoom.

But we both know I do not have much money,
And you were never the type for such treasures.
So instead, I will just have to say thank you,
And we will revel in life’s littler pleasures.

A Brief List of Gratitudes

This short poem is a note of appreciation for anyone who does lots of little things to make the world better.

Thanks for your smile that lights up a room;
Thanks for your laugh that helps drive out the gloom.
Thanks for your willingness always to help;
Thanks for thinking of others before you think of yourself.
Thanks a million for the million lovely things that you do,
But most of all thank you, for just being you.

The Quiet Man Speaks

This is a good thank you poem for someone who does not always have the right words.

You know that I am not good with words,
And you know I am not that articulate.
You know I do not like to talk about feelings,
Or anything at all, you can bet.
But I marshalled these words just to tell you
Something too important to forget:
That I will always be grateful for all that you do
Even if I am too shy to say it.

Thank You For Being A Friend Poems

We Never Thank the Sun

This poem would be appropriate for any set of friends who wanted to show some love to one another. It might be especially useful to remind a friend who feels underappreciated how much they are loved and needed.

We never thank the sun enough
For all it does for us.
For all the light it shines around,
For the warmth and the beauty and love.

It just hangs there every day,
A sparkle in the sky.
We never stop to thank it, though,
As it goes burning by.

I think that friends are like the sun,
In this way if no other.
We relish their beauty and bask in their warmth,
But never say so to one another.

So am I taking this chance to say,
Loud and proud and true,
That I am so thankful that you are my friend,
And that I get to be a friend to you.

We Never Thank the Sun

To a Friend

Any two friends could share this sweet thank you poem. It expresses joy and gratitude for a beautiful friendship.

I smile every time we are together;
I miss you whenever we are apart.
I hope our friendship will last for forever;
I love you with all of my heart.

Through the Years

A pair of long-time girlfriends could use this poem to express the joy of having a supportive friend.

You were there when I got my first boyfriend;
You were there when he broke my poor heart.
You were there when I first met the next guy,
And there you were when we, too, had to part.

All these years, through whatever has happened,
You have been by my side, thick and thin,
And after all that, all that I have to say,
Is thank you so much for being my friend.

Our First Conversation

This is the best thank you poem to be shared between old friends. It could apply for any special occasion, or just as a thank you for always being there.

Do you remember the first thing we talked about?
When we first met, all those years ago?
Because I have been thinking about it lately,
And I really do not know what it was.
I do not remember the first thing we laughed about, either,
But I am sure it was in that first conversation.
The first time we cried together must have come later, though,
Or at least you would think.
I could not tell you anymore, even though I must have known once.
I can tell you this, though, with certainty:
It must have been one hell of a conversation
For us to have started talking all that time ago
And not stopped since.
And I have loved every minute of it,
Even the ones I cannot remember.

A Simple Sentiment

This brief poem is good for close friends. It is a simple expression of thanks for all the little things that make a friendship beautiful.

Thank you for all that you do for me,
From laughing at all my bad jokes,
To letting me cry all night long on your shoulder.
You are one of my favorite folks.

Picture of a Friendship

This poem expresses a thankfulness for companionship and compassion through the years, shared between close friends.

The first time we met,
You made me laugh so hard I cried.
The last time we spoke,
You gave me the best advice I have gotten in a good long while.
In between, there have been joys and sorrows,
Heartbreaks and hangovers and hands clasped in friendship.
Not a day goes by that I am not grateful for everything you have given me,
And I hope one never will.

Appreciation Poems

A Brief Note

This is a short thank you poem to share with a coworker or assistant. It acknowledges all the difficult work that often goes underappreciated.

This is a note to say thank you
For all that you say and you do
For the T’s that you cross and the I’s that you dot
It is noticed, and appreciated – a lot.

What Is in A Smile?

This thank you poem can be shared with anyone who brightens your day. It expresses the simple pleasure of enjoying the happiness of another person.

I was thinking of you just the other day
And I could not understand just quite why.
We had not seen each other;
I had not run into your brother;
There was no reason I could descry.

But then I realized the occasion
That had kept you in my mind all the while:
The beautiful clear blue sky,
And the birds as they fly –
All the joy reminded me of your smile.

So, keep doing what you are doing, and never stop grinning,
Though the wind and the rain get you down.
I hope that you know
I am grateful and so
Appreciative of the best smile in town.

To My Neighbors

This is a poem to share with a neighbor who is also a friend.

We do not often think about neighbors,
The folks we do not know are there –
We might see their plants
Or their laundry day sweatpants
Or know how often that they wash their hair.

But as much as we hate to acknowledge
The people near whom we do live,
When I needed you
You really came through
And gave all that you had to give.

Amongst All the Billions

This poem expresses the gratitude for having someone in your life.

There are so many people
All across the world,
How many, I have not a clue.
But I know there are billions,
And amongst all those millions,
I am glad that I got to know you.

Thank You Poems For Gifts

The Things Our Presents Say

This poem can be used to express thanks for a gift from a significant other.

It can be hard to put into words
Just how we feel about things –
Be they people or presents or even the birds
And how prettily they float on their wings.

That is what I love about presents.
Because I love that the way that they speak
Does not require words or your presence
To say something kind and unique.

So, I think I know what you were saying
When you gave me a gift so divine.
I think you were saying you love me,
And now I can give thanks that you are mine.

The Things Our Presents Say

Wonderful Gift

This short but sweet limerick can be given to anyone, especially someone you might not be particularly close to. It serves as an all-purpose thank you poem.

I will admit I was feeling adrift,
But then you gave my spirits a lift,
With such lovely kind thoughts
In a beautiful box –
Thanks so much for the wonderful gift.

A Tricky Thing

This beautiful free verse thank you poem could be exchanged in any close relationship. It says thank you for a particularly thoughtful or generous gift.

Thank yous are such a tricky, delicate thing,
Like small birds with hollow bones
Or the first breath of sharp air on a cold morning.
They tend to get away from us,
To appear and disappear without our noticing.
They are difficult to capture,
To hold in the palm of your hand for any length of time
So that you can examine them, can really see them for what they are.
The end result of this is that we do not really know what it looks like,
A thank you.
Are they black and liquid, like a fresh mug of hot tea?
Are they silvery and crinkled, like discarded wrapping paper?
Or is each one unique, like an inside joke between two old friends?
I guess what I am trying to say is,
That I do not know what this thank you looks like, that I am giving you now,
But I hope it is a beautiful one.

Mom Said I Have To

This silly little poem is perfect for a child to send to a relative or family friend. It expresses thanks for a gift while also being lighthearted and fun.

I have to write a thank you note
For that beautiful gift you gave.
Mom says I have to write a thank you note
Because that is how grown-ups behave.

I do not want to write a thank you note
But please do not think that I am not pleased.
I loved the gift; it is just what I wanted,
But thank you notes are worse than boiled peas.

Thank You Poems For Parents

Mother Knows Best

This poem could be used at any time, but might be most appropriate for a special occasion, like a birthday or Mother’s Day.

Whoever said that Mother knows best
Obviously knew you quite well.
From the weather outside to when we would get hurt,
We all knew that your knowledge was swell.

But now it is my turn to know things,
My turn to speak the ultimate truth
That you are the best mom anyone ever had,
You can call me biased, but what is the use?

Your Fault

This jokey, tongue-in-cheek poem goes out from any adult to their father. It can be used to express gratitude and joy for the way your father raised you, especially on a day like Father’s day.

I should tell you that whenever I am accused of something,
Of a certain behavior or preference that someone dislikes,
I blame you wholeheartedly.
You do not like the music I listen to?
Oh, well, my tastes are my dad’s fault.
You dislike the way I cooked this dinner?
Well, that recipe is my dad’s fault.
My bad jokes are my dad’s fault.
My over-spiced food is my dad’s fault.
My fashion sense is my dad’s fault.
The fact that I am a levelheaded, well-mannered, charming, overall wonderful human?
Entirely my dad’s fault.

Thank You Dad Poems

Thank You Teacher Poems

Thank You for Everything

This poem could be sent by a parent to anyone who teaches their young child. It is a simple way to show your thanks for all the difficult things teachers do.

For the letters you write on the whiteboard,
For the numbers you draw with such care,
For the books that you read and the voices you do,
But mostly for just being there.

Being there when the kids are all noisy,
Being there when they aced their first test,
Being there when they laughed, when they shouted and cried,
Always there, always being the best.

A Couple of Apologies

This poem is a good way for a student to thank their teacher at the end of the year.

I am sorry for all the missed homework;
I am sorry for all the flunked tests.
I am sorry about my bad handwriting,
Sorry this poem is not the best.

But the real thing that I am most sorry for,
The one that most makes me feel bad,
Is that I cannot ever find the words to express
That you are the best teacher I ever had.

Thank You Poems For Husband

Thank You for All the Smiles

This is a poem anyone could read to their husband as either an appreciation or as thanks for a specific gift or gesture. It might be especially meaningful to someone who really appreciates small moments rather than grand gestures.

Every day when I wake up, I see your head on your pillow, and I smile.
Every morning in the kitchen, I watch you make your breakfast, and I smile.
Every time I drive to work, if your favorite song comes on the radio, I smile.
Every time I come home, I see you again after a long day, and I smile.
Every evening over dinner, you tell some stupid joke, and I smile.
Every night when I go to sleep, I hope that I will dream of you, and I smile.

Every time I think of you, I smile.
Every time you hold my hand, I smile.
Every day, there are so many ways you make me smile.
And every time you go out of your way to make me happy, I smile all the more.

The Reason

Anyone can give this short, simple poem to their husband. It can be used for anything, but especially as a thank you for a sweet gesture.

I always knew there was a reason
Why I married you,
Besides, I mean, your rugged charm
And talent for playing kazoo.

So, thank you for reminding me
Just what that reason was,
That you are the sweetest man I know
And above all, the one I love.

Thank You Poems For Wife

Thank You My Love

This is a thank you poem for any husband to read to their wife as a thank you for being the wonderful wife they are.

From the day that I first met you,
To the day we said “I do,”
I always knew I wanted
To share my life with you.
Now that we are together
It is like nothing can go wrong.
Each day could last forever
And it still would not be too long.

But still, I want to take a moment
To pause and to be grateful,
Not just for everything you are
Which is to say – just wonderful –
But also, for the things you do
That make my life pure bliss.
So, thank you to my darling wife –
Now let me thank you with a kiss.

Thank you my love

Waves on the Sand

This free verse poem is appropriate for any special gift or gesture from your wife.

With each wave that washes up on the stony shore,
A little more sand is left on the beach.
And a little more sand
And a little more
And a little more.
So that each day, the beach grows richer and wider
With sand left in rippling layers by the ever-flowing tides.
On some days, if the beach is very lucky,
The waves leave a little something more
Than just their daily gift of sand –
A seashell,
A sand dollar,
Any one of a million small beautiful things.

Every day, my love, you leave sand upon my beach;
You add immeasurably to my life with everything you do.
And every once in a while, as if that were not enough,
You leave a little sand dollar in my life,
One of the many small beautiful things
That makes me smile just to know they come from you.

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